September 2, 2012, - 12:26 am

Suzanne Barr, Obama ICE Chief of Staff, Resigns After Firestorm Started by Schlussel Story – Buh-Bye!

By Debbie Schlussel

About three weeks ago, I broke the story about a lawsuit filed by New York’s top Homeland Security official against Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano, alleging employment discrimination and sexual harassment by Suzanne Barr, Napolitano’s hand-picked chief of staff of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Now, as a result of the firestorm I started with that story, Ms. Barr has resigned, deliberately doing so late yesterday–on a Saturday of one of the biggest holiday weekends of the year so the news would go unnoticed. I predicted to friends of mine in ICE that Barr would be forced to resign–which should have happened long ago, and today she did. I’ve been reporting on the facts alleged in the lawsuit and some affidavits in connection with the suit, for several years on this site, as agents have long complained to me about Barr’s sexual harassment of male agents. But her resignation is not enough. ICE chief John Moron Morton and Napolitano should go with her.

Suzy Barr: Obama Homeland Security Official, Who Treated Male ICE Agents Like The “Magic Mike” Casting Couch, Resigns



Partners in Harassment/Discrimination: DHS Chief Janet Napolitano & Flamboyant ICE Chief John (Moron) Morton

Even if Obama is re-elected in November, they may be gone in January. Morton was well aware of Suzy Barr’s behavior. He was in on a lot of it and looked the other way. One affidavit I exclusively posted on this site alleges that Morton was involved in a sexting situation involving one of his Special Agents in Charge, Ray Parmer, and Barr. And Morton and Napolitano’s discrimination in favor of gay and lesbian agents at ICE, even creating wasteful special positions (job positions, not sexual ones) for them to be near their sexual partners, etc. cannot be tolerated. Sadly, in the Obama administration it is. And I’m not so sure that will change under Mitt Romney, since Daniel Ragsdale, a gay ICE official who discriminates against male straight agents, will immediately be acting Director of ICE, if Obama loses. He is already Deputy Director of the organization at this point. He’s never even been an ICE agent. He’s just a lawyer with no law enforcement experience, like all the cretins who run ICE into the ground.

While her behavior was immature, illegal, and unacceptable, and Suzy Barr was rightfully shown the door–but only because of the bad PR that finally befell the agency because of her, a fish rots from the head down. And today, the rotten head of the Homeland Security fish is Janet Napolitano. The rotting head of ICE is John Morton.

Time is well past for them to go. Buh-Bye, Suzy “Stripper Pole” Barr. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out. Now, time for the other shoes to drop with Napolitano and Morton’s resignations. Those cannot come soon enough. The damage they caused is irreparable.


“We’re From the Govt & We’re Here to . . . Sexually Harass You”

Artwork by David Lunde/Lundesigns

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Good job Debbie for shining the light on another libhack whose departure was a long time coming. Now if only you could get a threefer and get Janet Nutpolitano and that girly man putz John Morton to resign. Hopefully DA WUUN won’t be reelected as that crapfest the DNC convention descends on Charlotte NC like a plague. Man I can’t wait to hear the First Wookie growl on stage. I’m going to have to get my English to Shyriiwook translation paperback just to keep up with her.

Ken b on September 4, 2012 at 11:49 am

I agree with a lot of the posters in that the ICE hiring standards for its special agents should not be based solely on having a college degree. The standard should be a college degree AND 3-5 years of prior law enforcement investigations experience. Although Customs did not have the requirement on paper for the college degree for its special agents, the general de facto standard was a college degree and 3-5 years of investigations experience (similar to the FBI). Customs was required to hire its special agents under the Treasury Enforcement Agent standard. Prior to the decision to merge Customs and INS, Customs was in the process of making the college degree requirement a mandatory standard. After the merger, ICE retained the prior Customs full-performance pay grades (GS-13 versus GS-12 for INS) for it’s special agents, and yet implemented the prior INS lower hiring standards.

ICE should also refrain from hiring people who have gang membership/affiliation, memberships in hate groups or race supremacist groups, association/membership in criminal organizations or organizations which are involved in wholesale torture/oppression, as well as people who do not possess a professional appearance (i.e., multiple visible tattoos, tattoos on the face/neck/head, multiple metal front teeth , multiple piercings, unnatural/unconventional hair colors/style, people who are grossly overweight, etc).

King David on September 4, 2012 at 5:28 pm

Oh, and I forgot to add, ICE should refrain from hiring people who are mentally unstable (ICE in it’s application process does not administer a psychological battery or interview).

King David on September 4, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    And you still didn’t get hired?

    JB on September 5, 2012 at 1:11 pm

All this makes me more nervous that these POS government supervisors have started to militarize their agents into a gestapo armored force:

WTF do they need armored personnel carriers for???? Certainly no rounding up illegal aliens. Maybe for dealers in fake NFL gear???

