April 6, 2007, - 3:22 pm

Religion of Danger: Beware of Ugly Women with Guns & Fake Grenades @ Airports


****  UPDATE, 02/15/10:  ‘Memba Her?: Texas Lesbian Muslim Terrorist Chick Caught Again . . . w/ Three Bombs ****

I’m for gun control for them. No gun control for us. And while we’re at it, why are we letting Syrian women remain citizens when they’ve already been involved in fake grenade stunts on public highways.
Ugly nutjob women who want to see an airport museum and “watch planes”. . . or Muslim jihadist chicks testing the system (for less obtrusive jihadists who will actually do something at a later date)?:

Dallas police and federal terrorism officials are investigating two women, both dressed in camouflage pants under their traditional Muslim robes and scarves, who were seen conducting what appeared to be surveillance and acting suspiciously at Dallas Love Field.

Kimberly “Asma” Al-Homsi & Aisha Abdul-Rahman Hamad:

Just Ugly . . . Or Surveilling Airports for Future Terrorists?

One of the women, Kimberly “Asma” Al-Homsi, 42, of Arlington, who is on probation for a 2005 Garland road rage incident involving a fake grenade, is said to have long-range assault rifle and explosives training, according to a Dallas police intelligence bulletin issued March 5.
“I’m a trained sniper and proud of it,” Ms. Al-Homsi said in an interview Thursday after first refusing to comment on whether she has any terrorism ties. She then said no. . . .
“I am not a dangerous individual,” said Ms. Al-Homsi, who said she is an accountant who has dual Syrian-U.S. citizenship.
On the afternoon of Feb. 25, Ms. Al-Homsi and a friend who could not be reached for comment, Aisha Abdul-Rahman Hamad, 50, of Irving [DS: who appears to be one of the many stupid Infidel women who convert to Islam], were spotted at Love Field wearing Muslim robes and camouflage pants and “acting suspiciously,” the bulletin states. The surveillance video shows one of the women walking back and forth, apparently pacing off distances.
When confronted, the women told officials they were looking for the Frontiers of Flight museum. They left in a red Honda. Descriptions of the incident and the car were circulated at the airport.
Two days later, the museum executive director was leaving for the evening when he noticed the Honda parked facing the runway. A woman, later identified as Ms. Al-Homsi, was sitting on the hood, looking through binoculars at the airplanes. He told the women the museum was closing, and they left.
Dallas officers stopped the car nearby, but the women refused to let police search their car, according to a police report. The women had digital camera memory cards, binoculars, a flashlight and several lighters on them.
Police issued one of them a citation for having no front license plate and failing to change her address on a driver’s license. They were released.
“We were watching the airplanes,” Ms. Al-Homsi said. “That’s not a crime, unless you’re Muslim.”

The problem is that Muslims have been caught “just watching the planes” while acting suspiciously at airports all over America, including Detroit Metro Airport in the heart of Islamic America. And all of them just happen to be Muslims. There aren’t reports of Jews and Christians having time to waste the day away “just watching planes” at airports. Because their religions don’t prescribe jihad.

On Dec. 20, 2005, Ms. Al-Homsi was arrested after a report that she waved a grenade at a motorist on Central Expressway near LBJ Freeway. Richardson police stopped her car and arrested her. The Garland bomb squad determined the grenade was a fake. She was released the next day, after officials charged her with making a bomb hoax. She was placed on probation.

Why did she get probation for that (watch the video, and you’ll see it was not a “minor” incident)? Why is she not in jail for that? And why was this not a violation of her probation?

Law enforcement sources acknowledge that activities of both women have garnered substantial attention.
“We are aware of the activities that occurred at Love Field in February and are giving it appropriate consideration,” said Lori Bailey, spokeswoman for the Dallas FBI.
Ms. Al-Homsi said that she has been questioned by local authorities “maybe a dozen times.”
She said that she practices her rifle skills at the Alpine Shooting Range in Fort Worth. An employee confirmed that she’s been going there for years.
“In all the Muslim garb, shooting an assault weapon, it seemed at first like she was trying to draw attention,” said Dave Rodgers. “But then she came out so much, it became normal.”

