June 19, 2009, - 12:06 pm

Isn’t This Racism?: Buy Black Goods Only Campaign

By Debbie Schlussel
This movement has been picking up steam in Detroit in recent years, and it dovetails on a Black Expo, in which the “buy Black products” campaign has been pushed.
There’s nothing wrong with supporting your local community, but when you do so based only on skin color (and drive miles out of your way to avoid buying from White people), there’s a term for it: racism. It’s no different than those who would urge the purchase of only White goods and products.
I wonder if the people supporting this will agree not to use any medicines, inventions, and other conveniences that were invented by and/or are produced by non-Blacks. I doubt it.
They aren’t just racists. They’re hypocrites.


Maggie Anderson drives an average of 16 miles each way to buy groceries. She drives another 20 miles to shop at a general merchandise store and then an additional 16 ¬? miles to buy her children’s clothes.
The long trips are part of Anderson’s efforts to shop exclusively at black-owned firms.
Anderson, an Oak Park, Ill., attorney, and her husband John, decided in January to begin a yearlong campaign to support black merchants, professionals and products made by blacks.
The Andersons [were] in Detroit . . . touting their Empower Experiment program and urging others to become part of it.

More like Empower Racism Experiment.

“We want to give back to our community,” Anderson said Wednesday. “The black community has the worst (statistics) whatever the problem is. We have the highest unemployment rate, the highest dropout rate, the highest incarceration rate.”
Anderson said the campaign is about trying to save black businesses and not exclude others.

Sorry, but when you drive miles out of your way to avoid buying from Black people, it is exclusionary.

Anderson said she has invested $39,000 in Chicago-area black-owned businesses this year. She and her husband, a Detroit native, write down every purchase they make. “We’re asking them to buy more black (goods and services),” Maggie Anderson said. “We’re asking people to make little sacrifices. Pledge to try to spend more with black-owned businesses. For example I’m going to find black dry cleaners … a black caterer for the family reunion.”

Again, how would they like it if White people refused to buy from them or Black businesses because they want to support the White community, which doesn’t get affirmative action, minority set-asides, and other benefits in this poor economy?
They’d be shouting, “RACISM!”
But these racists were allowed to push their campaign at a Detroit area church and another establishment, where anti-White racism is apparently acceptable.

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Well I guess then white people should only buy things from whites, and support only white applicable businesses and entertainment. White’s should stop buying music, seeing movies, and supporting black causes. Since we are the cause and effect of all their ill’s then we need to stop funding them all together. I’m sure the likes of Oprah and Will Smith made all their billions only on the dollar given to them by Blacks only.
I’m all for supporting your community, such as locally owned and opperated bussinesses, but if they want blacks to only support blacks, then whites should only have to support whites.
Fair is Fair.

wolf2012 on June 19, 2009 at 12:39 pm

I used to get into it with a coworker that only bought stuff in detroit. Just detroit. I told him if I lived in detroit I might buy occassionally from outside it but it was such a nasty dirty dangerous, racist, corrupt place I don’t even go to entertainment venues there. We didn’t speak much until years later when I got his coworker out of the cell of two fighting prisoners by knocking one of them about 8 feet.

samurai on June 19, 2009 at 12:41 pm

A chruch is a place of worship. It contrubtes to the community from the people that run it. It is used to pratice your christianity and to thank god everyday.
You don’t use it to ignite seperation ad volence between people by using race as a weapon. When you do that, it’s a church in name only, and not a legitimate church.

Squirrel3D on June 19, 2009 at 12:50 pm


ohboyohboy on June 19, 2009 at 12:59 pm

Ethnic pride is one thing. Denying to others what you want for yourself is not only hypocrisy – yes, its racism.

NormanF on June 19, 2009 at 12:59 pm

Is Maggie Anderson black? or just another guilty white liberal? Remember: blacks can’t be racist, only whites can be racist. This is what they are teaching your child with the college tuition you busted you ass for the last 20 years to save.

spiffo on June 19, 2009 at 1:09 pm

If that moron Maggie wants to drive around wasting gas to buy black, fine. I personally avoid black lawyers, doctors, dentists, etc. When I shop at Nordstrom and other stores where the salespeople work on commission, I purposely seek out the non-black salesperson.
I wonder if moron Maggie would go to a black, probable affirmative action, neurosurgeon.
Newsflash: Blacks do not like whites. Get used to it. Am I a racist? Who cares?

