July 22, 2009, - 10:45 am

HILARIOUS (& Sad): New Age Chick Wants Camel Milk Dairy (to Feed Somalian Muslims in U.S.)

By Debbie Schlussel
The story of Millie Hinkle’s quest to start a dromedary dairy (camel milk diary) is a hilarious and sad comment–on so many levels–of the sad state of affairs in our country.
It’s got everything: a nutty new age Southerner who wants to pander to Muslims by importing their backward ways and cuisine, and tens of thousands of extremist Muslims who’ve invaded America and you wonder how many are here legally (and which boneheaded bureaucrats let them in).
Here are the important–and very entertaining–parts of the story. (In the past, I’ve written about uncivilized Middle-Eastern Muslim delicacies like camel milk ice cream. I’m just glad it, and the camel milk itself, aren’t kosher. Blechhhhh.)

As you read this, ask yourself, which would be more profitable for Millie–a camel milk dairy for Somalian Muslims . . . or a one-way ticket travel agency for Somalian Muslims, like Shirwa Ahmed, headed back home to do their terrorist biz? That’s not to mention the 20 or so Somalian Muslims that were just indicted for Al-Qaeda activity.

RALEIGH, N.C. — Millie Hinkle first tasted camel milk in the United Arab Emirates about 10 years ago. She had no idea the salty drink, still warm from the camel and served in an ornate bowl with a side of walnuts, would become an obsession.
“It has taken over my life,” said the 57-year-old practitioner of natural medicine as she cruised down a tree-lined road here in her white SUV emblazoned with a camel.
Ms. Hinkle has drained her savings, slashed the number of hours she spends at her day job and started a company called Camel Milk USA. Her goal is to bring the milk, reputed to have healing and aphrodisiac powers, to the U.S. where it’s been hard to get mainly because camels weren’t listed in rules governing the sale of milk.
In April, Ms. Hinkle won initial approval from the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments, a nonprofit group, to market the milk. Now, she’s awaiting approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on some final details.
But there are several humps to overcome before camel milk is widely available in the U.S. . . . Camels don’t much like to be milked. Camels can be cantankerous and persuading them to give up their milk can be part chore, part art.

Where is PETA when you need them?

Camel milk is a centuries-old staple for nomadic tribes across the Middle East and Africa. It is also drunk by elderly men to enhance virility; by the sick to treat a variety of ailments; and by those who believe it has magical properties.

Translation: The Middle East has no shortage of Junk “Science” (and want for Viagra). That’s not news, if you’ve been paying attention to decades of terrorist attacks, conspiracy theories, and uber-paranoia emanating from that region. Take it from an evil Zionist from the great Satan America (me).

Like I said, it isn’t kosher, and I haven’t tried it. But I’d bet there ain’t nothin’ “licious” about camels or their milk.

In a 2006 report, the United Nations recommended camel milk as an area for Middle East economic development, saying that $10 billion in global sales “would be entirely within the realm of possibility.”

Yeah, that’s the ticket: Once we wean ourselves off of oil, let’s help give our Middle Eastern buddies another revenue source to fund their terrorist attacks on us. Typical U.N stuff.
Here’s the money quote about this airhead:

Ms. Hinkle, who dons flowing white pantsuits and dangly gold earrings, sometimes tears up when talking about her quest. “I have to try to do what I can to help the most people,” she said. “And for me this is it.”
She said she was interested in becoming a physician as a young woman, but after being “poisoned” by lawn pesticides decided instead to study natural medicine. She opened her own clinic about 20 years ago in Raleigh, called Natural Health Resource Center. Here, from a second-floor office, she says she fields emails and calls from people who want camel milk as a health remedy and immigrants who crave the drink.
She gets a phone call almost every week from Abdirizak Mohamuod, a Somalian man in Minnesota who sells dried fruits and ethnic food. He says he has at least 70,000 Somalian customers in Minnesota who would buy it. “We would like to get the milk as soon as possible,” he said.

Um, yeah, how many of these 70,000 Somalian Muslims in Minnesota are here legally? And why are they here even if they are here legally? Do we have such a shortage of homegrown Somalian Muslims imposing their Islamic/sharia will on Target (where they refused to ring up pepperoni pizza), kidnapping, gang-raping, and forced-prostituting women, shooting up neighborhoods, and radicalizing each other to the point they fly home (like Shirwa Ahmed and the 20 Al-Qaeda indictees) to become homicide bombers?