Yup, normal . . . if you’re a Muslim jihad-atrix. More from Dallas/Fort Worth’s WFAA-TV News (also has must-watch video):

Al-Homsi was already under surveillance and is on the government’s no fly list. . . .
As for long-range assault rifle and explosives training, officials said Al-Homsi said she admitted to have studied, Al-Homsi said it was something she was educated on while growing up.
Back during the February incident, Dan Hamilton said he was suspicious when he spotted the two women along a fence at Love Field with binoculars.
“I saw a car parked along this fence here; and there was a young lady sitting looking through the fence at the control tower in that vicinity using binoculars,” he said.
Hamilton, who heads the Frontiers of Flight Museum, said police told him previously to be on the lookout for two suspicious women wearing fatigues and scouting runways.
“When she got off the car, I noticed that she did have fatigues on and matched the description of what police had mentioned to us a week or so before,” he said.
Sources told News 8 the women were not only spotted outside the airport, but they were also seen inside the terminal pacing distances in what they said appeared to be typical surveillance techniques. . . .
The FBI and the Dallas Police Department said they consider the women potentially dangerous and issued a crime bulletin in February of this year. Despite that, neither has been arrested or charged with any crime.
Al-Homsi said she is Syrian and is sympathetic to the Palestinian people. Both women said they disagree with the United States’ Middle East policy.
“I don’t like the government,” Al-Homsi said. . . . “I think they stick their nose in business where it doesn’t belong,” Hamad said.
The women said they have been questioned by the FBI more than a dozen times and believe they are the subjects of the persecution of Muslim women.
The government insists they are a potential danger.

Actually, this is one of those times where the government is “sticking its nose” exactly where it does belong.
Thanks to all the readers who sent this story. Yet another reason we need less Syrians (and other Muslim and Arab immigrants) coming into America to become citizens. And less “dual” citizens.
**** UPDATE, 04/08/07: One of these women, Al-Homsi, confirms to Dallas/Fort Worth’s WFAA-TV News, that she was friends with Wadih El-Hage, Osama Bin Laden’s personal secretary (who lived in Texas), who is in prison, convicted of the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in East Africa. But law enforcement–federal and local–say she has “not ties to terrorism.” Uh-huh. ****

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26 Responses

It sounds to me like people are watching and are doing what is required to stop terrorism in America. The only problem I see is that there is no way to prove either woman commited any crime or had a probation violation. I am glad that they where arrested but I see no way any prosecutor could make anything stick.

Will on April 6, 2007 at 8:25 pm

I happen to be a “train buff”. I like to watch trains. HOWEVER, in this post-9/11 environment, it is now difficult to impossible to “watch trains” in peace. Railroad personell, law enforcement officers are always checking me out, usually within minutes of my setting up.
To explain, I carry a digital camera, and like to photograph different types of engines, as well as “exotic” boxcars. Currently I carry a bunch of copies of “Trains” magazine, membership cards in several railroad history societies, etc. Sometimes I’m cleared, sometimes I am asked to leave. I always comply. BUT AT ALL TIMES I AM NOT CLANDESTINE, I DO NOT PACE OFF DISTANCES. I JUST SET UP IN AN OBVIOUSLY PUBLIC LOCATION.
An interesting fact: I belong to the Hudson River Railroad Museum, located in an old railroad station in HYde Park, NY. It is right on the Amtrak tracks. Occasionally, a new member of the Hyde Park PD will swing by and ask what we are doing.
My point: This is what we have to do now. I don’t resent it, I don’t brag about being “sniper trained”, and I always thank the officers for their consideration no matter what their decision about me.
I guess women’s rights trump common sense (unless you are a terrorist)

Codekeyguy on April 6, 2007 at 8:26 pm

Obviously these two fugly critters were trolling for an incident to base a lawsuit on. With Islam just follow the money

dennisw on April 6, 2007 at 9:11 pm

Damn straight Muslims are under scrutiny around airports.
If they want to blame someone, blame the rat bastards who blow up planes in the name of Islam. Their actions have caused all of this.
We’re keeping an eye on you. Step out of line and you will be reported. Sue us and we will fight back.
This is now an inescapable part of life. Get over it.

