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Wknd Box Office: Now You See Me, After Earth, Stories We Tell, Frances Ha, In the House [Dans La Maison]

By Debbie Schlussel

Since we’re fast becoming a mediocre nation (and maybe we are already there), I guess it’s not that surprising that Hollywood serves us up a mediocre selection of new movies at theaters, this weekend. I didn’t hate any of the new movies, this weekend, but I didn’t love ’em either:




* “Now You See Me“: I was really looking forward to this movie, but it was a disappointment. I love everything about or involving magic, magicians, and the like. But this–while parading to be about that–was really a left-wing screed against corporations and big business. The magicians in this movie are more con artist and crook than anything else. Their “magic tricks” are really crimes against rich men and big businesses “because they deserve it,” giving the money to the poor “because they deserve it.” This leftist modern-day-Robin-Hood-on-steroids shtick is gettin’ old. And the ending was unsatisfying and silly. The rule of a good thriller is that there is at least some hint about who the culprit or the “who” in the “whodunit” is. Not so in this movie, and so when you find out who it is and why, you feel let down. Or, at least, that’s how I felt. That said, I’d be lying if I said the movie wasn’t entertaining, clever, and different from the non-stop slurry of sequels du jour. I enjoyed the movie to a point and it moves quickly. There is a lot of action and car chases, etc. to add to the illusions. But I didn’t like the message or the poorly constructed plot.

The story: four street magicians (at least two of them con artist crooks) perform illusions, card tricks, and hypnotism on the streets of New York City, when each receives a mysterious invitation to an old, seemingly-abandoned Manhattan apartment. A year later, the four magicians, “The Four Horsemen” (Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher a/k/a Mrs. Sacha Baron Cohen, and Dave Franco) as they now call themselves, have joined forces in a Vegas magic show with a huge following. And they have a sponsor–a giant corporate money man–behind their efforts.

But, soon, the FBI is after them, in particular incompetent Special Agent Mark Ruffalo, as well as Interpol (with an agent played by French actress Melanie Laurent). The FBI and Interpol agents want to know how the magicians “robbed a bank” from halfway around the world and then see them robbing the “evil” insurance company (owned by Michael Caine) that didn’t cover insurance claims by Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans. That’s when it simply gets silly, devolving into a nonsensical action flick. Oh, and Morgan Freeman plays a figure like “The Amazing Randi.” He used to be a magician, but now makes millions doing an online YouTube television shows debunking magicians and their tricks. He’s also on the trail of the Four Horsemen.

As I said, it is initially very entertaining and sometimes funny. But it soon becomes a political message about revenge against the rich and big business. And then it devolves into a silly action flick.


Watch the trailer . . .

* “After Earth“: This probably should have been called, “After Will [Smith].” There’s nothing objectionable about this movie, but it’s just a recycled and not as exciting version of every post-apocalyptic, environmentalist action adventure movie a la “Avatar” (read my review) that you’ve already seen. Do you want to spend ten bucks (at my nearest movie theater, it’s now $10.25) and two hours to see what is clearly the effort by two neo-Scientologists Hollywood fixtures (Will and Jada Pinkett Smith) to make their son (Jaden Smith) a star? If you have kids and want to take the family, I can see going to this, as it’s neither offensive nor very scary. But for everyone else, you’ve seen this movie–far better versions of it–a million times before. This seems too familiar, and it’s equally too lackluster.

Also, I’m sooooo tired of every post-apocalyptic movie telling me how we earthlings have “abused and destroyed the earth,” because of factories and progress. Enough already, Hollywood. Yaaaawn. Come up with something new. Or at least show us, along with that claim, how much energy use and earth destruction is perpetrated by the Pinkett Smith family (who star in, wrote, and produced this movie) with their giant mansion.

The story: it is a thousand years after earth became uninhabitable because of bad environmental habits and overuse by us earthlings. So, all humans have been moved to the planet Nova, where Col. Will Smith is based and his son, Jaden, badly wants to become an Army Ranger to impress his dad. They are on a spaceship together to another planet, but the ship crashes on Earth, where–miracle of miracles!–the only crew members of the ship that survive are Will and Jaden Smith. But Daddy Smith’s legs are both severely broken, and he can’t move. So, it’s up to Jaden Smith to travel through the earth to find and set off the beacon from the tail of the ship, so they can be rescued. The rest of the movie is all about Jaden, who is the star of this movie and is surrounded by computer generated imaging of threatening wildlife and “climate change” for most of this. Rather dull.