Her drive sent her before the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments, a nonprofit, industry-backed group formed in 1946 that oversees drafting of certain regulations that are then sent for FDA approval. She put together a proposal asking for camels to be included under the milk rules. The FDA recently gave tentative approval to cover camels, as well as reindeer, llamas, moose and donkeys under the rules.

Ah, donkey and llama milk–that’s what America is missing!!

An FDA spokesman said, “We wanted to improve the science basis in the definition” of milk coming from hooved mammals to include “species that may not have ‘true hooves,'” such as camels.

True hooves or not, looks like somebody–all these multi-cultural New Age idiots–needs a kick in the face.
Get a clue, America. If we make it easier and more comfortable for extremist Muslims who embrace violence and terrorism to live here, they’ll keep coming in droves.
Do we really want our country to be so backward that it’s “just like home”?
This camel milk thing is just the latest data point–the latest symbol–on the journey toward exactly that.

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“They’ll keep comming in droves”
Our government under the Bush “The War on Terror” imported these people here. 70,000 Somalians didn’t come here via the Rio Grande, or by raft out of the ocean, or simply through osmosis, they were delivered onto our shores, and neighborhoods courtesy of the US governmnet. They didn’t even have to purchase the plane ticket to get here.
The pathetic thing about this is, there is still a debate about all the illegal migrant workers from Mexico and how they should or should not be allowed in this country. What’s the point in a discussion about Mexican’s when our government imports by the thousands Muslims from every corner of the globe?
I also love the fact that now MN has such a large population of those peace loving Muslims from Somalia they also now have a HUGE gang problem there from the same self loving trash we brought over here on the tax payers dime.
To top off the absurd, now we have to import camels as well. Why is it that every third world backwater s-ithole on the face of the planet believe that the most vile and disgusting thing one can consume will give the male member of said society a better hardon?
Makes me wonder what Obama has got growing in his garden there at the white house.

wolf2012 on July 22, 2009 at 12:00 pm

I don’t know about that comment Debbie, “backward that it’s “just like home”? Everyone has different ways and cultures and I don’t think it is within the common good for government to decide what is “backward” or not. Also even if something is deemed “backward” by Constitution, who is to say that you and your views aren’t deemed “backward”?
I am trying to get to the point you are making. There are things in all societies that are detrimental for the survival of the greater society like homosexuality, racist rap music, victimization, however I don’t know if it possible to stop these behaviors in a free society.

californiascreaming on July 22, 2009 at 12:18 pm

No one’s answered the question of why they should be here in the first place. And as Debbie pointed out yesterday, we have to make them feel right at home. They don’t have to change to get along in America. That’s why bending over for Muslims is at our own risk.

NormanF on July 22, 2009 at 12:30 pm

“She had no idea the salty drink, still warm from the camel and served in an ornate bowl with a side of walnuts…”
That sentence just made me want to retch. Ugh.

cirrus1701 on July 22, 2009 at 12:54 pm

This lady is missing out on the camel’s other magical health contributions. She’s forgeting camel urine, and it’s magical healing powers. Probably a lot easier to harvest too.
From Islam Online
“The dean of the Faculty of Medical Science in the Sudanese al-Jazeerah university, Professor Ahmad ëAbd-Allaah Ahmadaani, has discovered a practical way of using camelís urine to treat dropsy and swelling in the liver. Its success has been proven in treating those who are affected by these diseases. He said in a seminar organized by the al-Jazeerah University:
The experiment began by giving each patient a daily dose of camelís urine mixed with camelís milk to make it palatable. Fifteen days after the beginning of the experiment, the patientsí stomachs grew smaller and went back to their normal size”

KrazyKafir on July 22, 2009 at 1:12 pm

“She had no idea the salty drink, still warm from the camel”… that wasn’t milk, and that wasn’t a teat…

Doda McCheesle on July 22, 2009 at 2:03 pm

Why ship? The Somali from MN can just go to the source and pick up the product. I’m sure he’ll have no problem with the mark up to cover costs.
I prefer my reindeer milk with cookies on Christmas Eve by the tree.

