February 19, 2013, - 11:04 pm

Ali Syed: Was it Jihad or Honor Killing? Guess the Religion

By Debbie Schlussel

As I was driving home tonight from a movie screening, I heard the radio news reports about a gunman on a rampage in the Los Angeles area. The man, Ali Syed, apparently murdered an unrelated woman at his parents’ home, a 69-year-old man, and a businessman, and engaged in a number of carjackings and others crimes, as well as wounding 2-3 others. And as soon as I heard the name I wondered what started it all and whether or not religion–he is obviously Muslim (despite the lack of that fact in any of the news stories)–played a part. Could it be jihad or an honor killing (maybe the woman dumped him)? Note that apparently none of his victims is Muslim.



69-Year-Old Melvin Lee Edwards & 26-Year-Old Jeremy Lewis, Victims of Muslim Ali Syed, Below, and his Jihad

Well, if it is related to Islam, we’ll never be told that because our politically correct media refuses to do that, now more than ever nearly 12 years after 9/11. We’re already being told he’s unemployed, as if that has anything to do with it. Under Barack Obama, we now have nearly one in eight Americans unemployed. And most aren’t going on rampages and murder sprees. But, then, most aren’t brought up in a culture–a religion–where this is okay and even encouraged.

A 20-year-old student is suspected of killing three people [DS: UPDATED to FOUR] and injuring several others in Orange County early Tuesday before turning the gun on himself.

The suspect was identified as 20-year-old Ali Syed of Ladera Ranch. A motive for the shooting spree was not clear. Authorities said Syed had no criminal history. Police originally said he was armed with two long guns, but later said it appeared he only had one weapon, a shotgun.

Police responded to a call of a shooting at a home at Red Leaf Lane in Ladera Ranch around 4:45 a.m. When officers arrived, they found a woman dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Syed lived at the residence with his parents. He allegedly shot and killed the unidentified woman before fleeing in his parents’ black SUV. It was not clear what the woman, described only as in her 20s, was doing in the residence. She was not related to Syed, according to the department.

Syed then allegedly participated in three different carjackings and shootings at different locations in Tustin and Santa Ana.

Police said the suspect crashed at Red Hill Avenue and Nisson Road in Tustin sometime before 5:30 a.m. and attempted to carjack a vehicle. During the attempted car theft, the driver was shot in the back of the head as he tried to speed away. The victim survived and was hospitalized.

From there, investigators said Syed went to a gas station and took someone’s car.

“Mr. Syed being very polite said, ‘I don’t want to hurt you. I killed somebody, today’s my last day. Give me your keys,'” said Tustin Police Chief Scott Jordan.

Aw, sooo “nice” and “polite” that he later murdered an innocent man and shot two other innocents.

Investigators said Syed continued on the 55 Freeway and even stopped to shoot in the direction of at least three other vehicles, causing minor injury to one person.

Police responded to a second call of a fatal carjacking and shooting shortly after. The suspect allegedly killed a victim near the 55 Freeway off-ramp at McFadden Avenue and Village Way in Santa Ana. That victim was identified as 69-year-old Laguna Hills resident Melvin Lee Edwards.

“The suspect was driving a vehicle that he had taken in the Tustin incident,” Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna said in a 10 a.m. news conference. “Reports are that he got out of the vehicle, confronted our victim who was in his BMW. He orders him out of his vehicle, walks him to the side of the curb and executes our victim.”

Syed then drove to the Micro Center parking lot near the 1100 block of East Edinger and Newport Avenue in Tustin. Two additional victims, identified as construction workers, were reportedly shot there. Fullerton resident Jeremy Lewis, 26, was killed. The second construction worker was wounded in the arm.

Syed allegedly took another vehicle from there. Officers located the suspect in the stolen vehicle and followed him to the city of Villa Park.

Syed then fatally shot himself on Wanda Road and Katella Avenue, according to authorities. California Highway Patrol, Orange police and Tustin police officers were on scene as it happened. There was reportedly no confrontation between police and the suspect when he shot himself.

The more people we welcome into this country from cultures where mass killings of innocent people are okay, the more of that we will have.

Say a prayer for the innocent victims of Ali Syed’s jihad, Melvin Lee Edwards and Jeremy Lewis (and the unidentified woman and the unidentified motorist he also murdered), and their families, who lost these men for no good reason.

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“Say a prayer for the innocent victims of Ali Syed’s jihad, Melvin Lee Edwards and Jeremy Lewis (and the unidentified woman and the unidentified motorist he also murdered), and their families, who lost these men for no good reason.”

To Melvin Lee Edwards and Jeremy, the unidentified woman, and the unidentified motorist–RIP. To their families–you have my deepest sympathies. To Ali Syed–may you be put to death and rot and burn in hell.

From the ABC News article:

“A motive for the shooting spree was not clear.”

DS: “Well, if it is related to Islam, we’ll never be told that because our politically correct media refuses to do that, now more than ever nearly 12 years after 9/11.”

Me: Sigh!

I will now leave it to others here for further analysis on this story.

JeffE on February 19, 2013 at 11:38 pm

I read this more carefully–Ali Syed killed himself and therefore is already dead. Good. So now may he rot and burn in hell.

JeffE on February 19, 2013 at 11:48 pm

Doesn’t sound like Jihad if he deliberately killed himself. Probably just another video-game playing wacko.