SWAT Me on September 4, 2012 at 6:56 pm

Swat yourself:

ICE has had three agents on an entry team shot in San Fran, two shot and one killed in Mexico, and major firefight after being ambushed in Puerto Rico this July. That’s just the last 18 months. If you want a country where there are no laws or they are selectively enforced because of the strength and weaponry of criminals, you are free to examine several of our Western Hemisphere neighbors for a glimpse of how great life can be. If we lived in a society where people obeyed the law at all times or walked out with their hands open when they didn’t I would share your sentiment. However, I do not live in a dreamland.

By the way, the reason why we go with overwhelming force into a dangerous situation is so that you can dissuade as much as win the encounter. You can win a gunfight two to one, but one of you might die. You go to that same gunfight driving a tank, and guess what? There is no gunfight and everyone, including the bad guy, gets to go home (or at least to jail for a court date and not a coroner)

I’ve been in this business 20 years, and only once have I been in on an enforcement action with one of those vehicles, and it was an ATF case where automatic weapons were involved. Sorry, but it seemed like reasonable a precaution at the time. I have never seen one on a worksite raid, fake clothing round up, or bank search warrant. So exaggerate all you want, it just makes you look like a fool.

Please on September 4, 2012 at 7:29 pm

Very well said. All of it. I’m glad there is someone on here who can explain things with tact.

Tax payer on September 4, 2012 at 8:05 pm

Please, PULEESE!! AND you send your agents to US Army RANGER School to get swat qualified???? SWAT has been around for many years now, there’s only about a 1000 different swat classes nationwide every year, and you clowns have to go to a military commando school? You are the fools my friend, totally out of the loop.

Local police arrest about a 1000 times as many crooks as you wanna-be Feds do, all without heavy armored vehicles that look like they drove in from Iraq. I think these vehicles are used strictly for show ‘n tell at schools and national night outs.
Fortunately, ICE doesn’t do very much on the street that would justify these big toys. The first major shit storm you got into with one of these, the Whitehouse would make you park them. They are not even allowed on the Mexican border where they’re needed. There is a reason Border Patrol isn’t allowed in the cities. It looks bad.

SWAT You on September 4, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    Clearly you have been seriously misinformed. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Response Team (SRT) personnel are not, and have never been, sent to U.S. Army Ranger school for training. The training program for HSI SRT personnel is comprehensive, professional and derived from other highly respected state, local and federal SWAT training programs. As a 20-year veteran of three SWAT/SRTs, I feel qualified to make that statement. And regarding your derisive and ill-informed comments regarding the mission and dangers faced by HSI special agents; I will not dignify them with a response.

    If you are actually a member of an accredited SWAT team and not just trying to pose as one, perhaps you should dial it back a notch and consider how you would respond to someone posting similar comments about your agency.

    Go SWAT yourself on September 6, 2012 at 12:02 pm

“I agree with a lot of the posters in that the ICE hiring standards for its special agents should not be based solely on having a college degree.”

No you don’t, almost all of your posts condemn “all” the legacy INS agents for not having degrees.

“Although Customs did not have the requirement on paper for the college degree for its special agents, the general de facto standard was a college degree and 3-5 years of investigations experience (similar to the FBI).”

Why not require a degree? Why do you think the FBI has it right?

“After the merger, ICE retained the prior Customs full-performance pay grades (GS-13 versus GS-12 for INS) for it’s special agents, and yet implemented the prior INS lower hiring standards.”

The worst thing Customs ever did was give all of it’s 1811s the across the board 13s. We would have been better off before the merger and since the merger if everyone had to earn their 13s. By the way, INS had the same standards USCS had for hiring 1811s. The only difference was the TEA as opposed to the test that OPM gave for INS. I know because I was hired by both.

“ICE should also refrain from hiring people who have gang membership/affiliation, memberships in hate groups or race supremacist groups, association/membership in criminal organizations or organizations which are involved in wholesale torture/oppression, as well as people who do not possess a professional appearance (i.e., multiple visible tattoos, tattoos on the face/neck/head, multiple metal front teeth , multiple piercings, unnatural/unconventional hair colors/style, people who are grossly overweight, etc).”

Ok, you had me right up to the professional appearance part. Perhaps you have never met a good Under-Cover before, or someone proud of their prior military service who has a tattoo to represent a fallen brother. So we should not hire 50Cent, David Duke, John Gotti JR, Hitler, or the former Marine with a Globe and Anchor on his forearm. Your logic is amazing.

Here we are almost ten years into this agency, and you are still spewing anti INS crap. Take a look around, there are very few legacy INS 1811s left. For that matter there aren’t that many legacy Customs 1811s left. What’s with the INS gang member phobia? While it is true that every branch of the military, the courts, and law enforcement agencies have hire gang members. I too viewed the documentary. I can’t think of a single example within ICE.

I still don’t believe you are an 1811.

INStoUSCStoICEtoHSI on September 4, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    I agree, King David sounds like someone who tried to get hired but did not. I too was hired by both and if you are still bitching after all this time about legacy this and legacy that, you should go somewhere else as you are clearly not a productive employee.