SamAdams on July 22, 2009 at 2:51 pm

Per a UK website chocolate camel’s milk will be available too.
“The world’s first camel chocolate could be heading to Britain.
The Dubai-based Al Nassma – the world’s first brand of chocolate made with camels’ milk – say they plan to expand into Europe, as well as new Arab markets, Japan and the United States.. ”

BWR on July 22, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Camel milk my ass. They want to import these camels because most muslims would rather fornicate with camels than with their own women. And they’ve found an airhead…ms hinkle…to help make it happen. She probably wants to set up a camel dairy in order to “pimp” the camels in between milkings. Just the thought of Minn or NC becoming the camel pimping capitol of the world for muslims makes me want to puke. I bet PETA doesn’t say a damn word. Maybe ms millie will get kicked in the head while milking a camel pissed off by being “bopped” by one of her muslim boy friends.

joesixpack31 on July 23, 2009 at 12:40 am

Of course, it took an Israeli scientist to develop camel milk ice cream (camel milk doesn’t have the fats or lactose found in other animal milks, and can’t just be mix frozen into ice cream like cow milk)…
Of course it’s treif too (camels are non-kosher animals)…

Doda McCheesle on July 23, 2009 at 1:40 pm

Respectfully, I’d like to disagree with your entire post about the camel’s milk and Dr. Hinkle’s focus. First, I’ve met her and she is well respected amongst her colleague’s and patients and is most certainly NOT New Age.

Second, her focus has always been on health issues never on making money or helping one group over another. In fact, camel’s milk is so high in insulin that first and foremost she wants to help the ever growing diabetic population. Another benefit of camel’s milk is that it also is very effective for autism sufferer’s who should be on a casein free diet because camel’s milk does not contain lactose. One demographic that has recognized the test outcomes happens to be the Somalian’s whose rate of autism in the US is something like 1 in 6 has autism. I don’t have the exact number in front of me but that is why they are interested in having the camel’s milk because of the benefit not to further any agenda. These people are desperate to find health from a tragic disease. I’m not sure why the report about the camel’s milk focused on this particular population except to make it more “interesting” but really there is so much more to the health benefits for numerous sufferers of different ailments that this portion should not have been featured as highly as it was.

One of the early testers of camel’s milk is a highly respected doctor in Israel who trust me, is not of the Muslim faith.

Again, from meeting her and understanding her motivation furthering one faith, one religion, etc. is the furthest thing from what her focus is: health. Dr. Hinkle most certainly has a medical background and has focused on medical treatments outside of the pharmaceutical world which is to be commended given the fact that pharmaceuticals ARE in business for the money. Can you imagine the benefit of something as simple as something you drink that is not laced with drugs, pesticides, steroids, etc. and is not pushed by the drug industry? Seriously, do you think they want camel’s milk to get any positive press? It would take them years to develop a formula to simulate the benefits of the milk. I’ll take a guess that you don’t work for a pharmaceutical but you are helping them trying to squelch a potentially huge way to fight some serious diseases.

Please wait before you pass judgment. The potential benefit outweighs who might be used to drinking it from other countries. Getting the camel milk in the country is NOT a part of any conspiracy theory, furthering of religion, political, or ethnic group. The tests which have been done all over the world; Germany, Russia, India, Israel, etc. have shown time and again this is worth further testing and a hard look.

Thank goodness Dr. Hinkle has the tenacity to see this through instead of waiting for some drug maker to come up with a pill to cure all these diseases and charging American’s $200 for each pill. This is a good thing that I hope you will recognize at some point in the future.

Feel free to contact me (privately) and I will be happy to share my research with you. I was skeptical the first time I heard her interviewed and did the research and was blown away with the positive results I found.

Kind regards –

Donna Fryer on July 25, 2009 at 10:03 pm

You mentioned that you keep Kosher. Does that mean you abstain from pork and shellfish? You know, key ingredients to such American traditions as Memphis pork barbeque, Maryland crab cakes, and New England clambakes? Are those barbaric, too? By your own standards, you sound pretty un-American.

As an American who has feasted on such delicacies as fried alligator, stewed turtle, pickled jellyfish, grilled guinea pig, and countless preparations of raw fish (and who would gladly try camel milk), I say lighten up. Take a break from your processed, chemical-ridden diet and explore America’s amazing culinary diversity… After all, that diversity is what America is all about – Like it or leave it.

Brad on July 29, 2009 at 11:11 am

I tried camel’s milk when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Mauritania. It’s actually really good, quite close in flavor to cow’s milk. I prefer it to goat’s and sheep’s milk. Why are you so riled up about something you have never tried? It just makes you seem really ignorant.

Justin on May 3, 2010 at 3:35 am

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