November 4, 2005, - 1:10 pm

Your Tax $ Fund Palestinian “Desperate Housewives”

You might like “Desperate Housewives.” Maybe you liked “Dallas” and “Dynasty.” But would you want your tax money paying for the Palestinian version?
That’s what’s happening.
USA Today reports that Palestinians now have a new soap opera, “Seriously Joking,” on Palestinian Authority TV (the TV network that is home to assorted extremist Islamic sermons calling for the murder of all Americans, Christians, and Jews, and assorted racist comments against Blacks like Condoleeza Race).
Buried in the story is the disturbing fact that this soap opera is funded with $170,000 of YOUR TAX MONEY! Yes, U.S. Agency for International Development funds go to fund the Palestinian “Desperate Housewives.”
Talk about waste.
Then, there is the issue of separation of Church and State. This soap opera is produced exclusively for Ramadan entertainment, and will run new episodes again, next Ramadan. Should our tax money be funding entertainment whose sole purpose is to entertain people from a preferred religious group during their period of fasting?
I don’t think so.
Our tax money should not be funding Palestinian soap operas for Ramadan entertainment. Period.
Frankly, the Palestinian people would be better off watching “Desperate Housewives.” Even though there have been some murders on Wisteria Lane, none of them are done by homicide bombers targeting people because they are Jews, Christians, or Americans. The Palestinians could learn what life is like in a relatively peaceful neighborhood.
I doubt Terri Hatcher or Eva Longoria would want to wear a burqa, though.

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3 Responses

So there’s no strings attached to this money?
I mean, I support things like Radio Sawa, but this is just their own entertainment programming with no strings attached?

Dean Esmay on November 5, 2005 at 4:37 am

Dean, you’re paying for a foreign country’s hatred for us. And they’re not even a country.

KOAJaps on November 5, 2005 at 5:13 pm

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