    JB on September 5, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    Have you ever met a “good under cover”? I you have then he/she was probably lying to you. Good U/C agents don’t go around advertising that the are, sort of defeats the purpose don’t you think. Obviously your only exposure to the U/C genre has been fro watching television, “24” perhaps, where he dose it all in the 45 minute episode. U/C is not about how you look, or try to look, so, all of those cute little ear rings, and all of those tough looking tatooes, don’t mean a thing unless you are trying to arrest someone with a baggy of weed. Clowns showing up to work at HSI wearing tshirts, faded jeans, and dirty gym shoes because they are trying to look “street” (sitting in the office all day), that’s severely unprofessional, if that word “Professional” means anything to you or HSI.

    MF Jones on September 6, 2012 at 8:53 am



INStoUSCStoICEtoHSI on September 4, 2012 at 9:22 pm

Swat you

Does your agency have a psych exam? Just wondering.

Hey that was too bad about Neil Armstrong passing away before he came clean about how the G faked the moon landing.

Good night

INStoUSCStoICEtoHSI on September 4, 2012 at 9:23 pm


INSers you know you didn’t do criminal background checks on thousands and thousands of applicants, but you did deposit those bonuses for processing them didn’t ya?

Please, no more! The gig is up. Those FBI Agents with REAL college degrees will be reading you your rights soon,,, why? because they can read.

db on September 5, 2012 at 9:59 am


Your nickname is so appropriate for the message you are sending. Read this!!! Your scare tactics is what will land you in BOP prison sooner. If not for civil right violations or witness tempering, then for been a d-bag you are.

JustAnotherServant on September 5, 2012 at 11:00 am

None of this surprises me. A few years ago I was at a party with her and she told me she wanted to shave my “Bean Bag” and even offered me money. It was horrible.

JB on September 5, 2012 at 11:13 am


Clearly you know little of our work, or law enforcement in general. The San Diego, LA, Miami, and Houston offices have done high risk entries for decades, both in INS and especially USCS before ICE and assuredly today. My office has a team but not as robust as those cities so we rely more on a major city’s SWAT. The vehicles and teams are where the work is. As for your comment about locals arresting more, that’s absolutely true. that’s why NY City has 30,000 officers and we have 6,000 agents for the whole country you fool. As for high risk entries of large drug trafficking organizations and smugglers that ripp off loads of aliens and kidnap them, Feds across the board do way more of those entries than locals.

Our agents don’t go to Ranger school. Why, to get their Ranger tab and jump wings? They have a co-located facility on Federal property you dope.

Please on September 5, 2012 at 11:19 am

Obviously a poor choice of personnel to occupy such strategic agency positions of authority. Such choices are seemingly made with impunity and accountability, all in the name of “Homeland Security”. Such an authoritative, regal name, gives one a warm and fuzzy feeling that we, as a nation, are in such good hands, our HSI is out there round the clock, keeping us safe from the evil ones. A false sense of security! How in the 21st Century can such ineptness be allowed to continue, and to flourish!? From my perspective the problems at HSI, in particular, began in 2003 when the racist IN&S was merged with the Customs. Excess baggage was brought aboard and soon the new agency attained its own culture of complete and utter chaos, jokery to the highest degree. Foolish people occupy positions of authority and demand of their subordinates a degree of competence and job knowledge that they themselves don’t possess! There has not been a Chicken Bones processing Plant Operation at HSI for at least the past three years, so what have they done to earn their keep in the meantime? Many would say NOTHING, as no agent goes to the U.S. Attorney’s office any more. The HSI has become a self-perpetuating bureaucratic repository of the most highly incompetent, a stepping stone to a more lucrative corporate position for many; a job where one gets to look cool, act cool, get paid well, and sit in air conditioned comfort all day, What A Country! And the SWAT, they could not swat a fly, professional advice: Leave to the professionals, like the Sheriff’s, Police Officers, or the FBI; not to the socio-pathic, neurotic, want to be’s that urinate in their pants if they step out of the safe office and, as they say “hit the streets”, tell us Swat, do you sleep with your guns at night, what is your guns name? That is a satirical question. The Jokery is at its height of power and will not change any time soon, so many in those positions are safe for the next 20-30 year of there careers, a career of LIES, all they have to do is shift over to the new ass on the block to kiss it.

Rev. Umgana Kicqbouti on September 5, 2012 at 11:43 am


    I don’t think jokery is a word. Also, you need work on when to use “is” vs. “are”.

    If you can’t master at least basic grammar, please stay away. It detracts from meaningful and intelligent discussion.

