July 9, 2009, - 6:21 pm

“Heat Wave”: Dying Major City’s Brilliant Leader Too Busy on Tour w/ Motown Revival

By Debbie Schlussel
Sorry for the light blogging today, but I was in the belly of the beast–Detroit, or as I like to call it D-Mecca–at meetings about the misbehavior of our friends, “my cousins” in Dearbornistan.
In the meantime, Detroit has been contending with this fabulous specimen, Martha Reeves. Yup, the chick who is still trying to relive her days as the head diva of the Vandellas (what the heck is a Vandella, anyway–female vernacular for Vandal?).
As I always say, Martha Reeves is Michael Jackson (when he was alive) minus the credit lines. Like many down and out former Motown acts and one-hit wonders, she looked for new funding avenues and found it by using her has-been celeb name to get elected to the Detroit City Council. So far in running Detroit . . . into the ground, this senior diva-zen was an unfailing ally of deposed Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, deposed City Councilwoman Monica Conyers, and quickly announced to the City that since she’s a Councilwoman, she should get free tickets to everything.

Now, she wants a free ride while she ignores her “second job” as a Detroit Councilwoman and instead goes on tour in London.

When we left Detroit City Councilwoman Martha Reeves Friday, she was performing as Martha and the Vandellas in England, barnstorming the country in a Motown 50th anniversary tour, being hailed as a legend, lionized as a diva and missed at the council table during a busy week back home.
Since then, Reeves told an interviewer that her council service was “a second job I have” after singing. She also returned to Detroit, unable to comment on the departure of Monica Conyers because, she said, she didn’t know Conyers had resigned.
The last concert was Sunday night in Liverpool, and Reeves missed work at her $81,000-a-year “second job” – with car and staff – in Detroit for the sixth day Monday.
And Monday happened to be one of the most historic days in council history, as six members held a news conference and called for their disgraced colleague Conyers to step down after her guilty plea to federal bribery charges.
Later Monday, Conyers announced she would resign.
Reeves missed critical votes on approving water and sewer rate increases last week. She also was gone as the state Legislature was finalizing legislation to set up a regional authority to oversee the expansion and renovation of Cobo Center.
Back in town Monday evening, Reeves defended her absence. . . .
Reeves said she was unaware that Conyers had resigned until told by a Free Press reporter about 6 p.m. She declined to comment on Conyers’ departure, saying she needed to get up to speed on what happened.
“I’m not that familiar with what’s going on,” she said. “I can’t make a comment on anything.” . . .
Reeves will be busy in July.
In the Vandella business, that is.
Her Web site lists concerts this Saturday, July 4, in New Jersey and Friday, July 10, and Saturday, July 11, near St. Louis.

It’s Like a Heat Wave. Only she’s not Dancing in the Streets . . . of Detroit.

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OTOH, a Democrat that is MIA can’t do to much harm. While she is touring, she can’t vote – I hope – for expensive legislation.

Linda F on July 10, 2009 at 9:31 am

Sorry – that should have been “too”.

Linda F on July 10, 2009 at 9:31 am

I forgot about that song. Good video. I bought it from iTunes right after. What a commanding voice she had.
THERE was a story about a naval officer who became a hero in WW II.
About 20 years later, he was arrested for robbery and murder, tried, and hanged. From a hero to a murderer. The pastor in retelling the story concluded that the man just lived too long.
Martha, once attractive and acclaimed has become, well petty, negligent and self-centred. At least Palin stepped down when she was heading in that direction.
Martha, step down. You have a sense of entitlement that your peers would never try to floató

The Canadien on July 10, 2009 at 6:53 pm

Now, this is a good example of a lot of class, all of it LOW.

GOLDENMIKE4393 on July 13, 2009 at 4:48 pm

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