Mildly entertaining and fine for families. But nothing new, nothing original, and nothing all that interesting.


Watch the trailer . . .

* “Stories We Tell“: This is another much-hyped movie I was looking forward to, but which let me down. It’s a documentary by director Sarah Polley, who’s made some interesting fiction movies (and some not so interesting). But, with this, she looks into whether or not she, herself, is the product of one of several reported extramarital affairs her late, married Canadian actress mother had with other men. Her mother died of cancer when she was very young, and Polley was raised by her father–her mother’s husband–but she had always been teased by her siblings that she didn’t look like them. And there was the rumor that she was the product of an affair.

I thought this would be very interesting. But, instead, it’s a self-absorbed, long, boring series of interviews that caused me not to care one bit about the true identity of the father in question. I didn’t care about these people–a study in leftist Canada “progressive” types–and the movie was a vanity project that simply wasn’t interesting at all. I struggled to watch this whole thing without quitting. And in the end, it was like eating too much bad, extra sugary candy. In the end, you wish you hadn’t, and now you’ll have to do something to work off the added calories, sleep off the unnecessary stomachache, and vigorously clean your sugar-covered teeth.

Plus I felt bad for the man she hurt most, after all, in doing this unnecessary bore–the man closest to her throughout her life. Some “stories we tell” are better left unexposed to the world at large.

A waste of time and money.


Watch the trailer . . .

* “Frances Ha“: I had mixed feelings about this movie. I hate hipsters, and I generally don’t like Greta Gerwig, the hipster actress who stars in this movie. And I don’t like the hipster lifestyle. For those who don’t know, hipsters are young leftists in hoodies and vintage clothing who are socially and politically very liberal and mostly live in urban areas (think young White people who choose to live in largely Black and inner city Detroit). You know the type: they are often the ones who eat organic and walk around in stupid hats and vintage bowling shirts. They think they are “progressive” (but are actually quite regressive). I consider Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to be a hipster, but most aren’t rich and successful like him.

And while I hate hipsters and their lifestyle–which is the central focus of this black and white movie–I still found the movie to be somewhat charming, funny, and entertaining. On the other hand, in the end, I wondered why I just sat through 1.5 hours of pointless filler occupied by those whom I disdain.

In this movie, Gerwig is a hipster in her late 20s, living and struggling to survive in New York City. Her best friend and roommate announces she’s moving out to a different apartment with a different roommate. Thereafter, Gerwig struggles to find a place she can afford to live, so she wanders around, rooming with various friends and acquaintances. She also struggles to make a go of her life’s ambition to be a successful modern dancer. She’s repeatedly an understudy and clerical assistant at her modern dance company. So, financially and career-wise, she’s also at an impasse.

As I noted, the movie is somewhat entertaining, but it’s hard not to have contempt the whole time you’re watching. I wouldn’t waste ten bucks to see some hipster struggle to grow up and live life an adult. And that’s what this is.


Watch the trailer . . .

* “In the House [Dans La Maison]“: This began as an intriguing movie, but devolved into a mess. A high school teacher who is a failed author reads compositions by one of his students and notes the gifted, outstanding nature of the writing. He says he wants to help the student develop this writing talent. But the teacher is soon sucked into an obsessive interest in the voyeuristic writing, causing him to do improper things to help the student in his “reports” from the inside of this family that is not his. And the teacher is very clearly being manipulated into risking everything.

This movie was definitely entertaining but the movie ends in a sick set of events and state of affairs which I didn’t care for and made me feel, too, like I was sucked in and manipulated, too. Fortunately, all I lost was two hours.

In French with English subtitles.


Watch the trailer . . .

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24 Responses

“Or at least show us, along with that claim, how much energy use and earth destruction is perpetrated by the Pinkett Smith family (who star in, wrote, and produced this movie) with their giant mansion.”

Amen. And Will Smith was tolerable and even sometimes clever in “Fresh Prince”, but I despised him in everything else. He sucks the energy from every scene he’s in.