    You might benefit more from

    JB on September 5, 2012 at 1:04 pm

      Dear Mr. Chump: “jokery” is not a word? Is you crazy or just on the JB (Jim Beam) all the time? If you be looking for Phd level dissertations you is on the wrong place. How do you like them apples? Special education student are you? (Was that proper, the King’s, English?) The man is just stating what a screwed up, dysfunctional, and racist organization ICE/HSI is, and it’s a direct result of the merger that include IN&S. So a couple of “minorities” get thrown a bone every once in a while, don’t overlook who is doing the “throwing”. All of the fear mongers are making it seem as though the barbarians are at the gates, ready to overthrow “whitey”, a reactionary’s dream. Dysfunctional from the top down, what role models, and ingrates that, as some have posted, that they were able to achieve promotions to high level positions without any experience, college education, and maybe a high school diploma, and they are still not satisfied; boo-hoo they wanted a transfer and didn’t get it. Tough shit, but don’t blame it on the “minorities”. Now go out and arrest someone (criminally).

      MF Jones on September 5, 2012 at 11:58 pm

Just Another Public Servant,

I know real Public Servants and if you defend the corrupt INSers who obstructed and derailed the Congressional investigation into USCIS corrupt hiring practices in 2006-2007 then you are NOT Just Another Public Servant, you are or were a facilitator and enabler of those INSers.

And you can call me Doug, there is nothing anonymous on the web just ask the FBI and Apple. Besides my Congressman fronted me off to the INSers years ago when I stepped in to help the whistle-blowers who really are the INSers worse nightmare.

Corrupt hiring practices on the scale practiced by some of your INS compatriots undermines the legitimacy of those public servants who really are qualified and do their duty as honestly and competently as they are able every day; furthermore, it endangers the public work force and the public at large.

db on September 5, 2012 at 2:09 pm


If by facilitator and enabler you mean that I am facilitating free speech, then YES, I am that and more. As for the rest of your tirade, I don’t know what you went thru and if your search for justice is a true one, but I would check what you are saying here. Yes, in this day and age LE agencies could find anything and everything about you. Although, they would need PC to do it and there are no crimes committed on this website for them to even try. So, stop hitting everything and everyone you see in front of you, and try to focus your anger if you can.

JustAnotherServant on September 5, 2012 at 2:49 pm

JustAnother and MORE!

There’s no ‘tirade’ in my post just simple facts.

db on September 5, 2012 at 4:07 pm

To All:

Here is the all-encompassing reply I promised. It will be a little lengthy, so bear with me, but I think it will provide a fresh perspective on this particular situation, EEO within ICE/HSI (generally), where we are, and where we are headed.

Regarding the make-up the the L/E community, it has largely been the purview of white males (and it’s probably more like 65%, based on what has been told to me by friends of mine who are EEO counselors and investigators) – it is simply a fact of life and circumstance that white males have aspired to this profession. I know for a fact that it is the goal of HSI, and of ICE generally, to bring ICE more in line with the Federal government model of a ration of minority managers as compared to the rank and file. If this is borne out, you will have management that is more minority-based than the bulk of the rank and file. Example: If you have a flock of 100 birds: 80 ducks and 20 others, would it be more representative to have 8 ducks as managers and 2 others as managers, or to have 7 others and 3 ducks? – The model is flipped upside down, and white males, under the current thinking, don’t stand a chance of being promoted anytime soon.

Regarding “Please”‘s comment about the current gender make-up of HSI: What you say is true now about the SACs, etc., but it will not be in about 3 to 5 years from now – in her tenure, Barr and Ayala worked very closely to ensure that more of the ranks (GS’s, ASACs, Unit Chiefs, DADs, etc.) that wil be elevated to DSACs, SACS and AD positions were filled with many more females. I know for a fact that Barr specifically shot down two picks for ASAC/DSAC positions by SACs in 2 separate offices where white males were the choice, but Barr told them that SHE wanted FEMALES in those – a totally-biased gender-based selection, with I’m sure almost no regard as to qualifications. And, since Ayala is in charge of all personnel decisions, she gleefully went along with it. Yeah, you can say Dinkins is Ayala’s boss, but we ALL know it was Barr running the agency (and Ayala is still there, and Napolitano is STILL DHS Secretary), and Dinkins wasn’t and isn’t going to risk his SES rating (of which EEO is a substantial component) by bucking Barr. In short – what Barr wanted, Barr got, and to Hell with what anyone else wanted; no white male was going to tell her what to do. And, I have even better news: I have it on good authority that the so-called “Career Path” is being selectively enforced to either promote females to ASAC in the field without so much as a DAY at HQ, or to send female 14s at HQ to the field as ASACs without so much as a DAY of field supervisory experience – BOTH blatant and flagrant disregard for the letter and the spirit of the policy (BTW: The first choice for the EAD job was Traci Lembke, NOT Dinkins – he took it reluctantly because they wanted Torres out of HQ).

Dinkins may suffer significant political fallout from this: It was his boy, Hayes, who stirred the pot, and caused this mess to boil over – I can see Napolitano now: “Hmmmmm – obviously Jim cant keep his SACs in line”. Translation: Loss of confidence in ability to command. I see a SAC job opening in Detroit now that Abu is headed to Houston, and I see a few more cold winters in Dinkins’ future for this.