A: Huh? Since when? Ever hear of Mohammed Atta or the other 18 hijackers? They didn’t deliberately kill themselves? Most jihadists do kill themselves while blowing themselves up. You sound like the media and Muslims with the “just another video-game playing wacko” excuse. And you know he played video games because . . . ? Not in a single media report thus far. Nice try, though. DS

adam on February 20, 2013 at 12:01 am

    I’m sure it was jihad!

    I said so in my letter to Debbie and also on the other thread. Islamic terrorists commit suicide after they have killed their victims.

    This is sanctioned by the religion. He did it as a good Muslim. I don’t think “he snapped.” He knew exactly what he was doing and striking fear and terror into the hearts of the infidels is consistent with Islamic practice.

    Whether or not he said so, its clear he did the deed to earn himself a place in Paradise with the 72 virgins. Mass murder has a divine status in Islam and as the murders show, Muslims can spend years in this country but they will never become like us.

    We’ll have more of this – much more – if Muslim immigration is not halted to these shores.

    NormanF on February 20, 2013 at 2:23 am

      It is outright appalling to not only read this racist article but to read all of your ignorant comments – especially normanf – so what’s the excuse in Chicago where there has been more lives lost at the hands of BLACK men than soldiers since 9/11 and thats just 1 city in the us!!! and what about the aurora shooter? So because he was white he was mentally ill – and what about columbine and him jones in the 70”s and all the other mass murderers who kill then commit suicide – oh right lets not forget the African American who recently went on the rampage killing – these were all people who identified themselves as “Christians” but are labeled by the media as mentally ill but as soon as a man has what appears to be a Muslim name he is carrying out jihad – your statements are truly ignorant especially this racist woman who wrote this article. The name is Arab – you cannot infer by his name whether he is Jewish Arab Christian Arab or Muslim Arab. Everything in this country is a double standard. The problem is not the Muslim immigration – it was the immigration of the Africans and the freeing if them – its the Mexicans who are sneaking across our borders and sucking money out of our government and it’s those same black women who’s baby daddy’s are in jail for us as taxpayers to give them 3 hots and a cot and no responsibility while we as taxpayers pay to feel he mouths of more of their offspring. That’s the problem.

      Candace on February 20, 2013 at 10:44 am

        WOW!! complaining that an article is racist and follow it up with multiple racist comments. Who is ignorant again?

        mark on February 20, 2013 at 11:10 am

        Candace, honeycakes, why are you using a Christian name? I know, I know: Islam is deception.

        It is instructive and hilarious that Candace seems to be advocating black slavery in the US, as Muslims are the ONLY “religious” group practicing human slavery today. She complains about racism (what race is Islam?), but in fact LOVES racism and practices it, no doubt, daily. It’s just that she doesn’t appreciate having her faux religion scrutinized.

        Of course, an obvious response to “her” tirade is that only Muslims benefit from a systemic coverup, from the president on down. Debbie does what she can to reveal what has been hidden.

        Imagine a world without Islam!

        skzion on February 20, 2013 at 2:34 pm

        Um…Candace…the ex-cop in L.A. who went on the rampage identified himself as a atheist in his manifesto. The two Columbine killers did not identify themselves as Christians and targeted religious classmates. Most of the young black men in Chicago who are killing themselves (and many others) in horrifying numbers have never set foot in a church…they worship their gang. Make sure you do your homework before you start labeling people as “Christians” to prove your argument….such sloppy commentary without verification invalidates your whole argument.

        Melyssa on February 20, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    That’s not what I meant. Jihadis will happily kill themselves if that makes the attack a “success”. However, they won’t turn the gun on themselves.

    Adam on February 20, 2013 at 1:29 pm

Get ready for some hate to come your way for saying he is a muslim. Remember the last time when the muslim youth failed to drop his weapon after a long car chase in LA last year?

Mario on February 20, 2013 at 12:04 am

Every shooting deserves scrutiny and condemnation. But would you have done that had the shooting been done by a white male, like the past 674306743089 shootings or so? (Hyperbole, guys, but the idea is clear)

Apparently to some, the perpetrator matters more than the crime itself. Though I hope I am wrong.

P: Ya mean, like another “white male” Nidal Malik Hasan? Or the white males who were gonna shoot up Fort Dix and just happened to be Muslim “white males”? Nice try, but the other shootings have been analyzed to death only when Muslims aren’t involved. When they are and Islam is the motivator, we’re not allowed to hear word one about it. DS

Passer-by on February 20, 2013 at 12:08 am

    The perpetrator wasn’t a white male.

    He was an Islamic terrorist. The media of course ignores this because its not politically correct to mention the barbaric nature of Islam.

    This is what they do when they think they can get away with it and they will do it in the future.

    Neither the law nor Western civilization restrains the primitive barbarian from the 7th Century Arabian desert. Its a lesson we keep on ignoring to our own peril.

    NormanF on February 20, 2013 at 2:29 am

Since this lunatic Syed is dead, it’s case closed, however what he did to those men does NOT justify his motives of killing them because their non-muslims/infidels, and the media didn’t mention his exact faith, the reason he allegdly beheaded those two guys in the name of his faith, and the only faith that does that evil crap nowadays is Islam and Muslim fanatics!