lexi on June 19, 2009 at 1:16 pm

and why do they have to go so far to buy “black”?
It is because they live in a rich exclusive neighborhood. How about moving to the ghetto and helping the black community by paying property taxes in a black community.
wonder where their kids go to school?
racist hypocrites.

ender on June 19, 2009 at 4:04 pm

Someone stated: “Newsflash: Blacks do not like whites. Get used to it. Am I a racist? Who cares?”
Really? Then someone needs to tell this to my three young nieces who went all “ga-ga” over the Jonas Brothers this morning when they saw them on TV! I’ll need to remind them that some folks said we’re not supposed to like Whites!
I also read “I wonder if moron Maggie would go to a black, probable affirmative action, neurosurgeon”
Hell yeah! If it was Dr. Keith Black, I’m sure she would! And I would too!
In all seriousness, I don’t understand all of the vitriol directed at this “Buy Black” movement. Instead of crying racism and demanding government intervention or welfare, the Andersons realize that it is up to a people to lift up themselves. And a major way we can do that is through economics. If Black folks don’t support and patronize Black-owned businesses, how can we expect anyone else to do so?
By the way, every major study on consumer spending shows that White folks mainly purchase from other White-owned businesses (as evidenced by what some of my fellow posters have stated regarding their feelings toward Blacks)….and guess what? Black folks mainly purchase their goods and services from White-owned businesses. So if the Black folks are going to lift themselves up economically, they must establish a solid business infrastructure. That’s why I personally make it a point to patronize Black-owned businesses IF their goods and services are high quality (I sorry, but I can’t give anyone a free pass on poor products and/or services just because their skin is the same color as mine). But IÔø?m still price-driven. For example, I love to patronize the Black-owned bookstore in my town, but if Borders is offering one of those 25%-40%-off coupons…well…I’ll be shopping at Borders!
Interesting phenomena: The guy who owns the gas station up the road from where I work is from Sri Lanka. He said he and other businessmen and women in the area from Sri Lanka make it a point to patronize each others businesses. He told me that’s how they’re getting an economic foothold in America….and he made it a point to tell me that this is what we Black folks should be doing! And the guy who owns the strip mall up the street from where I live is Vietnamese. He told me his family and other Vietnamese families in the area patronize each others businesses, hire each other’s relatives and kids to work in their businesses, and pool their money together to buy more businesses! That’s why an Asian businessman can start a single business and within 5 years, the whole area becomes an Asian marketplace! And that’s why this businessman had enough money to send his daughter to Princeton. That’s how you do it in America….economics…so I ain’t mad at him!
My point is this. Asian and Indian immigrants have been patronizing their own businesses for years and that is how they are becoming increasingly prosperous. Unlike Black folks however, they just keep their mouths shut about it and just do it. That way they avoid the ridiculous cries of “racism” from the some of the more “high-strung” members of the majority community (People can cry racism all they want over intra-ethnic consumer purchasing, but if they aren’t putting food on your table or money in your pocket, their cries should be ignored). But let a couple of Black folks try to same thing, and all of sudden it’s a racist movement! If I were the Andersons, I would NOT have spoken to the media at all about the “Buy Black” movement. I would have told them to do just what other ethnic groups in this country have done but keep it under the radar. Do what you have to do to help some Black business owners have a viable business, put food on their table for their families, hire others so we can have more jobs instead of welfare, and be successful in this great land we call America.

JibberJabber on June 19, 2009 at 4:26 pm

[Hell lets give them their own roads to drive on too! I can tell you over 95% of time the person who is driving a car like a idiot and is usually some black person driving in the left lane likes it’s there right and no need to get the hell out of every ones way. “I don’t have to see the back of their heads I can tell just by the way they drive”.posted by ohboyohboy]
If this isn’t a good example of the stupidity of racism, I don’t know what is.
JibberJabber, I know you are a reasonable person here and Black right? But as you can see, the majority if not all of the conservative commentators are racists. Whenever Debbie blogs about issues like affirmative action or Black businesses, all the conservatives here take it as an opportunity to make vile racist comments. I’m not sure if you’ve ever stated that you’re a conservative or a Republican, but as you can see almost all White conservatives hate Blacks. It’s a fact. You’ve heard the story about the Senate aide who sent an email with a montage of all the presidents with President Obama with just white eyes on a black background? I would sincerely ask the remaining 10% of Black voters who vote Republican to leave the party.

