October 11, 2005, - 10:01 am

USA Today’s Bizarre Editorial Priorities (Ballroom Dancing)

So glad that USA Today has its priorities straight about problems facing the nation. Today, for example, its op-ed page is occupied by this important piece: “High Hopes for Ballroom Dancing.”
Yes, with gas prices sky-rocketing, unqualified nominees to head up and , war in Iraq, hurricane damage raising prices everywhere and costing taxpayers gazillions, USA Today has decided that a piece discussing “Dancing With the Stars”–by the “author of an adult football novel”–was THE issue worthy of almost the entire op-ed page, today.
What–no Kelly Monaco Playboy lay-out?

Kelly Monaco: What USA Today Editorials and Playboy Have in Common

The author writes, “Pop culture is embracing the craze [of ballroom dancing]. Next up, the Olympics. (Hey, can’t a guy dream?)”
Actually, the only “guys” that dream of ballroom dancing in the Olympics are the ones whose favorite song is by “The Weathergirls.”

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Actually, I am somewhat relieved that the great minds that came up with such a weak excuse for a newspaper do not try to affect peoples opinions on important issues. Kim Komando is the only reason I look at it at all.

johnnycab23513 on October 11, 2005 at 10:37 am

The USA Today is a lousy paper…
Their perpetual fluff pieces almost make me miss Larry King…

Yiddish Steel on October 11, 2005 at 11:14 am

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