November 7, 2005, - 10:38 am

Michigan Arab Official Misuses Tax $s to Endorse Arab Muslim Felon

Why is Marianne Yared McGuire, an Arab activist and elected Democrat member of the Michigan Board of Education, misusing tax dollars to endorse Arab candidates for office? And why is she getting away with it, right in the face of clueless reporters?
On Friday, McGuire enlisted an employee of the State of Michigan, Michigan Board of Education spokesman Martin Ackley, to endorse embattled Arab Muslim and convicted felon, (a/k/a Neal AbuNab) (whose criminal record and propensity for lies ) for the Dearborn School Board.
This is a completely improper use of tax dollars and public employees, both of which are specifically proscribed from being used in elections and endorsements of candidates. Both McGuire and Ackley should be brought up on ethics charges and misuse of tax dollars. But the clueless Detroit News reporter who wrote the story in which the improper behavior took place, Eric Lacy, didn’t seem to notice, since the quotations appeared in his story. I contacted him, and he still didn’t seem to get it. Hello . . . .
Even if you don’t live in Michigan, as most readers of this site don’t, you should be concerned because it’s yet another example of a religion and ethnicity abusing our tax dollars and misusing our system for improper gain. Both McGuire and convicted felon AbuNab are open advocates for Arabs and Muslims–and their “viewpoint”–in our education system and curriculum. Michigan now, all of America later.
Here are the offending quotes from Lacy’s Detroit News story:
“State Board of Education member Marianne Yared McGuire is convinced AbuNab has learned his lesson. She’s known AbuNab for at least 10 years and says he’s paid his debt to society, said state board spokesman Martin Ackley.
Ackley spoke on McGuire’s behalf Thursday, because he said was unavailable for comment.
She’s endorsing him and aware of his legal problems in the past,” Ackley said.
‘She thinks he can be a good school board member.’ ”

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Because she’s an idiot

KOAJaps on November 8, 2005 at 11:52 am

As I posted in earlier threads;
These people are Muslims first, foremost, and only. They don’t and will never consider themselves Americans because democracy and freedom are the antithesis of Islam. They don’t assimilate, and they don’t adopt American culture and our customs (just as they don’t anywhere else they emigrate to). They are here only to live a better life, earn money to fund their violence around the globe, and to lay the foundation for an Islamic takeover of America (as they are doing in Eurabia).
They will use (and abuse) our freedoms and laws against us to achieve their goal of Islamicising America.

Thee_Bruno on November 9, 2005 at 10:09 am

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