”A nation is degined by it’s borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on February 20, 2013 at 12:20 am

    Sean, it really is not a closed case. What was that dead woman doing at the home of Ali Syed’s parents? Were these people out and about at before 5 a.m.? Ali Sayed had access his parent’s vehicle, which he used to flee from the scene. Did these parents sleep through a shotgun blast in their home? This whole story is incredibly sketchy in its details. Was Ali Sayed a loser who decided to become a jihadi? As Debbie noted, there was no mention of a Muslim being killed in all of this.

    Worry01 on February 20, 2013 at 12:50 am


      When I was 20, I never did anything like that and I will never do anything like that for the rest of my life.

      That said, this 20 year old man received a community college education and had opportunities open to him most people can only dream of and he repaid this country’s kindness with cold-blooded mass murder.

      As I said on the other thread, I’m wondering what his immigration status was/is. I would be as interested as Debbie in learning where he came from. No doubt we’ll find out more in the days ahead.

      One thing is for sure though in the aftermath of Tuesday’s tragedy: its not going to induce the politicians to stop pressing for amnesty and continuing to weaken our already lax immigration laws, for which innocent Americans have paid the price with their lives.

      NormanF on February 20, 2013 at 2:38 am

        Norman, I am not sure what you are responding to. I would hope that you never murdered anyone in the home of your parents or anywhere else. Also, the first shooting death was in the home of that man’s parents. There are real questions about what Syed’s parents saw and heard, which have not been addressed. The first murder victim was not simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, unless you think she was selling Avon products before five a.m. in the morning. The other shootings were fairly random, but the first one definitely was not. My comments were directed to Sean who felt that the matter was closed. It is not. Was this another example of Islamic insanity? It may have been. The families of those murdered deserve real answers about Ali Syed and why he did what he did to the extent that it can be ascertained. Did his first murder induce him to become a shaheed as some bizarre act of atonement?

        Worry01 on February 20, 2013 at 3:25 am


          I was brought up by my parents to be a good and decent person. I wanted to illustrate the fact that we have freedom of moral choice and we’re not mindless automatons. What we do can affect not us just ourselves but the lives of those around us.

          In a way even the first victim didn’t imagine the guy she lived with would kill her. None of the other victims imagined they would also die that day! My point is evil is unpredictable and none of us can predict where and when it will erupt. We can do all we can do to stay safe but in the end we have no control over what other people decide to do.

          As I said, Syed probably was driven to become a shaheed. We’ll never know what set him off on his grisly rampage yesterday but when we look at his religion, like I wrote on the other thread, with Islam there are no coincidences. This was an act of Islamic terrorism, pure and simple. Its not a bizarre act of atonement – mass murder from Mohammed’s day onwards is typically what Islam has used to induce fear in its subjects and keep them in line. Violence is a concomitant fact of daily life in the Muslim World, to such an extent that its like a part of the background scenery there.

          We’re simply not used to this and Islamic terrorists are correct that their greatest weapon against us is our love of life that makes their love of death have such a great impact. As long as this state of affairs exists, you can be sure Islam will never renounce terrorism as a tool both in subduing the infidels and in maintaining control over Muslims no matter where they happen to live. Again, this is the essence of Islam since it was born almost 1500 years ago.

          NormanF on February 20, 2013 at 10:47 am

      Other articles say his parents ran from the house and called police.

      mark on February 20, 2013 at 11:13 am

May those who suffered at the hands of this cockroach rest in peace and may light perpetual shine upon them. In turn, may Ali Syed face a torment beyond all comprehension eternally.

Worry01 on February 20, 2013 at 1:17 am

As I mentioned on the other thread, I know the area well.

I did research for my masters’ thesis at UC Irvine and I’ve shopped at the Costa Mesa Plaza shopping mall – when I lived in California.

Its a beautiful part of part of south Orange County, where my parents are at rest.

Its just so sad… those people didn’t deserve to be murdered.

I should mention in my youth, there was a banner put in the 1990s on the northbound side of 73 freeway that leads to Costa Mesa by the parents of Joyce Lee Dugard. They asked people where their kidnapped daughter was. A couple of years later, her body was discovered in an Arizona psychopath’s freezer. It was heartbreaking when I read it in the news at the time.

As with this lovely young woman, the victims of Tuesday’s spree killing simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We cannot make sense of pure evil! It exists and it will always be a part of life in this world. That scarcely offers comfort to the families who have lost loved ones.

Nothing will ever ease their pain. About the only good news from the tragedy, if you can call that, is the murderer is dead. Still, Islam as the incident has revealed to us, will remain the problem child of our time.

NormanF on February 20, 2013 at 2:07 am

I am willing to bet Ali Syed, a Jordanian, was Muslim not because of his name, but because of his actions.

I was originally wrote there was evidence that could point to either Syed being Muslim or Christian in the OC, there is no way certain to determine his religion, and that I lived withing blocks of the events in Tustin.

Then I thought, yes, there is a way to know his religion. No 20 yr old Christian unemployed college student would be out of bed at 4:45AM on a Tuesday. A Muslim would be out of bed, though. According to the Islamic Center of Irvine, morning prayer Tuesday morn was 5:08AM.


Indigo Red on February 20, 2013 at 3:01 am

    Excellent sleuthing, Red!

