April 2, 2007, - 3:49 pm

Sometimes a “Hate Crime” Isn’t Exactly a “Hate Crime” at All

Andrew Anthos was 72, and he died in Downtown Detroit. But Anthos was also gay. And his family and every gay and liberal activist in town called his death an anti-gay hate crime murder. Ditto for all of the media reports based on not even one shred of evidence.
They all wanted us to believe that anti-gay murderers are swinging from the lampposts on every street in the Detroit area.
But it turns out–after the autopsy–that Anthos was neither the victim of an anti-gay hate crime or even murder at all. In fact, Anthos died of a degenerative spinal disease that developed over many years and resulted in an arthritic spine that finally gave out.

They Can’t Handle the Truth:

Andrew Anthos Died of Arthritis, NOT an Anti-Gay Hate Crime

Sadly, Anthos’ family–wanting to claim that he died a martyr for gay rights–and gay rights groups–wanting to use his death as a crusade for special statutes for gays–and even two prominent (read: liberal) Detroit media columnists don’t want to believe it.
The two columnists, Desiree Cooper and Susan Ager a/k/a “Susan Angry,” have written columns saying, respectively, that it doesn’t really matter how this man died and that this means we should still rally for gay rights because he was a victim of hate anyway, because part of the fiction must be the truth that he lived (huh?); and that even though it’s a myth, we should still believe that the myth is possibly truth.
And the prominent Michigan gay rights group has offered a reward leading to information on the “real killer” (Attention: O.J. Simpson’s mirror), despite the fact that the “real killer” is arthritis.
Yes, for the liberal rights-pimps, it’s hard to take the news that sometimes a death is just a death by natural causes. And not the crusade-starter they really wished it was.
And that’s almost as sad than the death of this man.
As Jack Nicholson’s Col. Nathan R. Jessep said in “A Few Good Men“:
You can’t handle the truth!

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What does Deb Price have to say about it?
I kind of miss reading her columns in the News now that I’m not in the area anymore. She was a gay activist, and all I’ve ever seen her write about is gay rights, but she somehow seemed more reasonable to me than the really far left gay activists.

Dan on April 2, 2007 at 11:57 pm

So with her line of thinking we can clear up many of the worlds problems.
1. The Holocaust – ovens? check! Jews? check! Dachau exists? check? Well all of that is true, call I’mADinnerJacket and inform him of the news. Enough of “the myth” is true so we must fight for Holocaust victims rights.
2. The New Testament – Jesus exists? Jews say yes? check! Muslims say yes? check! Bethlehem exists? Check! Enough of “the myth” is true so we must get on with protecting Christians.
3. Gun rights- guns can be used for protection? Check! guns are harmless unless wielded by a person? Check! Enough of “the myth” is true so we must immediately start the fight for gun rights!
I am thinking we wont’ see any of those articles anytime soon.
How sad that the mainstream media is so shallow that they think we are stupid enough to buy their faulty logic. Given the state of eduction (controlled by liberals), maybe they actually believe we are that stupid.

Mark L. Jackson on April 4, 2007 at 1:49 pm

My fear is that generation born after the 70’s (my generation) has been indoctrinated with liberalism via the education system. The whole “we need to be tolerant” and “politically correct” bullshit has been shoved into our brains. Liberalism and narcissism go hand in hand…that really spells disaster for the future of America,Europe,and the Free world. Liberals are cowards that will bend over backwards to kiss any “enemies” ass. Be it “terrorists”,”illegal aliens”,”child molesters”,”traitors” etc…Look at Pelosi.

the_don on April 4, 2007 at 4:06 pm

While this instance might be BS, it shouldn’t distract from the issue. Whether or not you think homosexuality is immoral, do you think that violence against specific groups of people based on hatred of culture or religion should be treated differently than a regular cold blooded murder? For example, if someone were to kill Christians simply because they were Christians, should it not be a “hate crime” and have some extra level of penalty—because you are instilling fear in Christians and attempting to attack a group of people? I don’t think there should be anything “special” about statutes about gays, but they should be included, because they are a group of people united by a lifestyle. If you think that comes from choice, it then is much like hate for a particular religion (though that seems to be perfectly fine here) and if you think it is biologically instilled, then it is much like hate for a particular race.

Sunny K on April 4, 2007 at 8:46 pm

Nice try Sunny K. You have proven the point.
They lied about why he died, now they want to martyr him for nothing other than a natural death merely because of his CHOICE to be a homosexual. O.K. they want to use him to further their own hate-filled agenda against Christians and Straights. That is bigotry, pure and simple.
The fact that they are willing to traffic a lie, and you interject pretzel logic to defend that lie makes your position tentative at best.
If you will lie about this — or defend the lie — how can we trust you on this issue; or any other issue for that matter.
As for hate crimes, they are moronically stupid. No one attacks, or murders someone they love unless they are deranged — mentally ill –. Your attempt to redirect the discussion is laughable. When Christians are killed IT IS NEVER considered to be a hate crime.
Sunny K, why don’t you defend the lie, instead of redirecting the comments thread? Because you can’t defend it, so you spin it. The issue was that they lied.
Oh and why aren’t attacks upon straights considered “hate crimes”? Oh yea, we are not the privileged class in this country.

Mark L. Jackson on April 5, 2007 at 12:55 am

Its funny how Gay supporter always attack Christianity when in fact most major religion have the same stance on homosexuality. Islam’s stance even goes further to say that homosexuality can be punished by death. It’s also laughable how Gays and their supporters compare themselves to a Race of people which is moronic. Gay is in the same boat as fat. Anyone can be fat. Anyone can be Gay. So its not rational to compare Gay to a race of people. As for a hate for a religion…I’m fine with all religions that don’t threaten I’m very existence. Islam threatens my very existence and yours too. If your mind is too open that your reasoning/rationality has fallen to the ground your in a world of trouble in the future. I mean don’t get me wrong its good to be open-minded and tolerant but there has to be a middle ground in both areas. You cannot be so open that you lose sight of true human nature.

the_don on April 5, 2007 at 10:21 am

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