Norman Blitzer on June 19, 2009 at 6:33 pm

I feel so alone…. I’m a white conservative who doesn’t hate blacks. I get roughed up regularly at republican conventions. They don’t show it on TV, but you should see all the klan hooded right-wingers that meet every Sunday at my whites-only “Christian” church. Somebody…please….help!

spiffo on June 19, 2009 at 7:20 pm

“By the way, every major study on consumer spending shows that White folks mainly purchase from other White-owned businesses (as evidenced by what some of my fellow posters have stated regarding their feelings toward Blacks)….and guess what? What major studies are you talking about anyway? Show us some figures? You are using the justifications that the old segregationsists used in the Old South.

Worry01 on June 19, 2009 at 7:23 pm

“Sorry, but when you drive miles out of your way to avoid buying from Black people, it is exclusionary.”
Debbie, I think you may want to edit this line.
Perhaps you meant to write:
“Sorry, but when you drive miles out of your way to avoid buying from non-Black people, it is exclusionary.”

Richard on June 19, 2009 at 7:35 pm

This story, and for the better part the comments, reminds of something my doctor said that was a bit ironic. I have health care through an HMO as a provided benefit from my employer. As such, I’m free to pick my own primary physician. I too am a white conservative who doesn’t dislike blacks, my doctor is black. He referred me to a surgical group when I needed a hernia operation. The surgeon who did the procedure was a woman doctor. The next time I saw my primary doctor, he asked how the surgery went. I told him it went fine. Then he said he wasn’t sure he’d be comfortable with a female surgeon. All I could do was roll my eyes.

Richard on June 19, 2009 at 7:49 pm

Norman B,
I don’t know if I would call myself “conservative”, but I was raised in a very conservative southern Black church (very strict biblical doctrine, no pants on women allowed and dresses must be below the knee, men and boys in suits and ties at all times etc…but it actually was a very nuturing environment to grow up in) And both of my parents were educated at Tuskegee Institute and indocrinated under the Booker T. Washington philosophy of “casting your bucket where you are”, as well as hard work and business ownership as a means of “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps”. I do suppose that philosophy was absorbed to some extent by my sisters and I. For example, my parents would probably die before they took any form of public assistance because they were raised in a very hostile south and were taught to make due within your community and not depend on outside assistance, especially from government. And that world view was reinforced when they arrived at Tuskegee. And although my parents love the clean-cut family man image that Obama projects, they were definitely not among those who were his supporters during his political campaign (“He seems like a nice young man and I wouldn’t mind having someone like him for a son-in-law, but the boy’s been in school or teachin’ school all his life…he ain’t built nuthin” as my father likes to say. That’s that ol’ Booker T stuff in him!)
However, I am very reluctant to identify myself as a conservative because of the rampant racism I’ve seen in the conservative movement from my college days until now. As you stated, let Debbie write a column involving a “Black” issue or person, and out come some of the most crude remarks by folks who call themselves “conservatives”. This not only happens on this site, but on hundreds of news and blog sites across the Web. It’s as if people are using the label “conservative” as an excuse to make boorish, rude, and just plain racist commentary. And some have the gall to label themselves as the champions of “political incorrectness”. No…it’s just plain incorrect. Anytime someone make comments that would better be suited for sites like Stormfront or that ilk, I suspect that we have follks who are serious racial supremacists hiding behind the “conservative” mask. I’m not saying anyone has to like or love Black folks, but damn…people are reveling in their racism as if it’s something to be proud of.
Then there are some who love to repeatedly say how racist Black people are…as if that somehow justifies and makes their own racism acceptable in the sight of God and man. It does not. I think the “Buy Black” movement Debbie mentioned above can be justifibly criticized without resorting to racist commmentary. I’ve looked historically and have seen in my own lifetime what racism and racist speech can lead to…and it ain’t pretty.
So yes Norman B, I’m anti-abortion, fiscally conservative, very suspicious of some of the absurdities I see from folks on the “left”, and more than a little religious etc., but there is no way as a Black man that I can align myself with those who call themselves conservative. There is just too much racial hostility directed my way within that movement.