Hayes and Mount may win the battle with their lawsuits, but will most assuredly lose the war: White males who fight for their rights may get a bone to keep the dog quiet, but their careers are effectively finished. Do you honestly think Hayes or Mount will EVER be given positions with any meaningful responsibility in the future? Hell, no: They will be given meaningless billets is some BS office for them to finish out their careers. But, a female or, better, a MINORITY female? They can EEO their way right to the SES ranks with little or no repercussions, even if their claims are bogus. Why? Because females and other minorities, according to EEO law, are a “protected class” (I learned this from my EEO friends, too), and they can pretty much saturate the system with claim after claim and get WHATEVER they want with impunity (as I stated in another post, I know well the female who has EEO’d her way right up the ranks to what is now the cusp of the SES ranks – as soon as Ray-Ray gets spanked for his indiscretion, she goes to New Orleans as the SAC, and God help you all down there if this is borne out). White males? Forget it – NOT a protected class, and often have to resort to these kinds of draconian actions to even get heard.

Finally, let’s talk about career development – I have seen, and have directly been the victim, of repeated “No”‘s to requests for career development/enhancement : TDYs, training conferences, graduate school, etc. What I have also seen is that things like WIFLE (the biggest boondoggle imaginable in a time of shrinking budgets so bad that we cannot afford to put agents through school or buy cars to do work) get first priority for attendance, where there is a veritable lovefest amongst the women and they praise themselves ad nauseum for their prowess. I have also seen, while I and other white males have been denied, females literally being CHASED by Ayala and other female managers to put in for graduate programs, choice TDYs, training, etc – all career-enhancing, and their approval all but assured.

So, you can tell me all day about how many of the SACs, etc. are white males NOW, but I am telling you that this will all change, and the white males in this agency see it, and realize that their chances for meaningful career development are fading rapidly. Until you have seen what I and others have seen (especially having done an HQ tour and knowing the politique at play behind the scenes); until you know who I know and what they have told me, nothing will convince me otherwise that fair play and equity are at work here.

Remember, and perhaps most important: Perception is reality – if you feel your are being screwed, especially time and time again, sooner or later, you look elsewhere for satisfaction. And, for may white males, that satisfaction is doing the bare minimum to earn their salaries and benefits, while dabbling in other endeavors to secure futures for themselves and their families.

Good luck, all …

StillShakingMyHead on September 5, 2012 at 4:22 pm


A little long-winded, but very well stated argument for cover up discrimination techniques of ICE’ Nasty&MoreNasty & Co. Not bad at all my friend, you do have a vision that Is letting you see through their “transparency blunder”.

JustAnotherServant on September 5, 2012 at 5:30 pm

@ JAS – HQ really opened my eyes in ways I cannot begin to express. BTW – Hayes is headed to the settlement table per Fox News, and I’m sure Mount will follow, since he and Hayes share the same attorney. Soon it will be business as usual – nothing will change in a meaningful way.

StillShakingMyHead on September 5, 2012 at 5:50 pm


Ditto! But I doubt anyone expected that two cases with no real damage to complainants had a real shot of changing anything for the better. Although, I got to say, it did bring others out of hiding and gave them a shot at retribution with these people. It’s not over until it’s over.

JustAnotherServant on September 5, 2012 at 6:41 pm

Well, Mount was damaged, and severely – read the lawsuit. 43 applications to get out of HQ, and he ended up agreeing to take a downgrade? He had to be pulling his hair out to have done that. The funny thing is that I know who got some if the positions he sought, and there are some very hinky stories that, if they ever came to light in any supporting affidavits, would knock the socks off Dinkins, Ayala and some SACs. Trust me – they want this crap settled, and NOW, before any more damage is done. And that still may not be enough to stave off what I understand may be a class action suit coming against the so-called “career path” farce of a policy. Stand by, my friend – this portends to become veeeeeery interesting …

StillShakingMyHead on September 5, 2012 at 7:13 pm

I’ll give you Mount, but how many of applications you or I filled out? Or others? Their version of Career Path is a pro-forma and only there to protect them by letting them place a qualification check-marks next to their cronies and girlfriends/boyfriends’ names. And even then, they don’t even bother with those pesky little rules. Who dares to question MY selection??? Merit-shmerit, HR, ELR and OPLA will clean it up for me and OPR and OIG will find my actions…hmm…unfounded?!? I bet if someone dares to FIOA all those management “unfounded” cases vs. rank and file employees ones, it would be an interesting statistic to share with the media.

JustAnotherServant on September 5, 2012 at 7:55 pm

The “Career Path” is a farce – it was violated not even 6 months in, and I know the name of the person involved. I also know where the bones are buried regarding other violations of the policy and other prohibited personnel practices: names, dates, positions – you name it, I know it. Trust me – OPR, OIG, GAO or others with regulatory oversight don’t want to talk to me, because they will have to kill me shortly thereafter. It is disgusting as to what we have become, and my sole purpose from this point on us to make this agency irrelevant to my daily existence other than to provide a paycheck and benefits based on an honest day’s work, but not a minute more. We don’t have leadership in this agency – we have a bunch if tools. You want leadership, become a Navy SEAL or an Army Ranger, but, if you’re looking for leadership here, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

StillShakingMyHead on September 5, 2012 at 8:23 pm

    Lighten up Francis, you’re not that important. Don’t shake your head so much, not good for the gray matter. Please stay on your course of medication.