    As goes, so goes and un-Proud Citizen of the Death Spiral State of California soon to become a Texan!! on February 20, 2013 at 11:13 am

One very bad thing about how this and Domer’s murder sprees are being treated is the encouragement it gives to others. When these sprees are considered in the context of the ‘occupy’ movement, the press is implicitly suggesting that people ‘down on their luck’ (at least in their own perception) are justified in taking matters into their own hands if they are ‘oppressed, at least in their own minds.

So do we just take guns away from the oppressors?

Little Al on February 20, 2013 at 3:51 am

    Incidents like these are being used to undermine public support for private gun ownership. Also, Ali Syed used a shotgun to commit his murders. This effectively places a twelve guage shotgun in the same category as an “Assault Weapon” in the eyes of the left. The significance of that is its implication that any effective self-defense firearm is now fair game for heavy regulation or an out and out ban.

    Colorado, which used to be a very, very Red State, is well on its way to enacting gun control legislation that prohibit conceal/carry permit holders from carrying a firearm on a public college campus. One Democratic state legislator even disparaged the judgment of women in order to justify their not being allowed to carry a firearm on campus as a protection against rape.

    Worry01 on February 20, 2013 at 8:28 am


      The massacre happened yesterday in California which has the toughest gun control laws in the country. What all the victims had in common is they were forcibly disarmed.

      In part massacres like this happen in Blue States precisely because gun control gives homicidal mass murderers a docile flock they pluck at will. What do Connecticut and California have in common besides being by the Democrats? Gun control, of course.

      Islam is a serious problem to be sure – but the greater danger now lies in the Left’s offensive to leave us all exposed (through taking away our right of self defense with our guns) to its aggressive and sociopathic character.

      We all stand duly placed on notice in its campaign to eliminate the Second Amendment through the backdoor. What happened in California is a sign of what will happen in the future if it succeeds in making it impossible for Americans to defend themselves and their families from those who would shoot them down in cold blood.

      In America, its not only our right to live that’s under fire, its our right to defend our very way of life that’s under fire today as well. The writing is on the wall.

      NormanF on February 20, 2013 at 10:22 am

      How many lives would have been saved if SOMEONE, ANYONE was allowed to carry a concealed firearm? If anyone is to blame for the large NUMBER of these incidents its the leftwing a-holes in running Kalifornia. If people were allowed to defend themselves, sudden jihadi syndrome would take on a whole new risk. Kalifornians are sheeple and the “may issue” laws here keep criminals quite happy.

      Of course, you can get a CCW permit if you are a celebrity or give very generously to the sheriff’s election campaign, like sheriff LEROY BACA, LASD corrupt goon.

      FrenchKiss on February 20, 2013 at 12:31 pm

I’m only shocked the news even mentioned his real name and showed a picture of him. I mean usually such coverage is reserved for the white psychos that do this stuff. I’m betting on a sickening combo of jihad and video games. Grand theft auto and it’s sequels has been like a bomb slowly exploding with horrible repercussions from Japan. Too bad the victims were likely libs, completely unprepared for such a rude, murdering, third world intrusion into their rose colored glasses environment. Mexifornia isn’t the land of milk and honey anymore Toto. Incidentally when driving an expensive imported car, a shoulder holster would give easier access to a defensive weapon than a hip mounted holster would afford. Having a variety of rigs would afford a law abiding citizen the correct means to avoid being murdered at the whim of a cultist.

samurai on February 20, 2013 at 10:00 am

A gun certainly helps but only if you know how to use it. And most of us instinctively recoil from shooting a human being. That fact is what gives a murderer the advantage from the outset. Its difficult to counter evil anywhere and in a free society like ours, its a daunting task. The law and the police are no help here and in situations like that, we are all on our own.

NormanF on February 20, 2013 at 10:54 am

We all know what this is about… and we know the trolls Passer by and Candace attempting to control the truth.

But what hasn’t been mentioned is … “The affluent Orange County neighobrhood of Ladera Ranch …” where $8,000 per month mortgages are not uncommon.

This is another rich muzzie living a privileged life no doubt sponsored by our govt.

Candance: What race would that be?

As goes, so goes and un-Proud Citizen of the Death Spiral State of California on February 20, 2013 at 11:05 am

It is a numbers game. There is no emotion to it. Muzzie with multiple wives have dozens of kids is one attack. The next attack is if men could take out four to one. This will escalate the eventual takeover.

One day, a muzzie will be on your porch telling you to get out of your house… There won’t be enough law enforcement to stop the cockroaches.

As goes, so goes and un-Proud Citizen of the Death Spiral State of California soon to become a Texan!! on February 20, 2013 at 11:09 am

Welcome to Islam, a religion where life is cheap and funerals are expensive. “Ali Syed” — now does that sound Jewish…Presbyterian…LDS? The media won’t tell us. But we all know the reality.

At least this beast had the decency to kill himself as police closed in. R.I.H.

Seek on February 20, 2013 at 11:24 am

I can only imagine the names I’m being called on MSN and Yahoo after posting that this was possibly “sudden jihad syndrome”. I’m guessing that maybe one percent of the posters even hinted at it. People were accusing him of being everything but a Muslim. And,of course making excuses for him and blaming outside forces … lack of money, college professors, family, etc.

Pray Hard on February 20, 2013 at 12:01 pm

“Well, if it is related to Islam, we’ll never be told that because our politically correct media refuses to do that, now more than ever nearly 12 years after 9/11.”

This is the crux of the HUGE problem (among many) that we have here in US and why we are losing and why people are just not ANYWHERE near up to par when it comes to the scourge of Islam.