JibberJabber on June 19, 2009 at 8:41 pm

I won’t shop or do business in a Black neighborhood.
To get my pickup truck serviced, I’d rather drive a hundred miles to a White community in the Shenandoah Valley.
Mostly, I do my shopping and business transactions on the Internet.
If I want some goodies, I buy them in our PX (i.e., “Post Exchange”, a store for military personnel), which, because of our location, does have only Black employees.
But, that PX is right here in the basement of the building I live in, here at the Old Soldiers’ Home, so I feel reasonably safe here.
Also, I do order pizzas from Dominos, which is all Black (in this area), and it’s an ordeal, because of how they speak and act.
Fortunately, Dominos now lets me order pizza over the Internet, but even then, the Blacks still manage to make mistakes on the order, but not as badly as they do when the order is telephoned.
But, at least, I don’t have to deal with them over the telephone, where it’s so difficult to even understand what they’re saying, and they seem so incompetent, that they can’t even think to write down an address.
I suspect Blacks hate everybody, not just Whitey.
At least, that’s the way they act.
When you’re around Black people, you must always be on guard, for you never know what to expect.
Yes, I’m prejudiced against Black people, and I won’t apologize for it.
It’s a harsh, but necessary, reality of life in the District of Columbia.
Black people need to take an honest look at themselves, and consider why other races want nothing to do with them.
Then, if they’re honest, they can decide how to improve their lives, so folks won’t deliberately avoid doing business with them.
Thank you.
John Robert Mallernee
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Washington, D.C. 20011-8400

writesong on June 19, 2009 at 9:12 pm

I appreciate your openness in your reply to me.
John Robert Mallernee,
I’m going to let Debbie deal with your post since she’s liked what you’ve posted in the past.
I’ll tell you my experience living in LA. I encountered rude Chinese and Hispanic people, but in my time there I never experienced rudeness from an African-American. In fact they were the most polite people in the city, even the homeless ones I encountered. I moved to the Crenshaw district and the people there were extremely courteous to me. Later I picked up a magazine stating that Crenshaw was a bad neighborhood. It was a total shock to me!

Norman Blitzer on June 19, 2009 at 9:55 pm

John Robert Mallernee has no business posting what he has said on this site, or any website. This guy is an example of a white person who can’t let the past go. Why don’t he just put on a KKK uniform and admit it already that he is racist against all blacks, and just sees the BS the mainstream wants you to think as a justifcation of ALL blacks.
Has he ever thought for 5 minutes that there are blacks like myself out there (yes I’m in my 20s pal!) who ‘thinks outside the box’? Maybe he ought to for a day and realize that he is just as racist as the blacks he is refering to.
I’m not gonna sit here and let this “soldier” just say such dividing words.
Sure most black neighborhoods are crap, but just about every neighborhood in the cities and most counties is that way! And it’s that way becuase of the society we are forced to live in these days.
And there’s more where that came from…john. I am 26 years old who puts my americanism WAY AHEAD of my race. I know that’s shocking to you, and I know it’s rare to see that from a black male these days…but it’s the damn truth.
In all of my time in this site….have I ever….said/type anything exactly like those idiots that misrepersent my ethncity? Never! I don’t talk that way, I don’t act that way, think, live, or ever want to be that way. It is a total and complete misrepersentation of everything Dr. King fought for!!
That’s what I mean by thinking outside the box. What box? The box the mainstream media wants blacks to live in. A box that tells the brainwashed black people…all 98% of them….that only blacks can do this and can’t do that, we only know rap or hip hop or etc, only dress one way, must know every black entertainer even if they are thugs and criminals….shall I go on? This is exactly what’s being taught not just to black youth but to all kinds of youth in america!
And if a black person like myself…especally a young one like myself…comes out one day and dares shout the truth of what is TRULY the reason other races want nothing to do with them….then that ‘outside the box’ thinking black man/woman WILL BE CONDEMED by brainwashed sheeped members of their own people, the media, or even old experated dated whites like you as “oreos”, “uncle toms” or whatever. Wether it’s that, or doing and/or being things that ‘blacks aren’t supposed to’ (like me listening to classic 70s 80s & 90s rock over rap or hip hop), you somehow are a trator and in some cases SHOULD NO LONGER EXIST!! You are silenced, blacked out, whatever…all becuase your actually doing something Martin Luther King Jr. was asking all people of all races to do!!!
You make me sick pal, and if the conservative goddess doesn’t ban you after what you said….I’m gonna lose all respect for her.
Yeah…blacks like me are out there, and I know the media don’t want you to know that. And oh by the way I never supported Obama from day 1 becuase he used his race to become the president…well..among alot of reasons. I even made a 2 part video on YouTube last year explaining it.
See all the hate I’m getting for speaking my mind about the man!?
So I hope you realized what you just ignited, John.
Jibber’s explaination of his life and his parents was the reason I had to come firing out of the gates with this very long post.