Koozebane on April 6, 2007 at 9:19 pm

This incident makes me ashamed to live in Texas. Oh well, at least we don’t have a radical Imam giving a prayer before the Texas Senate, declaring doom to Christians and Jews. No, that would never happen here in Texas.

barrypopik on April 6, 2007 at 11:34 pm

SURE it wont.. we believe you

Will on April 7, 2007 at 12:35 am

These two pieces of Islamist excrement came out of the rectum of the Trojan Horse of Islam.

FreethinkerNY on April 7, 2007 at 1:16 am

The government insists they are a potential danger. Really? Potential?

coffee on April 7, 2007 at 2:21 am

Jews like you will destroy the world. Get over it and live in peace! You are the ones who took over their lands.

tjp on April 7, 2007 at 5:41 am

Scary article and probably no coincidence that one of the women lives just across the Potomac in Arlington, VA, home of National Airport and the Pentagon. I wonder why she chose Northern Virginia to live in. Maybe the same reason so many Arabs in in the Washington area choose to become security guards?
tjp, Oh yes, Islam just “spreads” peacefully around the globe.

Gabe on April 7, 2007 at 10:41 am

Oops, Arlington, TX! Glancing quickly through the article, my first thought was Arlington, VA with the exploding Arab population in the Washington and I fired off my response.
Still, it’s funny how these Arabs are drawn to jobs such as security guards (almost every one of them in Northern Virginia is Middle Easterner). It’s time to stop importing anti-Israeli sentiment. In Virginia during the last election, according to CAIR, 92% of approximately 50,000 Muslims voted for the Democrat, basically handing the Senate over to Democrats because George Allen’s defeat was so small. They are voting for the candidate they perceive will be weakest on immigration, Israel, and the War on Terror, and the mosques get out the vote.

Gabe on April 7, 2007 at 1:23 pm

The free way of life we knew before 9/11 is gone. I am tired of airport security lines and all the rest we are putting up with. I say Nuke them back to the stone-age life they prefer. There was no Holocaust. There is no Allah and there was no Muhammed. Let’s get the job done. It is either now or later. And if you think I am a bit hysterical, talk to a Holocaust survivor or anyone else who went through the lovely times of the Third Reich throughout Europe. It is only a matter of time if we are too wimpy to act now.

Happiness Pursuer on April 7, 2007 at 2:58 pm

JW quotes the Dallas Morning News:
“Ms. Al-Homsi is on probation in connection with a December 2005 road rage incident involving a fake grenade she waved at a motorist.
In an earlier interview, Ms. Al-Homsi bragged about being a trained sniper..”
Sounds as American as apple pie–and looks so pretty too.

BB on April 7, 2007 at 5:21 pm

you know these two along with a host of others should be put through a meat grinder, shoved into pig intestines and then fed to our swine. I am so sick and tired of this ROP pig excrement.. Stop this immigration now!

lonewolf on April 8, 2007 at 12:45 pm

Hey TJP you bigot… that includes you!

lonewolf on April 8, 2007 at 12:46 pm

Kimberly “Asma” Al-Homsi = Leslie Van Houten
Aisha Abdul-Rahman Hamad = Lynette “Squeaky” Fromm
islam = Charles Manson Death Cult
Charles Manson formed his own death cult. Manson was a self-proclaimed “prophet” and “messiah”. He invented a scheme to conquer America and become its ruler. He was also a sexual deviant, a murderer, and deranged. Sounds familiar? You can also ascribe those same qualities to that other deranged, murdering, sexual deviant and false profit, mohammad.
Just as Manson had his brain-dead followers, these two female turds featured on this thread also follow and worship a deranged psychopath who invented a cult designed to conquer through murder and intimidation.
islam is no religion of peace. It is a religion hell-bent on murder and is proven as much every day through the actions of its followers worldwide – and throughout history.
These two ugly, repulsive, repugnant sows are extremely stupid. They believe in their jihad of intimidation, yet they don’t realize that not only are they awakening the infidel to islam’s goals and tactics through their actions, but they now put themselves under the microscope of law enforcement. They’ll be watched for the rest of their lives, and be ostrcized by civilzed society.
What a bunch of brain-dead, death cult followers.
Kimberly “Asma” Al-Homsi = Occult-worshiping Nazi henchman
Aisha Abdul-Rahman Hamad = Occult-worshiping Nazi henchman
islam = Occult-worshiping death cult
Heil allah!