    MF Jones on September 6, 2012 at 8:37 am

… And I would tell my story, but it would give away who I am, and I can assure you the next day I will get a directed reassignment to Butt F**k, Texas (apologies to Texas). I, and a number of others, we’re totally f**ked over by the “career path”, with real economic and career damage done. Frankly, I’m tired – I don’t have that much longer to go, and I’d rather focus my energies on providing for me and my loved ones post-retirement. No one else will give a flying f**k any way.

StillShakingMyHead on September 5, 2012 at 8:29 pm

Damn bro,

I feel your pain and frustration, but don’t give in without a fight. Ernest Hemingway wrote in part, “The world breaks everyone … but some people get strong in the broken places.” Stick with it and you could make your weaknesses into your strong points. You already see things that others don’t, think what you could do with time and other people’ help.

JustAnotherServant on September 5, 2012 at 8:51 pm

The fight is meaningless without good and decent leaders who are willing to lead from the front and by example, instead of lip service. There are many good and decent people in this agency who have given and given and given: given of time in pursuit of justice, with long nights away from their families, not knowing if they were going to go home to their loved ones after that controlled delivery or that gang takedown. Now that the powers that be got what they wanted and where they want to be, to hell with everyone else and the sacrifices others made. Well, I have news for them – pretty soon, all the goid and decent people, who are tired of fighting for every little thing, will move on to their own endeavors to fend for themselves, and make this agency irrelevant to their existence. Therefore, as has been stated in other posts on this string, soon all who will be left are the criminals and the miscreants – OPR will have a veritable field day marching agent after agent from SAC offices all over the country who will go to the dark side (and will have been pre-disposed to do so because our hiring standards will have to be lowered, as we won’t be able to attract the best and the brightest). You think s**t like this speaks well for us? It makes us look like clowns in a 3 ring circus, and everyone and their mothers must be laughing their asses off as we are paraded around in Drudge, Fox News, Rush Lumbaugh and other media outlets. Disgusting and shameful…

StillShakingMyHead on September 5, 2012 at 9:06 pm


“INSers you know you didn’t do criminal background checks on thousands and thousands of applicants, but you did deposit those bonuses for processing them didn’t ya?”
I wish I could dismiss this post, as the ravings of a maniac, but there is a small shred of truth in his post. There was a program called “Citizenship USA” during the Clinton administration. The Democrats wanted to make lots of new voters to help Bill get elected/re-elected. I believe that the applications became backed up waiting for the background checks to clear, and someone/or a group of someones made the decision not to wait for them. The problem with the posters knowledge begins there. He does not know that INS Agents had nothing to do with the application process. It would be like blaming the police department because the building inspector screwed up. I believe the FBI investigated this and sadly nobody was ever prosecuted.
“Please, no more! The gig is up. Those FBI Agents with REAL college degrees will be reading you your rights soon,,, why? because they can read.”
I assure you that my college degree and my masters degree are every bit as real as anyone at the FBIs. Also, are you implying that I broke the law? I know my rights; one of them is freedom to call you a complete ignorant buffoon.
“The Congressional investigation into USCIS corrupt hiring practices in 2006-2007”

Can’t imagine why they didn’t hire you. You seem so level headed and knowledgeable.

“There’s no ‘tirade’ in my post just simple facts.”

Sir, please remain calm. Let me help you, go to your cabinet and remove a large piece of tinfoil, shape it into a pyramid, and place it on your head. This should help with all those nasty voices in your head. If this doesn’t work please check your self into the nearest mental health facility. I believe tonight is Jell-O night, if you get there soon there might be some left.

INStoUSCStoICEtoHSI on September 5, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Sorry, DB the above post is for you.

INStoUSCStoICEtoHSI on September 5, 2012 at 9:30 pm

I see that nothing I could say that will make it easy for you. But that’s way too much contempt and no hope in sight for one man to carry on his own shoulders. Peace be with you partner and no more head-shaking.

JustAnotherServant on September 5, 2012 at 9:57 pm


No surprises in what you say, I find myself in line with your experiences, particularly your assessment of the arbitrary nature of our career policy. Of course the career path has been circumvented, and I know several on whose behalf it was done. Although only one is a female or minority from the several I know of. But, I get what you’re saying about more efforts to put females in leadership positions. Since they make up 25% of the workforce, they should have a similar representation. We seem to agree they are not overrepresented at the SAC or HQ level at the moment. Since I can only see what’s on the intranet site, I don’t know about the ASAC and DSAC numbers, but from what I have experienced, it is not more than 25% female.