Squirrel3D on June 20, 2009 at 12:32 am

Blitzer, you are obviously lying about going to the Los Angeles area and never coming into contact with any hostile acting blacks. Everyone else pissed you off but the blacks were just dancing a soft shoe for you where ever you went, right? I lived there for years and met The good and bad of everything. The worst thing that happened concerning a asian person was rudeness in a store they owned. My garage was broken into repeatedly by someone and my wife saw the back of a black guy once running away out the yard gate. I ran into several road rages with my fellow whites and beat up a white coworker and was beaten up by another in a mutual combat agreed to situation in a park. We shook hands after. I did see two black teens cooking up drugs on a park bench in broad daylight and saw hundreds of black gang bangers in Oakland. I saw maybe 20 neo nazis in all the time I was there. Blitzer is just trying to egg the racists into saying the stuff they usually say.

samurai on June 20, 2009 at 1:41 am

“You make me sick pal, and if the conservative goddess doesn’t ban you after what you said….I’m gonna lose all respect for her.”
Squirrel, Et Alii:
I understand your anger.
If I were Black, I’d be angry, too.
But, your rage is directed at the wrong source.
In any event, why do you want me silenced?
Is it because you don’t like what I say?
Isn’t there something inherently wrong with that?
Can’t you see the problem in summarily silencing any and all opposing viewpoints?
As you’ve pointed out, you’re a young Black person.
So, do you think you’re the only person who’s ever encountered racial prejudice?
Do you really want everyone in the World to know that you’re so emotionally sensitive?
Do you think I’ve never wrestled with my inner demons over this subject?
Don’t you think I’ve spent a lifetime struggling to decipher the truth?
Why do you suppose I dare speak openly of my own prejudice?
Would you rather I concealed my opinions, and simply chose to act on them?
What do you think I had to deal with all those years I was in the Army?
We had constant racial antagonism, with occasional riots and murder, much of which was officially denied, or quashed by Army bureaucracy.
I grew up during the so-called “Civil Rights” movement, and racial hostility was omnipresent.
You’re too young to remember the riots, the bombings, and the assassinations.
You read of it in a heavily redacted history book, or see it on a well-edited television documentary, but I actually lived through it, and was an eyewitness.
That same menacing hostile racial polarization continues to exist in the District of Columbia, where I reside.
Besides, who is it that keeps telling us racial prejudice is wrong, and why should we believe them?
Who, or what, do you think is behind all of this?
I believe racial prejudice is a natural survival instinct, given to us by our Creator for our own protection.
As you grow older, you’ll learn you really don’t know everything after all.
For some issues in life, there are no quick and easy answers.
Here’s yet another major difference between you and me:
I think when a man dares to speak up about a controversial subject, he should do so openly, and be willing to back up his words by using his true identity.
You know my name, where I live, and my web site.
Yet, you dare not reveal your own identity.
To me, that says a lot.
Thank you.
John Robert Mallernee
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Washington, D.C. 20011-8400

writesong on June 20, 2009 at 4:17 am

I’m just appalled at all of this inanity over race. I live in Canada and its not perfect but I wouldn’t think twice about a white owned store or a black owned store, maybe because our history is different – but this is bloody nuts. People here appreciate your business regardless of who you are. Americans are not as socially accepting and that I know for a fact – but can this nonsense go on until the point of anihilation of one another? Mr. Mallernee needs to realise that African slaves had their original langauge taken from them by the use brute force and they were not allowed proper education. This why thier speech is different and some individuals are hard to understand but I don’t see a lot of effort being made to help correct it nor do they want it from him. That’s why a lot came to Canada through the ‘underground railroad’. In fact he (John)would not be able to tell what race the person is by a voice over the phone if he called up here. That said, Mr. Mallernee was born into ‘privilage’ systematically. Yes, he worked hard but the system worked him. Furthermore his experience with some African Americans who exhibit anti-social behaviour is the product of the sins of the America’s past. It’s there and it will take a while to change but it is changing. I don’t wish to make an excuse for this but one has to see reality. I understand why there is this campaign but I think it goes a bit too far.

