January 17, 2013, - 4:56 pm

Hatem Farsakh & Sharif Rizk: Palestinian Muslim Hate Crime Tire Iron Beating Against Christian Tourist to NYC

By Debbie Schlussel

And it’s time for another episode of “Your Day” in “Religion of Peace” “Peacefulness.” They say that a million Muslims now live in New York City and its boroughs, so you can expect more and more of this, as their numbers increase. Kevin McCarron, 24, of Massachusetts, is fighting for his life after Palestinian Muslim, Hatem Farsakh, his Muslim buddy, Sharif Rizk (who is probably Egyptian or Lebanese), and their gang of Muslim thugs savagely beat McCarron with a tire iron, bat, and other weapons, for the “crime” of being a non-Muslim tourist in New York’s Greenwich Village. McCarron’s skull was severely fractured by these Bahayim [Arabic for “animals”]. Farsakh, a Palestinian activist from Brooklyn, claims he was enjoying falafel from “Mamoun’s Falafel” when the brutal beating took place. Even if McCarron lives, he will never be the same and has suffered lasting, serious damage to his ability to function as a person. See, they don’t just do this to the Saturday People. They do it to the Sunday (and no day) People, too.

Muslims Hatem Farsakh & Sharif Rizk Perpetrated Savage Hate Crime on Kevin McCarron . . .



Hatem Farsakh, 24, denies he was part of a six-member crew that clubbed 24-year-old Kevin McCarron with a bat, tire iron and blackjack in the middle of McDougal St. near Artichoke pizza.

Cops say he participated in a beating that nearly killed a man in Greenwich Village — but Hatem Farsakh seemed to care more about his sandwich. Farsakh, 24, was relaxed Wednesday, hours after being charged with brutalizing Kevin McCarron, 24, of Andover, Mass.

Video showed a prone McCarron getting clobbered on MacDougal St. . . . The brutes, who were celebrating Sherif Rizk’s graduation from Brooklyn College, are seen bashing McCarron’s head with a tire iron, baseball bat and blackjack — but Farsakh denies it.

Watch the Video of the Savage Muslim Hate Crime – THIS. IS. ISLAM . . .

More Photos of Hatem Farsakh & His Family (Note the Palestinian Flag Scarf w/Photos of Jerusalem – It Says “Jerusalem is Ours” in Arabic on it) . . .



From Hatem Farsakh’s Facebook Page (Follow Me on Facebook) – A Pic of a Palestinian Terrorist . . .


“I was eating a falafel sandwich at Mamoun’s — you guys know Mamoun’s? Great sandwich,” recalled the at-ease Farsakh, who had turned himself in and was released after posting $5,000 bail. . . . Farsakh’s crew used the weapons stashed in a car trunk before fleeing, police said.

Rizk, 22, charged with attempted murder, gang assault and assault, was arraigned late Wednesday. His bail was set at $30,000. . . . Police sources said McCarron may have permanent damage to his motor skills. Prosecutors said he was in critical condition.

“It’s a horrible situation,” McCarron’s teary-eyed mother said.

Farsakh insisted he didn’t land any blows during the brawl. “The kid who is in the hospital — I hope he gets well,” Farsakh said.

He then went inside, where his mother could be heard screaming at him to eat his lunch.

What a piece of bleep. But, hey, he’s a halal piece of bleep, so neither he nor his habibis got charged with a hate crime, when clearly this was exactly that. Like I said, expect much more of this in the future from the “Religion of Peace.” It’s only gonna get worse because we did nothing but bow down to them and welcome this cancer to our shores.

Say a prayer for Kevin McCarron.

And Remember: THIS. IS. ISLAM.

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Thank you Canadian Steve. It’s 2013…if one is still being nice to clueless Libtards they don’t get it. As Alice Cooper said…”No More Mr. Nice Guy”. And Conservatives have the truth on their side and it’s time they give Libtard idiots no quarter. It’s time to man up.

Great job Skzion. And DS has deleted “Last Word’s” heavy-handed Holy Roller talk. At the end of the day Christians “may” think he is correct but his method is indeed rude and given where it is not wanted because the Jews here are proud to be Jewish. And they have every right to be!

I don’t mind Mormons (other than their not seeing Jihad as they should) but I don’t want them pushing Mormonism on me. I know what I am and what religion I want and I assume proud Jews feel the same way so I can understand the umbrage taken when heavy-handed Holy Rollers try to tell them to change.

Skunky on January 21, 2013 at 9:46 am

I find it amusing that this Irish kid who gets his ass beat by a group of musloids was getting his degree in peace studies, how ironic that leftist indoctrination when met with reality always loses to reality. If I was this kids father those musloids would be sleeping with the fishes.

Drakken on January 21, 2013 at 6:23 pm

Nd we just sit here peacefully, because we are indoctrinated that peaceful behaviour will ‘convert’ the criminal….yeah right, keep on dreaming.

Learn from history: the only time islam withdrew was when meeting a stronger MILITARY force, as in Poitiers, Vienna, Rome, Andalusia, Lepanto and the Crusades!

Herman on June 27, 2013 at 9:50 pm

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