October 11, 2005, - 7:51 pm

Quick, Somebody Call the Moroccan ACLU

What, you mean the “A” in ACLU stands for American?! (You could have fooled me–and the rest of America.)
Damn. Because someone needs to call the ACLU about Morocco. Moroccan authorities began deporting almost 1,000 African illegal immigrants from Morocco back to Senegal and Mali. And no-one noticed, but for a tiny blurb on the back pages of USA Today (which ISN’T in its online version).
Gee, I don’t hear a single far-leftist ACLU’er (oops, redundant!) complaining about civil rights, profiling, and the need for “fairer” immigration policy in Morocco.
Nope. That’s because Morocco is a MUSLIM and ARAB country. It is judged by different standards than America, where we must be pure angels who bend over (backward or forward–take your pick) for our enemies. America . . . the land of “voluntary” PC-shoved invasion.
And the Moroccans used force on the Africans. Gee, where are the Abu Ghraib/Gitmo “human rights” police? They take the day off when Americans or non-Muslims aren’t the “aggressors,” apparently.
UN Scammer-General Kofi Annan is urging the international community to “resolve economic problems” driving the African migration to Morocco. Funny, I don’t hear Kookoo Kofi trying to resolve “economic problems” that drive Islamist immigration into America. Radical Muslims, okay; Africans, bad. But he’s not racist, right?

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check that picture out. and thanks for the memories, debbie.

shleppy on October 11, 2005 at 9:27 pm

Imagine being one of these poor deported Africans-seeing ‘Casablanca’ 63 years after it was made and moving there only to find out that Humphrey Bogart and Rick’s Cafe have been replaced by the black African chief of THE UN named after Maxwell
HoHouse-I guess consulting with some putz named Bono on African economics and rips off,”Let’s round up the usual suspects.”

jaywilton on October 12, 2005 at 10:49 am

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