If they actually paid attention and cogitated on the heaps of info out there on the evils of Islam (even though most stuff is hidden and not shared with the public) it may sink in as it should. I don’t see this happening. And I am pretty angry about it. If I had to give a percentage to show what a problem this is I would say only 15% of the public sees Islam as the scourge and evil it actually is.

I am not optimistic, but I am here for the fight anyway. It’s really getting to me that after all this time people don’t want to see the truth, are happy to have their heads in the PC sand and how Islam is on the march, gaining ground and having small to big victories since 9/11.

Like Henry Hill said in “Goodfellas”…”These are the bad times.”

And every moron who comes here to object to the truth being reported about Islam knows less about Islam/Jihad than I know about Justin Bieber. And I know almost NOTHING about that lesbian-looking fool.

(And regarding the subway shovers…the woman who pushed the non-Mooooslim to his death was labeled “Muslim hating maniac Erika Menendez” but the Mooooslim (Naeem Davis with the weird, Mooooslim beard) who pushed the Asian fella to his death was not designated as a Moooslim at all.

Take that all you dopey, doubting Thomas’!)

Skunky on February 20, 2013 at 12:19 pm

This is the stupidest thing I have ever read ! then the guy that went on mass murder shooting in the cinema in colorado was christian or Jew so his religon had an influence ! or the sandyhook guy he was christian or 99% of these shootings that go on are CHRISTIANS or JEWS ! how dare you blam it on islam ! I am not a muslim myself but the fact you give your self this right to blame it on religon is pathetic ! you should blame it on stupid people that dont support gun control !

nikki on February 20, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    Uh, right, Nikki, you’re not a muslim.

    Right. Sure. I will make a note of that…

    As goes, so goes ... on February 20, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    Dhimmi Nikki. The latest example of the 85% of ignorant fools who know less about Islam than what I know about Justin Bieber.

    Except I don’t go around acting like I know all there is to know about JB. And however inane and lesbionic looking, JB is no where near as dangerous as Islam.

    Obama-Putin got 2 terms and peeps are woefully ignorant on Islam 12 years after 9/11/2001 because of drooling morons like Dhimmi Nikki.

    Skunky on February 20, 2013 at 3:37 pm

Yup sudden jihadi syndrome, a deranged muslim fer sure. I am commenting this opinion on local LA newspaper websites.

jake49 on February 20, 2013 at 3:03 pm

To Candace and Nikki, let me point ALL of the dumbass flaws and errors in both of you’re inane and asinine message, first off regarding the shooting incident that happend in Colorado, Connecticutt, etc., Debbie wrote some articles on those incidents, and she did NOT justify what those nutjobs did, apparently the two of you dhimmi or muslim bimbos missed what DS said about those incidents.

Second, the shooters of those incidents may or not have been christian, jewish, etc., but guess what, if they were either jewish or christian, they didn’t do their killings in the name of a dogmatic religious teachings or in the name of a supernatural-deity, got it! They did their evil acts for their own pleasure, also the shooters of those incidents last year according to my knowlegdge were NOT religious people, this guy Ali Syed is indeed a religious nut, name me any religion that practices “honor-killings” and physically harms people in the name of religion? I’ll give you two numbnuts a guess, it starts with an “I” and ends with an “M”!

Finally, can you two bimbos explain to me, Debbie, and all of us here what race/ethnicity/color/creed is islam? Are you two trying to imply that only people of color are suppose to be muslims? I got news for the two of you, I happen to be a person of color and guess what, I am NOT no freaking muslim nor I don’t plan on becoming one anytime in my livelihood. Muslims come in ALL colors, races, ethnicities, etc., not all people from the middle east or of middle eastern lineage are muslims, ok you two!

“A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on February 20, 2013 at 3:22 pm

Ladera Ranch is quite a nice area. Generally, these folks have money and their children do not wash dishes at local restaurants to learn ‘work ethic’. They wear nice clothes and they drive expensive cars. This is not Inglewood, Compton or Watts by any stretch. Islam is not a religion, it is a mental illness.

#1 Vato on February 20, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    #1 Vato:

    I can’t resist responding to you because you address the money issue.

    Muzzies are all about money. With muzzies, there are no coincidences, just plans. Have you ever noticed these jihad freaks are over 21 when they do it and outside parental control? Can’t touch those assets… And, the parents? Ha! You know, first, that their money is stolen. The home they live in was purchased around 2007 for $670,000 and they own a second home less than 1 mile away. Perhaps, it is a rental purchased in the same price range. So, they are easily worth over $1 million in real estate alone.

    Wife? Well, she was busted for drunk driving nearly killing a 4 year old child. Of course, she ran but was later caught. Let’s hope she is a convicted felon by now since that happened in 2011.

    Parental involvement? The parents are saying they don’t even know who Courtney Aoki is. She is the stripper playing video games in Ali’s bedroom. Ha! Never heard of her… right.

    I just wonder is Qualcomm will keep Mr. Syed employed as he robs them blind…

    Yes, all in all, this is my strongest argument for allowing amnesty. They sure make America a better place. Yeah, right.

    As goes, so goes ... on February 21, 2013 at 12:14 pm

Well hello all,

Having just stumbled across this blog, I have to say I’m just amazed there’s this much ignorant hatred in the world, but particularly in America. A nation built on immigration, on a Bill of Rights supposedly proclaiming all men are created equal, there’s a large amount of hateful xenophobic feeling amongst many of its inhabitants.