DS_ROCKS! on June 1, 2013 at 10:08 am

    Amen to DS_Rocks & Ken B! Could not agree more. How delicious if this thread was mostly an anti-Will Smith & Family diatribe!

    Charisma is NOT being an overbearing, narcissistic hog. That’s what the bland and overly arrogant Will Smith is. He’s been so annoying to endure all these years we now have to suffer thru’ his annoying spawns Jaden and Willow. So narcissistic the family, the spawns’ names had to mimic the Mum and Dad (Jaden-Jada & Willow-Will). Will Smith and his annoying, pip-squeak wife can’t bare it if their whole family isn’t famous.

    The only Smith family member I have ANY interest in is his first son from his first marriage. I’m interested in his stories from the periphery of the smug “Smith” family who are all about the Aussie acronym FIGJAM (F*** I’m Good, Just Ask Me!). The resentment and feelings of being less than due to the first marriage failing and the 2nd on being where it’s at!

    Ken B., with Henry Cavill as the NEW Superman, I too, join you in your anticipation. 😉

    Skunky on June 1, 2013 at 11:26 am

      Amen right back at ya, Skunky. In fact, as this topic made me actually think about “Fresh”, I now definitely remember that it was Alfonso Ribeiro and the butler who carried the show. Smith was a drag even in his own starring vehicle.

      DS_ROCKS! on June 1, 2013 at 1:38 pm

      Skunky I will admit I did have Will Smith’s cassette tape “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper and his cd “Big Willie Style”. That was so long ago though before he became a big liberal pain in the rump. His support for the O’Clown and his Scientology BS is more than enough for me to know that he’s full of crap. And that goes double for his shrew wife. It’s so refreshing to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way about this Hollyweird halfwit his wifey and their spawn.

      Ken b on June 1, 2013 at 8:12 pm

        LOL, Ken B. I will publicly admit that I once owned the ‘cassingle’ “Parents Just Don’t Understand’ so indeed, we tolerated him way before he became synonymous with his arrogance.

        Homercles82, if you are correct on the Smith brat wanting emancipation he’s even more of a monster than I anticipated. It couldn’t happen to two better a-holes (The Smith Parents!)

        Yikes! The world does NOT need their bratty kids being famous. Ick!

        Skunky on June 1, 2013 at 8:53 pm

Debbie I only have three things to say:
1. Thank you (again) for your movie reviews.

2. To me the whole Smith clan sucks especially Will.

3. I’m just waiting for your review of “Man of Steel”

Have a good weekend.

Ken b on June 1, 2013 at 11:00 am

I WAS hoping the Smith movie would bomb. It appears it has.
I try watching some of these artsy movies and they end up being a kick in the guts, at least for 1/3 of the movie. The plots tend to be dark as hell every time.
The indy people excuse it with the old, “that’s how life is”. Well thanks but I don’t want to spend more life watching another portrayal of somebody else’s misery.

samurai on June 1, 2013 at 2:31 pm

I’m still holding out that Now You See Me will be more entertaining than rubbish, but After Earth…blech. Looked like warmed-up, forgotten left-overs from Oblivion’s trailer. I don’t particularly care for the Smith family one way or another, but I was never going to see this vanity project to make their kid an action star.

On another note- isn’t Now You See Me be the first movie to get Reagan/Marx rating?

Robert on June 1, 2013 at 5:01 pm

I read that the Will Smith movie was based on two books 1) AFTER LONDON or WILD ENGLAND by Richard Jefferies and 2) DEATH WORLD book series by Harry Harrison. Debbie, I think you are right that Will Smith is trying to get his son into the movie scene. I notived this in the so so remake of the KARATE KID. Seems these movies will be rented at my local RedBox when they come out.

Mario on June 1, 2013 at 5:25 pm

Why do I get the impressions that all the movies that Debbie have reviewed/dissected seem to be vehicles for propaganda/indoctrination?

What’s on YouTube this weekend?

The Reverend Jacques on June 1, 2013 at 7:20 pm

I think the best part of the Jaden Smith story is the ungrateful kid wants to emancipate from his parents. The kid is an example of a liberal household. The kid is NOTHING and has NOTHING without his parents and he wants to run off on his own.

