October 24, 2005, - 4:32 pm

Perfumed ICE: Immigration Agency Meets the Chick Channel

The agency that replaced INS and the Customs Service is being feminized.
No, I’m not talking about , the unqualified whom President Bush has nominated to take over Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Although Julie Myers hasn’t even had her nomination sent to the full Senate for a vote, she’s already counting her chickens and thanking supporters, helpers, tutors, and assorted other catch-all valets always attendant to the woefully inexperienced future immigration chief-ette.
But before Myers gets her chance to further emasculate the aimless agency, the Lifetime Channel beat her to the punch.
That’s right. The damsel-in-distress network–full of aging Valerie Bertinellis, Cheryl Ladds, and woman-done-wrong Danielle Steele novel movies of the week from the ’80s–is home to ICE’s latest PR foray: a movie called “Human Trafficking,” starring Mira Sorvino and leftist Donald Sutherland. The two-part mini-series begins tonight.

Mira Sorvino: Lifetime’s Softer, Gentler, Emasculated ICE

Finally, ICE agents are getting the publicity they’ve longed for, but was always usurped by the FBI. Sadly, it’s on the Chick Channel amidst tampon commercials. Even more outrageous, the movie was done in cooperation with not just ICE’s PR team, but with a militant feminist group, an anti-American group that attacks our efforts to thwart terrorists, and a group that even raises money to help rebuild terrorist facilities. Maybe they should have called the movie, “ICE: Sleeping with the Enemy.”
More on ICE’s new “TV partners,” later.
If this were just a TV movie, it would be one thing. But unfortunately it’s symbolic of the neutering of the former INS and Customs that is manifest in ICE. The agency is now governed by the Lifetime Channel ethos.
“Human Trafficking” is about a female New York cop (Sorvino) who becomes an ICE agent and goes undercover to stop a Slavic female slavery ring. My favorite part of this movie is the AP story reprinted by ABC News, MSNBC, and other similar prominent media organizations, which states that Agent Sorvino goes to work for the “FICTIONAL” Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. While it demonstrates what a terrible job ICE spokeswoman Jamie Zuieback did in “working” on this movie, it’s wishful thinking that the law enforcement areas focused upon in this movie are fictional.
It’s, unfortunately, fact.
Today, ICE–whose former Customs agents used to be focused more on things like stopping terrorist money laundering, and whose INS agents lost their agency allegedly in a move to “improve” stopping potential terrorists from getting in or staying the country–is focusing on Oprah-style areas you’d see on a Lifetime miniseries. Sex tourism and child porn videotapes are the sexy real estate du jour where ICE agents’ priorities have been deliberately diverted.
But how many 9/11 hijackers used child porn videotapes to slit the throats of flight attendants? And how many of the terrorists were sex tourists returning from a sojourn to the Philippines? Which is more dangerous to America: laundering money for an operation that can immediately murder 3,000 Americans, blow up subways and bridges, and using fake IDs to easily get in and out of the country? Or a few girls who–yes, are physically abused and in harms way–but shouldn’t be the province of an agency called Immigration and Customs Enforcement?
The agency is in “Homeland Security” for a reason. It’s not central casting for the next scandal on “Desperate Housewives.” It’s supposed to 1) keep terrorists out, 2) stop sham marriages to illegals for the purposes of fraudulent citizenship, and 3) curtail money laundering to terrorists. Detroit is illustrative of the new, severely misguided agenda. Its ICE Special Agent in Charge, a/k/a “Abu Moskowitz”, is very tight with –a man who previously fit the first two categories and . (Becoming friends with a “former” terrorist. How very Lifetime-esque. “We are the World . . . .”) Moskowitz has shut down the investigation into that charity, as he has done with many such investigations. Instead, in the heart of Islamic America, his Oprah-fied focus is on sex tourism and kiddie porn.
Saturday’s New York Times cites Homeland Security’s newly released Inspector General report that vividly demonstrates the utter disaster of ICE’s Lifetime Channel approach to law enforcement.
Of 301,046 leads on visa violators in 2004, ICE pursued only 4,164 and apprehended just 671. Is pursuing just 1% of leads and apprehending just a fifth of a percent acceptable? Of those apprehended, only a minuscule few would ever be detained and face deportation–if they don’t successfully fight it. Millions of tax dollars for a few deportations of visa violators out of over 300,000 leads–that’s an outrage. How many of these visa overstays are from the Middle East or other hotbeds of extremist Islam? And how many of them are in the Detroit area? It’s clear .
While DHS’ Inspector General estimates that visa overstays constitute 3.6 million of 9-10 million illegals in the U.S., ICE assigned only 51 (!) full-time agents in 2004 to work the cases. How many full-time agents did Moskowitz assign to this in his Michigan/Ohio corridor that includes the heart of extremist Islamic America?
Michael J. Garcia, ICE’s director in 2004, uses the Lifetime Channel defense, telling the Times that ICE made it a priority to pursue only visa violators like the one “involving a violator who was also wanted in the rape of a 14-year-old girl.” Who is a bigger threat to America: a man who might have raped one young girl, or someone bent on flying planes into buildings because they hate infidel Americans and want to help murder another 3,000?
Then, there is ICE’s VERY questionable choice of partners in this Lifetime ICE Capade:
* Equality Now: This anti-male group served as the U.S. mouthpiece for an organization that sponsored the rebuilding of homes and buildings used to facilitate Palestinian terrorism. (The homes covered tunnels between Gaza and Egypt, used to smuggle weapons and homicide bombs.) Equality Now sent out press releases and organized press conferences for Bat Shalom, a feminist group which supported a boycotts of some Israeli products and sponsored and ran ads on its website for the rebuilding of the Palestinian tunnel-covering “homes.” Equality Now activists include Augusta National foe Martha Burk and Jane Fonda. WHY is ICE associating with this group?
* Amnesty International: The group that recently called the Guantanamo Bay prison facility, which serves terrorists who want to kill us Lemon Dover Sole and Halal Chicken Amandine, “the gulag of our time.” AI’s press kit for the ICE chick flick blames the U.S. troops (it calls them “international peacekeeping troops”)–who sacrificed and went into Kosovo to protect Muslims for no reason beneficial to the U.S.–for the increase in Kosovo’s sex trade. Funny, neither Bill Clinton (who sent the troops there) nor Wahabbist Islam (that has since overtaken the Muslim population there and apparently allows this to go on) are mentioned.
* Feminist Majority Foundation: The anti-male group founded and headed up by Eleanor Smeal, former head of equally anti-male the National Organization for Women (NOW). Is ICE trying to tell its mostly male workforce something?
With “friends” like these, who needs enemies?
ICE spokeswoman Zuieback calls the Lifetime ICE confab, “feasible fiction.”
With Julie Myers about to take power, illegal immigrants everywhere, and ICE focusing its resources on a questionable estrogen-laden TV movie, I really wish it were fiction.