AS to Hayes, I wouldn’t be surprised if they settled for attorneys fees and compensation for his move. It seems like regardless of what kind of ass he is, he is still entitled to the same or similar compensation for moves other SES’s may have had. As for this guy Mount, who the F is he? So what he applied for 40 some jobs, I know 5 or 6 other people at HQ that have done the same thing. From his suit he’s about 10 years younger and less experienced than others I know. Why should he get some settlement when so many other, including you it would seem, are in the same boat?

I’ve got to tell you, I have heard belly aching from a variety of people, including women and minorities and whites. Most of their issues seem to show that their opinion of unfair treatment is justified. That says to me this is an issue of unsound policy rather than gender or race favoritism.

This is a troubled agency, and the morale problems driven by employment concerns have the potential to impact us in the long term. But really, most of the positive work done in this agency is performed by the rank and file, and I am not sure the travails of middle-management are what is eating at them. I know the public doesn’t give a crap, and neither will the administration

please on September 5, 2012 at 10:06 pm


That’s hilarious!!!! Thank You!

JustAnotherServant on September 5, 2012 at 10:09 pm


It’s not necessarily who Mount is, and, you’re right, he is fairly young and inexperienced. That said, the headache for the agency is that he “made book”. i.e., documented everything to such a “T” that exposure of the dirty little secrets could potentially really f**k up senior management, as it would truly expose the farce that the career path is, as well as the fact that some of the people now in the positions that Mount sought were romantic interests of the people who put them there (in direct violation of Morton’s anti-fraternization policy). So, you see, here is a guy who could potentially blow the lid off of practices that HSI would like to keep going, since we all know someone always owes someone a favor – especially if they are sharing a bed with someone: male/female; female/male or same sex. We shall see ..

StillShakingMyHead on September 5, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Apparently the tin foil (or the thorazine) worked. I’m so glad that I could assist my fellow American. Good night, sleep tight, and don’t let those voices in your head bite.

INStoUSCStoICEtoHSI on September 5, 2012 at 10:50 pm


I read your post as defending legacy INS as a whole and also inserted an “I” into USCS because those are the letters I spend a lot of time seeing, so I apologize for for BOP. The USCIS managers do troll and post on these pages.

KD, I mean DB

p.s. you’re dead wrong about CUSA and the Life Act it was not a little thing, ‘a small shred of truth’, it was all a huge screw-up that became even worse when they split USCIS off and made it a ‘customer service agency.’ All the wrong incentives were put into place and helps explain why LE on all levels has so many ‘customers’ to chase down and arrest.

The FBI screwed up and I’m pretty sure they know they did.

db on September 6, 2012 at 12:08 am


I gather that tinfoil didn’t work this time. Them the brakes! Would ignoring you work, you think?

JustAnotherServant on September 6, 2012 at 7:42 am

JustAnotherServant asked:

“Would ignoring you work, you think?”

Sure go ahead, go back to rubber stamping whatever you spend your day in public service rubber stamping, sounds like you would be a great fit over at the USCIS, you ever work there?

db on September 6, 2012 at 11:05 am

You guys are funny. Seriously. You crack me up.

I’m just sayin’…

WikiSnix on September 6, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Holly Snix on da cracker! WikiCrap is here. Watch out for your syntax and Oxford comas everybody and don’t forget to conserve your ammo.

Did you have a good Snix over the long weekend and smiling now? Regardless, we are here to amuse you and your INS Ghosts. Just because you are sayin’ funny things yourself from time to time. Tit for TAT, as in English saying meaning “equivalent retaliation,” in the event you were ever wondering of course. Do I have to say that you were dearly missed? Really, I was about to send a search party to NFTTU to find you.

JustAnotherServant on September 6, 2012 at 4:36 pm

    Just Another, you are truly a simpleton. Alexander Hamilton must be rolling in his grave if you’re the best and brightest the Spirit of Customs Past can produce.

    I’m just sayin’…

    Ya simpleton, you.

    WikiSnix on September 6, 2012 at 6:21 pm

As far as the preferences in federal government, that has been going on for many years. I suspect that it is more intense in ICE as the agency really has no critical mission, therefore the agency is not dependant on its people to perform, and for that reason it can stock up on people that check the boxes, versus people who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the job. That is also why ICE allows its law enforcement functions to be directed by employees and contractors who have no background in law enforcement.

There are no real standards for the Special Agent position in ICE. There are no prohibitions on candidates being gang members, members/associates of illegal/hate organizations, there are no physical standards (ICE tends to hire people who are grossly out of shape), one does not have to be of sound mind (no psychological battery is administered), no level of education is required (in some instances not even a high school diploma), no requirements to be able to competently speak English, etc. The Special Agent position test has been completely dumbed down from the Treasury Enforcement Agent (TEA) test, and even then ICE does not require that everyone take the test. ICE also just makes some people special agents without requiring that they go through the academy or full academy. Simply put, the best and brightest are not always hired. It is easy to figure out why this is occurring and to realize that because of that, standards will never be applied. The contract security guards at the FLETC actually have higher employment standards than the ICE Special Agent position.