Homercles82 on June 1, 2013 at 8:38 pm

I haven’t seen shit advertized in over a year that I want to go see.

RT on June 2, 2013 at 2:25 am

The thing with the whole post-apocalypse thing, there has been some good science fiction novels on that front, not much, but some good stuff; largely published decades ago that would make good albeit not easy film adaptations. But why would Hollywood and Smith’s ego care for that? When all that matters is Smith’s ego and a vanity project for his son, why tackle serious subjects at all? Plus would the audience even be interested in a good SF film project. When was the last time a serious and good SF film did well at the box office? You have to go back decades I reckon, I’m serious. Note I write ‘good science fiction’.

I like Sarah Polley, even though she is very left-wing politically. I remember her as a child actress in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen which I loved and she transitioned well into a good adult actress and director. How many child actors have done that? But this film of hers, it looks pointless. As Debbie points out, some things are just private and should stay that way.

I do like Greta Gerwig, I think she’s a good actress. This film of hers, looks like ‘Mumblecore’ as they call it. I don’t mind that kind of stuff, and don’t mind hipsters if they just chuck out the airhead PCness. This film in part looks interesting, don’t know. I might like it more than Debbie.

Larry in Tel Aviv on June 2, 2013 at 2:31 am

On Debbie’s review of “Now you See Me”: “The rule of a good thriller is that there is at least some hint about who the culprit or the “who” in the “whodunit” is. Not so in this movie, and so when you find out who it is and why, you feel let down. Or, at least, that’s how I felt.”

Correctimundo. In fact, in every well-constructed thriller or whodunit, a rereading (if a novel or story) or a reviewing (if a movie or audio track) of the work will reveal that the clues were there all along. The skilled writer has merely misdirected readers/viewers from the meaning of those clues, in much the same way as a skilled magician gets you to focus on something that appears important, while the really critical underlying thing remains out of view. When the perpetrator and the motive come out-of-the-blue, it’s as bad as doing “the butler did it” cliché of bad writing.

Moreover, in the best thrillers, even if you know the perp and the motive (or the secret behind the “McGuffin,” as famed director Hitchcock might say), because you’ve read the book or seen the movie before, you’ll still enjoy it again the second time around.

As for the political theme that Debbie speaks of–and I haven’t seen the movie yet–an “anti-business” theme per se is not necessarily bad or even necessarily political, meaning Leftist. It all depends on what the particular “anti-business” slant in the movie is really about.

Let me be more specific. For example, I’m far from anti-business, but I’d consider among the very best conventional thrillers and legal thrillers in the movies, respectively, to include “The Fugitive” (starring Harrison Ford) and “Class Action” (starring Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio).

Yet, in each of these well-written and masterfully directed movies there’s a core theme that could be considered “anti-business.” In “The Fugitive” it’s a company in the pharmaceutical industry. And in “Class Action,” it’s an automobile manufacturing company. The managements of both companies are evil. But I don’t see a Leftist message in either movie. The idea is not that ALL pharmaceutical and automobile manufacturing companies are bad or even that most such companies are bad—just the ones that are the respective subjects of those movies, and for the reasons they give.

The idea of those movies is that companies that put profits before the health and safety of their customers, that do so knowingly for personal gain, and break laws or compel others to break laws to cover-up their actions ARE bad. Furthermore, the companies in the pharmaceutical and automotive industries that are the subjects of those respective movies are not just fictional ideas, and, unfortunately, there are some real-life parallel examples that served as the basis for the fictional stories. Sometimes, businesses ARE crooked, like Enron and the banks that aided and abetted management’s crimes.

Whether or not “Now You See Me” is “anti-business” in the way that “The Fugitive” or “Class Action” were (which, as I’ve said, are not really anti-business at all), or in a politically Leftist way, I can’t tell from this review. Debbie, as a movie critic, has followed the professional rule of not divulging the secrets of the movie, so the secret behind the McGuffin remains unknown for now. But in any event, I get the sense that “Now You See Me” is nowhere near in the league of “The Fugitive” and “Class Action.”