Thee_Bruno on April 8, 2007 at 1:50 pm

I meant to finish my last post by the following:
islam = Occult-worshiping NAZI death cult.

Thee_Bruno on April 8, 2007 at 2:01 pm

You ISLAMO-PHOBIC BIGOTS are hysterical! My good friend’s mother has a fake hand grenade that was a gag gift, so what? And yes, she’s a sniper. So, when she’s hanging out at the airport with her binoculars, I suppose YOU would all make a federal case out of that, too.

davidlanham on April 8, 2007 at 11:08 pm

That’s right…resort to your typical LIBERAL namecalling. We’re also racists, homophobes, bigots, intolerant, uncompassionate, and a bunch of Neanderthals. However, we’ll also be laughing our asses off when the islamonazis grab LIBERAL, islamonazi supporters like daviddeviledham and behead them for not yielding to islam.
You LIBERAL asswipes will be the first ones the islamonazis come for.
On 9/11, you were the first ones to blame America first. You were the ones who said that “we must try to understand why they hate us.”
You’ll finally realize your answer when the cold, dull blade tears deep into your neck as you scream for your life.

Thee_Bruno on April 9, 2007 at 9:34 am

That’s right davey-boy…your good friend’s mother will get a one-way ticket to jail because that’s how it is in this day and age. These two islamo-moonbarkers should have had their resident alien cards yanked and put in deportation proceedings (after a long stay at Camp Gitmo where their male counterparts can “gitmo'”). Of course, that’s in the perfect world and as long as we have the “ICE Princess” and “Peppermint Patty” at the helm, you’ll never see it happen. Time to take off the PC gloves and pick up the hammer!

1shot1kill on April 9, 2007 at 11:25 am

Apparently, I wasn’t sarcastic enough.

davidlanham on April 9, 2007 at 3:31 pm

OK, you can count me as a bigot also. I think the biggest mistake we ever made was to assume that Islam can peacefully become part of America’s multi-cultural melting pot. Although successful with almost every people group in the world, I have come to believe that where Islam is concerned, there is no possibility that they can accpet American culture without changing it, and that many within our borders are here simply waiting for a later opportunity to make war with Chrisitans and Jews, just like home!
I think God warned ancient Isreal against allowing them to even gain a folthold in the land, but I’m sure that this belief amkes me a bigot also.
It is time to identify Islamist’s deport ALL of them, burn every mosque down, and ban the religion of peace from this continent!

chucker on April 10, 2007 at 10:34 am

What kind of an islamic name is Kimberly anyways? I would recommend an evasive make over for these 2 ladies while they are serving their time behind bars. The more I see it, the more I’m finally beginning to understand why these mullahs force force woman like these to wear a full body covering ( including a veil sometimes) LOL!

Jew Chick on April 11, 2007 at 10:01 am

Just looking at these two mental cases made me realize that, for once, I would rather see such idiots covered up in a burka.
Surely, one must question their mental state, especially when we learn that at least one of them actually converted to Islam. That’s reason enough to be declared totally insane.

nick4693 on July 18, 2007 at 7:26 pm

Look, Debbie. You are completely ignorant to this problem. You do not know these women and I have seen many americans uglier than them. Have respect for yourself and for your muslim viewers. I am a proud muslim woman who, just like Kimberly, wears a head scarf. And if Kimberly did anything, that doesn’t mean that Islam is wrong as well.

Salma Elkhaoudi on February 15, 2010 at 5:01 pm

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