September 23, 2005, - 5:36 pm


My exposing Jodie Foster’s outrageous new movie, “Flight Plan,” was quoted/excerpted in today’s Washington Times in the “Inside Politics” column.
My thanks to columnist Greg Pierce who regularly pens the well-read (and well-written) column, excerpted here (SPOILER ALERT–do not read if you don’t want to know the plot of “Flight Plan”):
PC Villains
The bad guys in Jodie Foster’s new movie “Flight Plan” are a flight attendant and a federal air marshal, instead of the politically incorrect Arab villains.
The movie, which opens nationwide today, is “an outrageous piece of propaganda and incredible display of the irresponsible,” declares Debbie Schlussel. “If you’re a freedom-loving American like me, the rotten tricks of this movie will disgust you.”
At her blog ( the Detroit-based columnist writes: “Throughout ‘Flight Plan,’ we are given hints — very strong hints — that four Muslim Arabs are the terrorists on the plane. … Instead, the terrorists are the flight’s air marshal and a flight attendant.
“That is an outrage for a number of reasons. Two of those reasons are Betty Ong and Madeleine Amy Sweeney. Both were among the many flight attendants who gave their lives on 9/11.
“They weren’t terrorists. They were American heroes. Instead of calling their families to say good-bye, they contacted ground crews and identified the hijackers. It was because of them that authorities were able to identify Mohamed Atta and his 18 thugs as al Qaeda.
“Other flight attendants were brutally murdered by the hijackers, who slit their throats.”
The film is also a “huge blow” to the image of federal air marshals, Miss Schlussel says.
“Is it more likely that a dedicated, patriotic American [air marshal] … would be a terrorist hijacker … or four suspicious-looking, strange-acting Arab Muslims? ‘Flight Plan’ wants you to think the former.”
Noting that Miss Foster “is set to play Nazi film propagandist Leni Riefenstahl in an upcoming movie,” Miss Schlussel asks: “And John Hinckley tried to murder a president to impress this woman?”

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4 Responses

That’s great news. Let’s hope Jodie’s plane doesn’t take off.
Some people say, “Uh- like chill dude, it’s only a “movie.”
If you don’t think “movies” affect people, why exactly do companies spend millions getting their products placed in them?
Why is it that activist groups like CAIR try to intimidate movie studios if they get wind of any (no matter how rare) plot that features Muslim terrorists.
Why is it that Ridley Scott made a lie of a movie showing 12th century Christians as blood crazed psychopaths, with the Muslims as the noble, sympathetic folk.
Because Hollywood movies do matter. That’s why.

espresso on September 23, 2005 at 8:06 pm

Normally, I’m one to say “chill Debbie it’s just a movie” but this time regarding a movie she’s right on. Giving nervous fliers the idea that the flight attendants and especially air marshals who are there to protect us are actually the threat is quite irresponsible of Hollywood. I’m glad it made their respective unions take notice, keep it coming Deb.

hairymon on September 23, 2005 at 11:27 pm

Good job Debbie my angelic being

KOAJaps on September 24, 2005 at 12:07 am

Jodie Foster film attacks/insults the heroes…

I’d often suspected that there was something wrong with Jodie Foster, and her new “movie” called Flight Plan certainly does indicate that.

Tel-Chai Nation on September 26, 2005 at 6:50 am

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