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9 Responses

Deb, sounds like your website has caused a stir and now the Bush admin is trying to put a control on the spin. It’s really interesting how they’re getting Mira Sorvino (I don’t know who she is) to play an ICE agent. Funny thing too is that her raid jacket has the American flag and it’s backwards. After speaking to some military recruiters, the reason why the patch is on backwards is because, they (the military) don’t retreat from the enemy. So when has America been a foreign land where soldiers–ICE agents in this case–has to go in and fight a war in its own turf? Maybe when the Bush, Clinton and previous admin allowed illegals to enter into our country. I think it’s fine time we strengthen our borders like they do in Israel. The patch is an insult to the military and to Americans.

KOAJaps on October 24, 2005 at 5:22 pm

Those stats are appalling. I didn’t know it was that bad. Why not use bountyhunters? Oh that wouldn’t do at all.
And what were they thinking allying themselves with those groups? The ignorance and complete disconnect with the majority amazes me.

John Sobieski on October 24, 2005 at 10:07 pm

John, nothing amazes me anymore

KOAJaps on October 24, 2005 at 11:22 pm

We’ve come to a bad state when Lifetime Television, a feelgood channel, is partnered with national security. This attempt at pr is fraught with danger as those sworn to our destruction get a good laugh at our expense.

WatchfulEye on October 26, 2005 at 8:10 am

Schlussel: Immigration Agency Meets the Chick Channel

“The agency that replaced INS and the Customs Service is being feminized. No, I’m not talking about Julie L. Myers,…

Stein Report on October 26, 2005 at 11:51 am

After being fired from a job because “Even if you’re innocent, we have to protect ourselves” (after a woman accused me of actually thinking the opposite of what I was saying) I started to wonder where the female fascination with TV shows and movies about women (and girls) in danger of being exposed to sex comes from. Is it just an excuse to indulge in soft porn without feeling guilty?

donald951 on October 26, 2005 at 12:03 pm


CAPTAIN BOYCOTT on October 26, 2005 at 1:16 pm

I am not surprised that Lifetime and the ICE have partnered. Like the rest of you, I am sick and tired of watching my country’s government allow our enemies to set or carry out policy. Bush, in his attempt to bring a “new tone” to DC politics, has perpetuated the “old tone”–Democrats lie and attack, while Republicans just surrender.
I am hoping that we can elect a real conservative and a patriot in ’08. While I do not hate Bush, I do not believe that he has lived up to his potential.
Got any names for ’08?

Loser on October 26, 2005 at 3:48 pm

Hey Loser, look up New World Order and you’ll realize that both the Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs are the same.

KOAJaps on October 26, 2005 at 10:09 pm

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