Ralph Adamo on June 2, 2013 at 4:45 am

I wonder if the disdain for Will Smith in wanting his son and daughter to be successful like him and doing everything to facilitate it (shocker … the nerve!) is spread to the countless other legacies in Hollywood. (See this link for just a few. And it isn’t even comprehensive … it leaves off Drew Barrymore and tons of others. Like half the folks in Hollywood are the children of someone else in Hollywood.) And business. And politics (see George W. Bush). And the other stuff … curious. Scientology? Hollywood is filled to the brim with Scientologists, New Agers and atheists. It’s not the place to find Episcopalians, not even the liberal ones, and never has been. As far as traditional religion goes in Hollywood, you’ll find liberal Jews and their lapsed Catholic counterparts who trash Judaism and Catholicism, but that’s about it.

Arrogant? Wow. Name 5 Hollywood stars who aren’t. The people who are ACTING when they are PRETENDING to be humble because they are ACTORS don’t count. There are some careers that reward narcissism. Not all of them are in entertainment/athletics either. Show me the elite person in sales/marketing or STEM research with a shy, retiring personality. That’s an even bigger challenge than finding a religious person in Hollywood.

Anyway, I was never a Will Smith fan. I never bought any of his albums. I only watched the show occasionally because of the girls on it (pretty much the only reason to watch the black sitcoms of the 90s, which were nowhere near as good as the ones in the 70s and 80s, was to check out the gorgeous girls that the teen boy characters were dating, and the Fresh Prince and Family Matters had some of the best). Though I was heavily into rap music, I never bought a Will Smith album or single (Smith and particularly Jazzy Jeff were talented, but I didn’t found anything that he was rapping about to be compelling). And the only Will Smith movies that I have actually seen were Men In Black 1 and I, Robot (and that was because they were sci-fi movies, and I found both of them to be a waste of time and money). I was interested in this movie at first because of the father-son angle (because I am a father and have a son) and Will Smith (due to the same chauvinistic macho masculine arrogance that makes him unlikable I suppose) is pretty much the only person in Hollywood not trying to turn the next generation of males into metro (and homo) sexual grist for the feminist and gay rights mill. For example, as distasteful as you may have found “The Karate Kid” remake, without Will Smith’s involvement that remake or no movie like it gets made at all. You tell me who else in Hollywood is making movies about young heterosexual males who want to become Army Rangers to impress their dads, and who become survivalists in harsh environments to save them. Nope, movies depicting physically tough, mentally resourceful, capable and competent protagonists now all have female heroines (i.e. The Hunger Games, Brave, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and being a chick-dude who fights another chick-dude to win the affections of a female with masculine traits like Jacob and Edward over Bella or Peeta and Gale over Katniss is as good as it gets. Speaking of Brave, think of all the Pixar movies. Can you think of a single masculine role model, a character type that you would want your son or brother to be, in any of them? Toy Story? Nope. A Bug’s Life? Nope. Monsters, Inc? Maybe Mike, but they’re going to ruin that character in Monster’s University, which will depict college males (frat house knuckleheads) in a way that college females never are. Finding Nemo? Maybe Gill. Cars 2? Maybe the British agent character. But The Incredibles? Cars? Wall-E? Up? Brave? No, no and nope. On another tack: look at the superhero comic book movies that Hollywood has been cranking out for over a decade (which have pretty much replaced the action genre that Smith used to specialize in). Can you name a single male in any of those movies that would be a positive to society if he didn’t have super powers? Take X-Men: Wolverine is a psychopath, Cyclops and Iceman were wimps who were domineered in relationships by stronger feminist women (Cyclops is ultimately killed by his “girlfriend” and Iceman’s “girlfriend” does the equivalent of getting an abortion without his knowledge and it would have been against his wishes had he known) and those were the GOOD GUYS. I wonder if Will Smith only SEEMS arrogant because he is in a Hollywood where the prototype for masculinity is Brad Pitt, or Mr. Angelina Jolie?

But alas, being pretty much the only positive depiction of juvenile and adult masculinity that Hollywood has produced in years – and likely the last that they will ever produce – is no excuse for patronizing a horrible movie. What a shame. Had it been a great movie and a financial and cultural success, it would have been a great counterweight to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, yet another entry in the endless “empower girls by taking the hatchet to boys” theme. (After the last Hunger Games was released, media writers actually claimed that its success was proof that male action stars were outdated and that Hollywood should make action movies with exclusively female stars from now on.)