Hence, my argument for standards. If standards were in place that would go a long way towards circumventing hiring people based solely on race, sex, sexual preference, managers’ illicit paramours, management’s friends and relatives (i.e., Ayala) etc., and only hiring the most qualified candidates. It would also help ICE perform at a higher level, thus insuring that the American taxpayer realizes the best return on their investment in the agency.

King David on September 6, 2012 at 5:17 pm


I love it when you loose your WikiCoolness! BTW, do you watch your grammar when you get pissed? We wouldn’t want your only virtue to go to the crapper, do we now? And Thank You so much for calling me a simpleton! It’s my long-lost aspiration to achieve simplicity without variegation, but what would “complicated” NFTTU dope like you know about that? Absolutely nothing! Anyhow, how’s your subordinates reacting to your posts on DS website anyway? Do you get more “respect” out of them or it doesn’t matter anymore? I mean, Suzy is the one that paid you with that DAD position for the “work” very well performed and you…you did nothing wrong whatsoever, right Pardner?

JustAnotherServant on September 6, 2012 at 7:05 pm

So what’s going on with LA? How does this affect Claud? what’s going on with the Garcia shooting investigation and the Guzman diploma scandal. HOW did he know that he was being investigated? Why is HSI/LA back in the CAP business?

inLA on September 7, 2012 at 1:37 am

King David,

You’re correct that the core problem in ICE, DHS and the Fed workforce in general comes down to the absence of a practical, enforceable set of standards in the hiring process. If we work from that recognition then OPM and Congress are as much responsible for the current ICE follies as the marquis players such as Barr, Morton, and the delusional in denial Dinkins.

(Which makes this leadership appointment interesting: )

OPM, (with Congressional oversight/guidance and Contractor input) has over the several years orchestrated a collapse in Federal hiring practices. They have pulled the classic bureaucrat’s scam of passing off their work, their core mission, to the next stall , or stalls (other agencies) over.
Is the leader linked above part of an effort to fix past mistakes of OPM or an attempt to bury and cover-up OPM’s and Congressional negligence?

db on September 7, 2012 at 9:41 am

King David, I agree with your assessment of the low quality of personnel being hired, but that faux paux is forgivable if the employee is given a chance to develop job expertise and growth while on the job; that requires leadership from management that is experienced and has the “AGENCY’s” best interests in mind, to help, lead, and guide that employee, that requires a sense of mission. HSI, unfortunately, is not in possession of any of these criteria, and they do not seem to care whether they do or not. HSI SAC offices have really been ’emasculated” and all of the ball-less wonders are perfectly content to show up to work everyday at 8:00 am, drink their coffee, surf the web, and make life miserable for most agents, I say most because they only treat the ass-kissers kindly (ass-kissers usually don’t care about the job either, they just enjoy the prestige and pay and themselves are preparing their paths to promotion through kissing the correct ass).

HSI’s current management has only one goal: Keep the agency running and ensure that their career paths lead them to loftier status regardless of experience and qualifications. Many would assess that HSI just puts bodies in to fill positions, that may be true. The Peter Principle also applies here.

There are literally hundreds and hundreds of unqualified Clowns in management positions that have absolutely no experience in what they are tasked to do. Examples? Plenty! There are GS-14’s in charge of U/C ops at SAC offices that have never worked undercover, have not even attended U/C school (Schools are important at HSI, the formula is usually this: Select an ass-kissing Clown that management is fond of, for whatever reason, send them to a school, they come back as “experts” in that field); fat, 300 lb Clowns with a 70 inch waist, in charge of defensive tactics (people like this don’t like to move, so they just sit on poor little Chipotle Juan), “money laundering experts” that have never seen or worked on a money laundering case; drug group agents that are constantly spinning their wheels, getting nowhere (maybe an ounce once in a while, while the local police departments arrest dealers and seize hundreds of pounds; employees that just a couple of years previous were illegal but have now “adjusted status”, on and on. “working on a case” has become printing out reams and reams of paper, putting them in binders, setting them on a desk, and then waiting for supervisor’s pat on the back telling them what a great job they are doing.

Of course HSI management denies all of the above, after all they only select the “best and the brightest” and the most qualified and experienced (they all passed a test!). As proof they offer up the Clowns that we read about on this blog.

So, what HSI, for the most part because there are some that do care and get the job done, has become is a huge bureaucratic boondoggle, a carcass on which all vultures feed off of, where Clowns enjoy center ring attention, after all “homeland security” has become the buzz term of the 21st century, and captures media attention, it is so cool! In reality it is just a giant, harmless, ineffective, bumbling, keystone kops, laughing stock of all federal agencies. A Paper Tiger that no criminal has cause to be afraid of.

QTD on September 7, 2012 at 11:40 am


Tell me how you really feel about ICE? Sarcasm aside, very well written, spot on assessment!!! Reading your post is like looking at a real thing. Damn, that fat fk you so vividly discribed just passed by my cubicle…

JustAnotherServant on September 7, 2012 at 12:19 pm

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