Pesach on June 20, 2009 at 11:37 pm

Pesach spewed the following falsehood
“Mr. Mallernee needs to realise that African slaves had their original langauge taken from them by the use brute force and they were not allowed proper education. This why thier speech is different and some individuals are hard to understand but I don’t see a lot of effort being made to help correct it nor do they want it from him”
Sir, that was over 200 years ago are you trying to say after this country has spent over 1 trillion dollars educating the poor and disadvantaged that their bad speech is because of their language being stolen over 20 generations ago?
What planet did you day you were from?

ScottyDog on June 22, 2009 at 3:52 pm

History does indeed have an affect on the present. Any thing or any event that you see happening today is not by happenstance…it has years of history that proceed it.
Regarding Black speech patterns, you have to remember that slaves were not taught the English language from the finer schools and institutions of higher learning in the United States. They were mainly taught by the slave overseers, most of whom were from the poor southern working class who barely could speak English correctly themselves. Remember that the accents and speech patterns of these poor White southern working class folks (the so-called hicks, rednecks, hillbillies) hav also been constantly derided by other Americans. And these were the mainly the folks teaching the slaves how to speak.
Have you ever noticed that historically, Africans raised in Britain tend to sound very British and their speech patterns are very unlike the speech patterns of many African Americans in the United States? It’s the same with Africans who were brought to Scotland and Ireland in the 18th and 19th centuries. That because they were taught a very different form of English and taught in a very different way under very different circumstances. It’s the same with Spanish. The Spanish spoken by the poor and working class in Mexico, mostly of Indian ancestry, is very different from the Spanish spoken by many of the wealthy elite of Mexico, many of whom are of Spanish descent.
Now you are correct in that history should not be used as an excuse for mediocrity and lack of effort. History can help explain current circumstance but should never be used as an excuse to remain in that circumstance. However, in Linguistics, how language is spoken is most definitely shaped by history, economic circumstance, educational availability, ethnicity, and geographic location.
Joke I heard a British comedian say on the Tonight Show: “Americans hear me speak and say I speak with an accent. But it’s really not an accent. It’s the sound of English being spoken correctly….”

JibberJabber on June 22, 2009 at 6:02 pm

JibberJabber is correct, history does have effect on the future. I get the gist from all of these post that since Obama won, racial tensions have never been higher. I suspect that somewhere in the not too distant future, that this will all spill over into internal conflict. It has to, becuase there is too much hate and disdain for one another. Here in Canada we saw the riots in Watts, Detroit and elsewhere and passed leglislation that gave more rights to visible minorities and women. The scary part was that the Black Panther movement tried to start a chapter in Halifax, Nova Scotia but it never came to fruition. We Canadians like to sit down and talk it out – it takes less energy than swinging fist at each other needlessly. My point is all racial groups (especailly blacks and whites) need dialogue and although it may be painful for some, it needs to be done – before your country self-destructs – and only a blind fool would believe otherwise. People need to be heard regardless of what the outcome may be … it works.

Pesach on June 22, 2009 at 11:10 pm

It’s fine if blacks want to buy from blacks only. I’m white and I go out of my way only to give my $$ to white, non-jewish people. If I have a black waiter, I won’t tip. If I’m buying a car, I will not buy from a black salesman since I know they work on commission and I don’t want to help them in any way. I never open doors for black people, exchange in friendly banter with blacks, or do anything that could help out a black person one iota.
Is that racist? Maybe but I don’t care. That word doesn’t mean anything to me anyway. And in fact I’m PROUD TO BE RACIST b/c I know that a jewish communist Leon Trotsky coined the word racist as just a tool to try to instill white guilt where there should only be white pride. I have no guilt, only pride in my race and all that my race has accomplished WITHOUT any help or affirmative action or having it given to us by another race.

I’m also proud to be racist b/c I love my own race of European people and I’m not ashamed of that at all.

I’m also proud to be racist b/c I know that white pride does not mean I hate East Asians, Indians, Arabs, Mexicans or any other race EXCEPT blacks and jews – since those two races are just parasites that contribute to the moral breakdown of civilization and mooch on their host countries just like a parasite.

jennifer on December 27, 2010 at 9:08 pm

White people already mostly buy from other white people.

joe sixpack on January 11, 2011 at 5:22 pm

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