October 12, 2005, - 12:37 am

THIS Should Sink Julie Myers, ICE Princess in Waiting

We got quite an interesting tip about , President Bush’s unqualified nominee to head up ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). If true, it should sink her nomination . . . for good.
According to the latest U.S. News and World Report, Julie Myers, currently a White House employee and Assistant to the President, gave out “White House . . . trinkets” as favors for her out-of-town wedding guests. We repeat: It appears that the ICE Princess used tax-funded White House “trinkets” for her own personal use.
Are you listening, ?
USN&WR’s “Washington Whispers” writers Thomas Omestad and Julian E. Barnes say: “Friends tell us that out-of-town guests to her Georgetown wedding last month received cute gift baskets filled with White House and city trinkets.”

Martha Stewart Wanna-be or Immigration Chief:

Did Julie Myers use tax-funded trinkets for wedding favors?

We think it’s time for new hearings. And subpoena her wedding guest list, too. We’re sure she’ll come up with some phony excuse–like that she bought them on e-bay. . . or that they’re not “real” White House trinkets. We think some investigation is in order to find out the truth.
USN&WR claims Ms. Myers would make a great “social secretary” and “quite the party planner.” But heading up Immigration and Customs Enforcement takes more than a social secretary. It’s neither Jackie O’s salon nor Martha Stewart’s test kitchen. It’s the front line against foreign invasion and has nothing to do with making a good mocha torte.
Here’s the complete USN&WR Myers blurb:
Wedding Cake With a Side of Barney
If Bush personnel aide and embattled immigration and customs nominee Julie Myers doesn’t make it through the Senate confirmation process, she might have a future as the White House social secretary. We hear that Myers, 36, who appears to have cooled charges of cronyism and inexperience, is quite the party planner. Friends tell us that out-of-town guests to her Georgetown wedding last month received cute gift baskets filled with White House and city trinkets and ideas on how to entertain kids. The package included pictures of first pets Barney and Miss Beazley and the vice president’s dogs, Jackson and Dave. “Wow,” offered another recently married Bushie. “All my guests received was a piece of local fudge.”

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That’s if Bush or his people care.

KOAJaps on October 12, 2005 at 10:29 pm

There is a solution to the Immigration Problem and it does not lie on the border. When we had a problem with child labor, in 1932, those products produced with child labor was declared contraband and could not be shipped in inter-state commerce. Since Bush seems to like slavery, and every one who hires workers in the USA is going along with him, I believe that the solution to the problem of illegal employment is not to give up, not to re-enforce the border but to turn it over to the good offices of the IRS! I want every employer who files an income tax return on his business to have to provide the Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number and the wages paid for each employee. If that employee is using a Fraudulent, Stolen, or one of the 7,500,000 million numbers that have been issued by the IRS to Illegal aliens to allow them to file for their Child Credit and Earned Income Credit, Then those wages paid to that employee will be denied as an exemption and the employer will have to pay the commensurate taxes on those illegal wages. Now back to Julie Myers,
for some reason, This is just one more example of how the former INS has been taken over by the unknowledgeable elite. Every one of the present leaders above a GS-15 has absolutely no field experience, and believe me, Immigration is a separate world with it’s own language and processes developed over the last 50 years. And they are going to put this numbskull in charge of interior enforcement? One thing that these bright people haven’t figured out yet is that Immigration deals with people and Customs deals with things and Tom Ridge put Customs in charge at the Border? and now michael jerkoff doesn’t know diddly-squat about whats going on and neither does Bush. How ever, I voted for him twice and would do it again, I think.

noel i doran on October 17, 2005 at 1:54 am

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