October 2, 2005, - 3:53 pm

ICE Targets Latinos for Deportation, Muslims/Arabs for Recruitment–Abu Moskowitz Update

Here’s the latest about one of several continuing ICE crises that we doubt ICE sachem heir-apparent is up to repairing.
As we’ve , maybe ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)–the immigration arm of Homeland Security–should be called LICE, for Latino Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
At least, that’s the case for Michigan and Ohio, the dominions of a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz,” the ICE Special Agent in Charge, who insists on looking away at any mischief in the heart of Islamic America, and targets mostly Latinos. Special is the keyword in his case. We’ve recounted throughout, and yet, the man is still in charge here.
We’re told his boss, Marcy Forman-Friedman, ICE Director of Investigations, was in a snit over our mentioning her name on this site, so she’s taking revenge on America by keeping this man in a job–for now. We’re also told that even if she’d try to finally do something, catfighting ICE wannabe-chieftain and would stop her.
Last week, Abu Moskowitz continued this S.O.P.–consistent with above all others, especially Muslims–holding a weeklong special round-up of illegal aliens. And guess what? Dearborn (the heart of Islamic America) was off limits. Guess what else? The aliens rounded up were all Latinos–mostly female Latinas. If you are illegal and Middle Eastern, go back to what you were doing. Because, as we’ve noted, Abu Moskowitz is deliberately looking the other way.
Then, there is the ICE recruiting. Last week, Abu Moskowitz held a meeting and urged more “minority” recruiting. The impression agents got was not that Abu Moskowitz was talking about recruiting more female, Black, or Hispanic agents, but Arab Muslim agents.
This has been a goal of Abu Moskowitz for some time. When we his entree into the world of recruiting Arabic speaking agents, we mentioned how Abu Moskowitz asked his good buddy, “former” PFLP terrorist and eternal FBI award revokee to . Abu Moskowitz gave his two agent recruiters–one of whom, by the way, is Pakistani–the stack of Hamad-chosen candidates and “encouraged” them to push some of these candidates through the selection process. One of those candidates just so happened to be Hamad’s nephew.
When I wrote about this, Abu Moskowitz got so upset he had an ICE agent friend of mine call to try to propagandize me; one of his former agents, now DHS ethics investigator, Tyler Shoudy e-mailed me some nonsense; and then, Abu Moskowitz held a at Selfridge Air Base with hot dogs and burgers in an attempt to unify his agents (who mostly hate him) against me. I enjoyed hearing how my name was the focal point of his speech in the daylong festivities.
Nothing has changed, though.
Looks like Abu Moskowitz continues to repeat the same old patterns: arresting ONLY Latino illegal aliens in the heart of Islamic America; and pushing to recruit radical Muslim ICE agents. Moskowitz’s agents are frustrated. We wonder what Latino groups will say when this is brought to their attention. Perhaps they, too, should insist on a place at Abu Moskowitz’s crony table–and perhaps even an invitation to Abu Moskowitz’s home in swanky Bloomfield Hills, as “former” terrorist and FBI award revokee Hamad was reportedly extended.
9/11 happened. But some people never learn.

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Ooooo, racial profiling!

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