For the people who constantly proclaim Islam is a religion of hate and intolerance and who shoot down anyone attempting to correct them, I do really feel sorry for your closed- mindedness. I’m well aware of te abhorrent people who shame themselves and me by acting in the name of Islam; rest assured, no Muslim thinks of their actions as Islamic.

However, is it acceptable for people in supposedly influential forums to be overtly racist? In her previous blog entry about Zayn Malik, she calls him a “Paki Muslim”, which If she bothered with any measure of research, is a racist term in the UK. As someone who is Jewish, who mentions the horrors her family suffered, she should be aware of the dangers of indoctrinating people with racist rhetoric, making it acceptable.

I thank Allah that I was born in the UK. My parents raised me to be a good Muslim and a good person, ad let me tell you, the two are not mutually exclusive. I integrate with people of all cultures that I encounter, I’m grateful that I was born in a country that provides me with a world class education, a health system that was one of the greatest gifts a government could give to its people (if I was ever sick, there’s nowhere other than the uk I’d want to be), and most importantly, the freedom to practice my religion without persecution.

I’m not alone in feeling that despite not being a superpower like the USA, we in the UK are simply more evolved in accepting and embracing different cultures. After all, we didn’t in living memory have separate toilets and water fountains for different races, we didn’t destroy an indigiouness culture, build a nation on immigration, and now openly ethnically profile people (going through US customs is an interesting experience),

Anyway, I hope that the hatred in your hearts is taken away, and I hope you find peace, because it certainly doesn’t sound like you have it at the moment.

And Debbie, I’m just disappointed that people so intelligent can be so full if hate and ignorance.

British and Muslim and proud! on February 20, 2013 at 5:49 pm

    To the proud Pom Moooslim…of course you’d be as happy as Larry in UK. The UK is giving it all away to disgusting Mooooslims. So “evolved” are the silly Brits that they are happily and openly giving their crap country over to lovers of Jihad (and other dole bludgers of the non-Mooooslim sort!). I can just picture you proudly protesting in Trafalgar Square along with the other die-hard Jihadis that make a habit of it.

    This is the ONE place where the lot are NOT ignorant to Islam. In fact, most of us have been well schooled here on Islam. THAT is the reason you are so upset. We are on to you and don’t care to hide our disgust at illegitimate and Satanic Islam. We are the 15%!

    And as been said ad nauseam here…Mooooslims & Arabs treat their own most heinously. Open a paper, any paper (even Liberal biased ones…) and you will see the proof. They sure do hate the Jews and Christians but in the end their sociopathy does not keep them from tearing apart their very own. It was constructed that way. Insanity IS insanity.

    Dogs are also proud of eating their own sh**, but you don’t see them barking it out like you do your very own disgrace.

    Skunky on February 20, 2013 at 6:18 pm

    “My parents raised me to be a good Muslim and a good person, ad [sic] let me tell you, the two are not mutually exclusive.”

    Ah, but we think they are. And you provide more evidence of that here (not that it is necessary).

    “I’m well aware of te [sic] abhorrent people who shame themselves and me by acting in the name of Islam; rest assured, no Muslim thinks of their actions as Islamic.”

    Lol! The “No True Scotsman” fallacy:

    “No True Scotsman is a logical fallacy by which an individual attempts to avoid being associated with an unpleasant act by asserting that no true member of the group they belong to would do such a thing. Instead of acknowledging that some members of a group have undesirable characteristics, the fallacy tries to redefine the group to exclude them. Sentences such as “all members of X have desirable trait Y” then become tautologies, because Y becomes a requirement of membership in X.”

    If being “a good Muslim” means anything, it means following canonical Islam. THAT means advocating slavery, murder, theft, imperialism, and racism. That’s something to be proud of, all right! If you are devoted to satan, that is.

    “After all, we [British] didn’t in living memory have separate toilets and water fountains for different races”

    It’s barely living memory in the US, and it is irrelevant to most of the states. But, Britain HAS in living memory been the world’s major imperialist power.

    “we didn’t destroy an indigiouness [sic] culture, build a nation on immigration,”

    Lol. So, creating Canada and Australia did not involve destroying indigenous cultures? They are still associated (formally) with the British Crown. And what of Ireland? What exactly *is* “Northern Ireland” but a nation built on immigration? Indeed, what exactly is the “United Kingdom” but a country built on war and imperialism? Further, just because the US expelled the Brits, these Brits fully intended another conquest of foreign land.

    “and now openly ethnically profile people (going through US customs is an interesting experience),”

    I WISH we ethnically profiled!! Why are you even allowed into this country? Anyway, Islam is not an “ethnicity”; it is an ideology. Even in your comment here you demonstrate Muslim dishonesty, which is but one part of the evil of Islam.

    skzion on February 20, 2013 at 7:27 pm

    Hey pal, enough of you’re taqqiya bullshiite, we not foolef by of you’re own Co-religionists who tries there damn best to deceive and BS us the infidel.

    Bullcrap, you akso say that the term”paki” is a racists term, I say bullocks to that claim, I happen to have a few Pakistani friends and they use that term on many issues, so no it’s not a racists term you moron, further more, tell me what race/ethnicity is Pakistani? Pakistani’s are a national groups of people from Pakistan and of Pakistani lineage, etc.