Oh well, at least we still have the Boy Scouts, right? No wait …

So pardon me for choosing to hope that Will Smith gets a better script for Jaden next time to wanting one of the last bastions of masculinity in Hollywood to exit the scene merely because some people don’t like his doing what practically everyone else in Hollywood does in trying to get their kids in the business.

G: You make some good points. And while there was a father/son dynamic in “After Earth,” it just wasn’t that good. And the movie was dull. I really liked and highly recommended Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith when they starred in “The Pursuit of Happyness,” which was a great movie. This just wasn’t that good, and my low rating had nothing to do with race. I do not like any “legacies,” and I’ve ripped on the Bushes and the Kardashians, who are White. Smith and his wife definitely can do what they want with their money (I believe in free enterprise and free markets), and more power to them for trying to create a multi-generational business for their family, as many families do. This movie just didn’t do it for me and smacked so obviously of promoting their son for no apparent reason, as he could not carry this film much. DS

Gerald on June 2, 2013 at 10:46 am

    Gerald, you only have that hope for annoying Will Smith because he is black. Bet you didn’t feel the same way about any white actor who has to get his/her stupid family involved in their tedious fame. How racist and predictable of you.

    Wake up. It’s hard for any actor to break thru’ these days (see that fun doco on character actors to see that I am correct…) BUT if you’re merely a spawn, the door is wide open for you. I am sick of it. I want talent NOT nepotism.

    Have you heard of Kate Hudson, Gwenyth Paltrow, Viley Virus and their annoying ilk? Drew Barrymore?? Where do you hide your time machine? She’s annoying, a bore and marginally talented so I don’t know why she is still celebrated and has her longevity. I blame those who keep the Kardashians and Britney Spears famous. The masses are asses and I have know that for a long time. I demand excellence and talent, not retardo genes.

    But your record is intact. You love to construct apologias for anyone if their oolour is right (Black in your case). And I love to point out your myopic folly. Because I can EVERY TIME.

    Skunky on June 2, 2013 at 11:46 am

      Skunky methinks you have Gerald pegged once again…LOL!

      Ken b on June 2, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    You’re pardoned Gerald in the fact that you hope that Little Willy Smith helps out his marginally talented sonny boy with better scripts (as if that will help). It’s still a fact that Smith and his wife are Hollyweird Obamatrons who go out of their way to shove their equally annoying kids in our faces.

    Ken b on June 2, 2013 at 12:24 pm

Why is “evil” in quotes when you’re talking about an insurance company?

Joe Guiney on June 2, 2013 at 1:17 pm

didn’t Will Smith make some comments about white people that most have forgotten?

Again do not support Hollywood and pay to be brainwashed.

Fred on June 2, 2013 at 1:42 pm

I watch a lot of Riff-Trax shorts and sketches, and generally avoid this—EPIC was very good, however. Mike Nelson is a Conservative Christian, and the riffs are very funny. I watch poor Debbie throw herself on a lot of grenades for me. My wife and kids are off at mayo this week while I work, getting their back checked (wife) and their Baha evaluated (son—BAHA is bone anchored hearing aid). I think I’ll go Japanese—Kurosawa and “dreams of Sushi.”

G-d Bless everything you do, debbie.

Occam's Tool on June 2, 2013 at 3:09 pm

Will Smith’s best film “I’m Legend” – its a post-apocalyptic movie set in New York about a scientist and his German Shepherd Dog Sam. Its the relationship between the man and his dog and her faithfulness that fascinated me. I too, have a German Shepherd Dog and it turned to be a perfect match. This new film isn’t one of his best.

NormanF on June 2, 2013 at 7:59 pm

The movie, “I AM LEGEND”, on DVD has your choice of two endings. Each poses a choice of world view.

I have not seen “AFTER EARTH” and will await it On Demand. Most reviews I have read are not very flattering.

If you wish to see an older “apocalypse” movie, see “THE ROAD” which is based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel. The movie is Viggo Mortensen and will scare the hell out of you – especially so if you read “ONE SECOND AFTER” by William Forstchen and you have children.

Does fiction preview life?

Dennis on June 3, 2013 at 9:27 am

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