October 17, 2005, - 3:12 pm

Who is Neal AbuNab?: Pan-Islamist Filmmaker, School Board Candidate, Fraud Convict–Abu Moskowitz Update

Over the past several months, I’ve received e-mails from a man named Nael AbuNab a/k/a Neal AbuNab, begging me to give publicity to a -esque “movie” he made. He is a close friend of “former” Palestinian terrorist and FBI award revokee , yet claims that he is a big fan of my work.
Besides not falling for the phony taqiyah-style adulation from this Kuwaiti-born Palestinian Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, and John Kerry campaign worker, I’ve ignored his e-mails for several very good reasons. It’s not just that he’s an activist in the pro-HAMAS/Hezbollah American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), either.
AbuNab’s movie openly glorifies his and friend, “former” terrorist, and Midwest ADC chief, Hamad, as an “American hero” (?!). Then, there are AbuNab’s “writings.” As a Pan-Islamist ranter for an openly pro-HAMAS and -Hezbollah local Islamic “Arab” newspaper, his work on film is probably as completely unworthy as his work in print–very suitable for someone’s birdcage in Gaza (but not any birdcage here in America; wouldn’t want to get PETA riled up).
Now, however, I’ve found a reason to give AbuNab a lot of publicity. AbuNab is a candidate for Dearborn School Board, most likely to spread his pan-Islamist, pro-terrorism views to the Dearborn educational system, for the few non-Muslim students who are not already so inculcated. And he is a convicted felon.
As result of his candidacy, it has come out that AbuNab is currently on probation for fraudulent business practices. According to the Detroit News, AbuNab was convicted in December 2003 on two counts of conspiracy, one count of criminal enterprise, and one count of false pretenses. He pled no contest to rolling back car odometers and issuing false titles at a Detroit car dealership he ran.
And the fraud continues. This summer, after the London bombings, AbuNab put one over on the Sunday Times of London’s Douglas Rogers, to whom AbuNab lied about the end result of the car dealership–claiming it was a result, not of his criminal fraud and deceit, but of 9/11 backlash against Muslims and Arabs.
” ‘After September 11 our community was under siege, we faced the backlash,’ he [AbuNab] says. ‘I lost a business. But I weighed my love for the country that had given me a home and the love for my faith and I found no contradiction.’ ”
Cry me a river. Or rather, cry the river for the real victims of the real reason for the failure of AbuNab’s business–the phony odometers and false auto titles AbuNab sold.
Since he committed fraud upon customers and the Sunday Times of London, it’s no surprise that AbuNab made a “movie” with the equally fraudulent premise that his and Abu Moskowitz’s “former” terrorist buddy, Hamad, is some sort of great American. Indeed.
The question is: Who is funding his “films,” campaigns, etc.?

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The money for his campaigns, film, lies, etc., is probably coming from one or two sources, or from both. His funds may come directly from terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, terror supporters like the ADC, and other such “humanitarian” groups, and/or from like-minded practitioners of the “Religion of Peace” who are living in America and who funnel their money through bogus Islamic charities.
No matter where the money comes from we must remember that these “people” are muslims first and foremost, and they will always be. They will never consider themselves to be Americans. Everything that makes America great is the very antithesis of what Islam is all about. America, to them, is nothing more than a place to enjoy a better standard of living, a place to earn money that can be sent to terrorist organizations, and a place from which they can plot to convert us, enslave us, and kill us.

Thee_Bruno on October 18, 2005 at 9:01 am

Hey Abu, one thing you never do is irritate Deb. But not just Deb, but the people who support her. You are a naughty naughty person rolling back mileages

KOAJaps on October 18, 2005 at 6:47 pm

Add to his list of accomplishments a guest appearance this morning on FNC’s Dayside program along with Brigitte Gabriel to discuss violent muslim reactions to the Pope’s comments. He condescended to Ms. Gabriel by saying “honey, let me speak” and it was at that point I looked him up on the web and found him discussed right here on your blog.
I wish FNC screened its guests a little better.

salstress on September 19, 2006 at 2:15 pm

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Ardolf on May 21, 2010 at 7:22 pm

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