October 16, 2005, - 3:36 pm

This “Cracker’s” Thoughts: Highlights from Farrakhan’s “100,000s More March”

Highlights from Nation of Islam leader Louis Walcott a/k/a Louis X a/k/a Louis Farrakhan’s “Millions More March” (We call it the “100,000s More March” because the original “Million Man March” had only 100,000 racists in attendance, not a million. Even less are at the remake.):
* Farrakhan said the rally is a “start of a new movement.”
Really? Is racism a “new movement”? Silly me. I thought it was centuries old. And whaddya know–Louis X founded it. How proud he must be.

Extremist Love Gaze: Louis Farrakhan and

* Farrakhan said, “We’re tired of begging others to do for us what we have the capacity to pool our resources–intellectually and financially–to do for ourselves.”
Glad to hear it. Now, maybe, his Fruit of Islam goon squad will turn down future HUD contracts to patrol the projects and will do it for the money Farrakhan raises, in FOI’s name, to put himself in the lap of luxury.
* HOprah’s fave hip-hopper, Kanye “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” West, performed at Sautrday’s pre-March event.
I guess this means we can say, “Kanye West doesn’t care about Whites (“Crackers”), Christians, Jews, Asians, Arabs . . . and every sundry other group Louis X has expressly denounced.” Damn, no national telethon of celeb airheads on which to do it.
* Detroit Free Press resident propagandist for extremist Islam Niraj Warikoo “reports” on the March and Farrakhan’s recent Detroit visit. Surprise, surprise, not once in the article is there a mention of Farrakhan’s raving lunatic statements or rampant racist utterings. Instead, we see a headline: “Millions More March to Stress Inclusiveness.”
Inclusiveness? Of whom? Whites, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Koreans, or any of the other diverse groups Louis X has denounced? Think again, despite the ludicrous claim to the contrary in this piece.
* The whole USA today op-ed page, with glowing articles by Breea C. Willingham and Debra McCown (circa 1995, at the original hate-fest) on the Reigning Reverse Racist, Farrakhan. Nary a mention of Farrakhan’s racism and bigotry–unless you count McCown’s reference to Louis X’s “controversial statements about Catholics, gays and Jews.”
Controversial?! They’re not “controversial.” They’re RACIST, BIGOTED, and flat-out WRONG. Unbelievable how people kowtow to this loon.
All this glowing coverage of Louis X with barely any notice of his outrageous statements is a little like a retrospective about Hitler that goes on and on about his skill at making weird-shaped mustaches, but never mentioning the camps, the ovens, or the eleven million.
Read more about Farrakhan’s back taxes owed, rip-off schemes to make money off the less fortunate Blacks who attend the Marches, and his interesting space-ship theories, from my witty friends at Am I Annoying.
Yes, there are a million–or is that, 100,000?–suckers out there.

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NOI would be an excellent next destination for
Madonna since Farrakhan’s racist-science fiction religion is about the only possibility left for her;also,since the murderer of Civil Rights workers-Schwerner,Chaney and Goodman was recently
tried and convicted,hopefully the same civil rights crowd can reopen Farrakhan’s plot in the
Malcolm X rubout.

jaywilton on October 16, 2005 at 6:21 pm

Asians too? Hmmm. I guess I have to be an idiot to be accepted. I wished his ass cancer killed Captain bow-tie

KOAJaps on October 16, 2005 at 8:14 pm

Whites Riot At Racist Black Nazi Rally In D.C.

Whites rioted and burned police cars and private businesses in Washington D.C. after a black Nazi rally was held downtown last night. The riots occurred after a peaceful free speech call to black supremacy rally. The whites threw bottles and…

Diggers Realm on October 16, 2005 at 10:44 pm

Farrakhan said the rally is a “start of a new movement.”
Yeah…..a bowel movement!
Calypso Louie should be brought up on incitement to riot charges.

Thee_Bruno on October 17, 2005 at 11:20 am

I heard his Calypso tapes and it was rockin! Go back to being a musician mr. Farrakook, because, no one cares about you, Mahn

KOAJaps on October 18, 2005 at 6:49 pm

GREAT post!
(And yes, Louie DOES need to work on his addition!)
Is it just me, or is all this fuss about racism making many of us non-minority folk (who are NOT racists), feel kinda’, ummmmm, RACIST? Is the taboo of talking about racism finally wearing off for white people, who might be tired of paying a pennance that we did not (personally) earn? Well, it is for me. Big time.
This incessant cacophony of racism (by black leaders, black rap artists, black comedians, ALL fringe liberals etc), combined with the welfare state/entitlement mentality (welfare, Section 8, reparations, racial quotas, affirmative action) that has pissed me off for years is driving me (and other whites I’ve spoken to) back to racism – and I DON’T LIKE IT!
You want equal opportunity? Let’s look at the hard facts of crime and be HONEST about it. Blacks commit more crime than any other ethnic group in America – period. In fact, WAY more. Now, do we want to solve this or keep making excuses? Be honest, look into the root causes of why that is true, and let’s go from there….and let’s stop bullshitting ourselves! While one can argue that the police tend to suspect and arrest young black men more often than other profiles, I submit that there is a reason for that. And who are the unsung, indirect victims of this? The millions of law-abiding and decent black men who do the right thing, and yet are looked upon daily with societal suspicion.
It is abundantly clear as well ~ the likes of Farrakhan, Jackson and Sharpton are like vampires, who feed on the propogation of racism and the penchant for many in the Black community to embrace such nonsense. These men are the worst kind of predators, who sow the seeds of imagined discrimination and hatred to enrich and empower themselves.

Timmer ~ Righting America on October 18, 2005 at 11:38 pm

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