    And you also say that you’re a good Muslim! Ok, let’s see, will that be do every single what’s written in you’re Koran by going out of you’re way of let us say cimmitting jihad for allah’s will? Or, is it physically mutilate anyone who does wrong according to your religious book? Are all those thongs ”good muslims” like you suppose to do silly?

    ”A nation is defined by it’s borders, language & culture!”

    Sean R. on February 20, 2013 at 7:33 pm

    Oh and BTW, since you threw around the word ”xenophobia” like confetti, do you know what’s the meaning of that word?

    I’ll elaborate it for you, the word xenophobia clearly means that a group of immigrants who migrate to a new country and refuses to assimilate and adapt to that countries laws, lifestyles, values, etc. So on essence, many of you’re co-religionists ate xenophobes, and you know why, because you nutjobs wants to impose you’re ass-backward lifestyle onto the people in the new country you folks immigrate to. And you showed you’re ignorance of pervertly using that word, I pity you rather than hate you. Oh and FYI, we’re all telling the friggin truth and expressing the facts, something you muslims are intimidated of, and that’s why you fascists want to pass so-called blasphemy dogma laws to crack down on scrutiny of you’re godforsaken cult!

    ”A nation is defined by it’s borders, language & culture!”

    Sean R. on February 20, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    Hey, Liar:

    Let me guess… you stumbled into the blog.

    You’re another dhimmi. We smell you a mile away. But, actually, you’re muzzie trying to deflect truth.

    Now, get lost.

    As goes, so goes ... on February 21, 2013 at 12:21 pm


Never been on a protest march in my life.

This is my first time on here, what is this “mooooslim” business, is it really necessary to be so racist?

You talk about knowing all about it, but you just spew hate!

“Do unto others”, “love thy neighbour”; if you think your views represent what America should be thinking, kind of going against the teachings of Jesus aren’t they?

Ignorance may be bliss for you, but it does just make you look uneducated.

British and Muslim and proud! on February 20, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    “This is my first time on here, what is this “mooooslim” business, is it really necessary to be so racist?”

    -British and Muslim and proud!

    It’s not racism of course. You’re so used to that ploy working you can’t stop it, can you?

    But yes, it is necessary to ridicule and demean you and other Muslims. Muslims must “feel themselves subdued.” They must be humiliated at every turn. We are not “ignorant” here about Islam; we know the subject very well thank you.

    Finally, it is hilarious that you, a Muslim, lecture someone on Christianity when your ideology advocates enslaving, forcibly converting, and stealing from Christians. The distinction between the Christian/Jew and the Muslim is one of Infidel versus Believer. Mo has made this clear not only in the Koran but in authoritative hadiths and in his actual behavior, as recorded in accepted biographies.

    I understand, though, your purpose: Christians should treat you like a Christian while you treat Christians like subhumans.

    skzion on February 20, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    To the Proud Mooooslim Pom. Now that you’re stinkin’ up the joint here, you’ll get to know what my Moooooooslim ridicule means…real fast! Plus, Islam is NOT a race. FAIL!

    “Do unto others”, “love thy neighbour”; if you think your views represent what America should be thinking, kind of going against the teachings of Jesus aren’t they?”

    Fancy a sicko Moooooslim like you telling me what Jesus says. When your filthy Quran calls Jews pigs and Monkeys. When your paedophile prophet is the biggest HATER (and pervert) to have ever lived. When pIslam loooves slavery and treats Blacks like dirt (and less). When Islamic nations do not allow Jews in their country and treat their own women like chattel.

    Keep being proud, you Kalbeh…you’re just sore we got you sussed and don’t like to hear Moooooslim, Satanic nonsense.

    Get gone. We are on to devil-swine like you.

    Skunky on February 20, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    Hey Liar aka British etc.,

    What race would that be? You are so ignorant. I know suspect you married your first cousin.


    As goes, so goes ... on February 21, 2013 at 12:25 pm

Here’s what the sheriff said:

“He spent a lot of time alone in his room playing video games,” Sheriff’s spokesman Jim Amormino said.

He doesn’t look like a Jihadi. He looks like a video-game playing loner/loser. Don’t know what the stripper was doing in his house, however.

Apparently, the Connecticut shooter was trying to achieve a higher kill “score” than Brevik. These guys have graduated from life-like video games to live ones.

adam on February 20, 2013 at 10:24 pm


    Again, you got me. The Sheriff comment you brought to the table… spin!

    That’s what they all say. And, Sheriff is trying to make Ali out as someone to be pitied.

    Ali is a savage. Muzzies are savages. Their true nature tends to slip out eventually and you see the real person.

    Tick Tock Qualcomm. Will you let Irfan continue his robbery of your company? Just wonder what kind of employment contract he negotiated to keep him on… I bet his son triggered his jihad as soon as the ink dried. HA!

    Would you be surprised if his parents were involved in the plan? I bet the folks are being high-fived today at the mosque and possibly being paid for “their sacrifice” to Allah.

    As goes, so goes ... on February 21, 2013 at 1:00 pm

The shooter’s mother has a record:

A Sarwat Syed, 42, of Ladera Ranch, was arrested in August 2011 for a hit-and-run crash on the 405 freeway near Laguna Canyon Road the previous June that injured then-4-year-old Ava O’Connor, who was being driven back from Pretend City by a friend’s mother. Ava went on to undergo a nine-hour operation to repair her jaw, upper palate, eye sockets and nose, and later recovered at home with a feeding tube, a tracheostomy and 10 plates in her head.”

