October 19, 2001, - 12:52 pm

Cynthia McKinney: Today’s Hanoi Jane

During World War II, we had Tokyo Rose sending demoralizing messages to our troops. During Vietnam, we had Hanoi Jane Fonda sending her treasonous messages to our boys in Southeast Asia, while aiming the Communists’ cannons at them.

And in this War Against Terrorism, we have Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-GA)–Jihad Cindy–to demoralize us and give aid and comfort to the enemy.

McKinney has a strong record of hating America. During the recent U.N. World Conference Against Racism, she joined the Arab world (now our “moderate” partners in the “Coalition Against Terrorism”) and Third World republics in attacking the U.S. While there (and overseas–the conference was in Africa), in pushing for slavery reparations, McKinney said the White House is “just full of latent racists.”

But her latest set of actions are the most outrageous.

Rep. Cynthia McKinney a/k/a “Jihad Cindy” Hard At Work

Take McKinney’s pandering letter to Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, in which she apologized for the valorous actions of New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Talal, nephew of Saudi King Fahd, recently visited New York to see the World Trade Center remains and gave Giuliani a $10 million check for relief efforts. Then, the prince released a statement full of moral equivocations, rationalizing the murder of 6,000 innocent Americans and blaming U.S. foreign policy, “suggesting” it be changed.

It’s hard to ignore a $10 million dollar suggestion, no matter how ridiculous and immoral.

But not for the valiant Giuliani. In the highest act of moral and civic courage, he promptly returned the check with a statement: “There is no moral equivalent for this attack. The people who did it lost any right to ask for justification when they slaughtered 5,000, 6,000 innocent people … Not only are those statements wrong, they’re part of the problem.” Giuliani is an American hero.

Back to the American villainess. Last Friday, McKinney, in a ludicrous letter, apologized to the prince for Giuliani’s actions, accusing Giuliani of denying the prince’s “right to speak and make observations about a part of the world you know so well.”

Nobody denied the prince’s speech rights–which nobody in his country, Saudi Arabia, has, by the way. He made his statement without being tortured to death, a la Middle-Eastern civil liberties.

But McKinney is right about one thing: The prince and his family know that part of the world well–which is why, according to New York Times and Wall Street Journal reports, there is significant evidence that the Saudi government had their hands in the attacks and that they tacitly continue to support Osama bin Laden through his family, which lives comfortably in Saudi Arabia and hasn’t cut their brother off.

McKinney’s letter was so disgusting, even her Georgia Democratic colleague, Senator Zell Miller called it “disgraceful” and denounces her on his website. Not only did McKinney agree with the prince’s “remarks,” but in her own shameful moral equivocation, she attacked America because, “Your Royal Highness, the state of Black America is not good.” McKinney wrote, “There are many people in America who desperately need your generosity,” making the false assertion that a black baby born in Harlem has a worse life expectancy than one born in Bangladesh.

No, Cindy, America does not need Saudi “generosity.” The Saudis need ours–like the generosity we gave in the Gulf War, saving the prince’s shaky monarchy from being exiled to a Swiss chalet, while his country became a province of Iraq. And look what we’ve gotten in return–a royal slap in the face, aided by Jihad Cindy. I guess McKinney forgot the life expectancy of blacks in the Muslim Arab world, including Saudi-aided Sudan, where two million black Christians were savagely murdered and where millions more are enslaved, tortured, maimed and raped.

McKinney’s new buddy, Prince Alwaleed, is the sixth richest man in the world, according to Forbes. Giuliani showed him that even the wealthiest of scoundrels cannot buy respectability with their blood money. Unless they’re buying Congresswoman McKinney.

And her price is very cheap, apparently. She was the headliner at the Oct. 7 fundraising dinner for the Council on American Islamic Relations, a Muslim terrorist front group that has been hanging out with President Bush a lot lately.

In exchange for her revered status with this and other radical Islamic pro-terrorist groups, McKinney has attempted to stop congressional investigations into them and the WTC attacks.

At an Oct. 3 House Committee on International Relations Hearing on al-Qaeda and the Global Reach of Terrorism, McKinney had a temper tantrum when Oliver “Buck” Revell testified. Revell, associate director of the FBI in charge of Investigative and Counter-Intelligence Operations from 1985-1991, attempted to show segments of the 1995 documentary, “Jihad in America.”

McKinney wanted to censor it, so that Americans watching on C-SPAN would not see evidence of the extensive Muslim terrorist network in America documented in the film, including that of Islamic Jihad front-man and University of South Florida Professor, Dr. Sami Al-Arian. No complaints from her about denying Revell’s right to speak.

We’re in the middle of war. But atop her tax-funded website, alongside a photo of her in leopard-print accents, are “news briefs,” including “COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story,” an attack on the U.S., which she and the Black Caucus presented to the U.N. World Conference Against Racism. Hello? . . . COINTELPRO took place under Nixon, three decades ago. And the victims cited in this 78-page diatribe by America-hating leftists Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn are guys like Dhoruba Bin Wahad aka Richard Moore, a Black Panther who machine-gunned police officers, and convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

Echoing her friend, Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan, whom she’s refused to denounce, McKinney’s website demands evidence against Osama bin Laden and the Taliban.

During wars in lands far away, Tokyo Rose and Hanoi Jane were bad enough. But now the war is on our homefront. And so is Jihad Cindy.

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