“Syed was arrested after the CHP linked a partial license-plate number with an insurance claim she filed the day after the hit-and-run for damage to her GMC Yukon Denali.”

Typical douche bag not taking responsibilty for their actions. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Effing cowards.

Case Number: 11HF1960

6/20/201120001(a)/(b)(2) VCFHit and Run with permanent and serious injury

6/20/201112022.7(a) PCFENH-Inflict Great Bodily Harm

02/25/201308:45 AMPre Trial

5/13/201308:45 AMJury Trial

adam on February 20, 2013 at 10:38 pm

    omg, adam!!

    I spent about 8 hours last night piecing together the trail of debris that is Syed. It starts on the east coast. They pull enough crime to move to Portland, pull off another crime, then land in San Diego working at Qualcomm and owning two condos for which they paid nearly $700,000 each. These criminals must stay on the move.

    I suspected that the drunken freak mother was a failure to show in court and that warrant checks upon police arrival at their home would re-open proceeedings, BUT I DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO SEARCH COURT HOUSE INDEXES.

    You did it! Congrat to you and Red for … wait for it… being SUPER CYBER SLEUTHS! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

    As goes, so goes ... on February 21, 2013 at 12:32 pm


    I am not stalking you. Honest. But you really hit my nerves.

    I am now dreaming that Mrs. Syed drunken muzzie child (attempted) killer reprobate plea to some kind of bargain that is “final” and that the injured family slap liens on their millions of dollars on both houses worth over $1 million and freeze all accounts as damages for the injured child.

    But, we all know that the Syeds have been moving assets around since the drunken driving hit and run to shelter or hide from attachment. There are no coincidences with muzzies, just very complicated plans to shelter stolen assets.

    I can dream. I can dream BIG!

    As goes, so goes ... on February 21, 2013 at 12:52 pm

Here’s the full story with a picture of the 4 year old victim:


adam on February 20, 2013 at 10:42 pm


    With muzzies, it is all about money.

    The drunken freak mother who left a four year old in a ditch to die, was busted because … wait for it…


    Yes, let the freaks in. This is what happens when you marry first cousins. VERY STUPID CRIMINALS.

    As goes, so goes ... on February 21, 2013 at 12:18 pm

Like mother, like son.

Affluent Muslims who can’t obey the same rules like every one else.

And from Muslim apologists there are only evasions and excuses.

We’ve heard it all before.

NormanF on February 21, 2013 at 12:14 am

I can see the Family Syed Timeline:

1. Re-negotiate Employment Contract at Qualcomm continue with intellectual property theft full speed ahead: check.

2. Hide all assets so the four-year-old child will never become compensated: check; and then,

3. Give the All Clear to Ali. After all, the inman at the mosque has given approval to perform this heroic fete.

4. Collect payment from mosque for martrydom.

Income protected while stealing data; assets hidden; let the carnage begin. Then, bill the mosque for the sacrifice paid with US aid to muzzies… 🙁

Tis sweet to be muzzie in Stupid America

As goes, so goes ... on February 21, 2013 at 1:32 pm

Next thing we hear is… Syeds file bankruptcy after encumbering real estate with phony liens.

Cash hidden. They win having kept it all… their proceeds from a lifetime of CRIME

As goes, so goes ... on February 21, 2013 at 1:33 pm

Oh look! Another daily ignorant rant by a degenerate cousin kissing, pistol packing, Bible toting moron!

99 problems on February 21, 2013 at 11:17 pm

Islam is a relegion of peace …this is not jihad .that ali guy was a muslim just by name who in real practiced ur indecent crimes (that girl had no relation with him and she was in his room..thats against islam ..a woman who has no legal relation with a man is haram to him ) anyways blame Ali not islam ISLAM IS PERFECT MUSLIMS ARE NOT …and fyi this blog is crap a piece of SHIT im ashamed to read this …y r u all against islam!??? raciest people ugh ..remember my words you would repent on the day of judgment …y cant we all live in peace huh? is every christan perfect ? and every nonmuslim bad!? JUST THINK THIS THROUGH

HASSAIN on February 24, 2013 at 3:28 am

in islam killing one self is haram means that person is not going to get any reward in the hereafter but will burn in hell sice he commited sucide ..islam condems self killing ..in islam a young girl and a boy without having a blood relation are not allowed to stay together it is strictly condemed in islamic society.jihad is a very diffrent concept it should not me mxed with such fools who commit sucide lives in unislamic way and kills other people ..islam is against killling innocent people whatever the relegion thay may belong from ..as said in the holy Quran ‘killing one single innocent person is equal to killing the whole humanity “

mehnaz on February 24, 2013 at 3:33 am

KEEP TO UR Own DAMN and SELF DONT TELL US WHAT ISLAM IS .. and that ali guy is not really a muslim -_- ….just muslim by name ..p.s u r afraid of islam debby u know it ..islam is true its the best and u r simply AFRAID 🙂

pottydebbi on February 24, 2013 at 4:10 am

Melvin Edwards is a good man. He was of British origin.

V.E.G. on February 25, 2013 at 1:14 pm

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and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading correctly.
I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it
in two different web browsers and both show the same results.

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