January 19, 2015, - 12:00 am

Saly Greige: Anti-Israel Miss Lebanon is Christian Arab; Libeled Miss Israel, But Trump Won’t Kick Her Out

By Debbie Schlussel

Saly Greige, the current Miss Lebanon who libeled Miss Israel and pretended she was “photobombed” by the Israeli, is a Christian Arab, NOT Muslim. And if the shameless Donald Trump had any balls, he’d kick her out of his Miss Universe pageant, to take place next Sunday. But he doesn’t and he won’t. Plus, he’ll never pick principle over the chance to get more eyeballs on his cheesy bikini parade, ginned up by the controversy. Remember when he engineered the Miss Hezbollah USA win by Islamic terrorist relative and fan Rima Hassan Fakih in 2010? Funny how FOX News, which loves him to death, never mentions any of this stuff or puts him on the hot seat about it.


As you may have read, Greige took a photo with the current Miss Israel, Doron Matalon, at the pageant festivities in Miami. But after the photo was posted, Greige’s fellow Jew-hating Arabs, Muslim AND Christian (like her), all over the world went into grievance theater mode (the only mode they seem to know). They attacked Greige repeatedly for having been in the presence of a JOOOOOOOOO. And instead of having a spine, Greige joined her fellow Jew-haters throughout the Arab world and pretended that Miss Israel intruded on the photo, the practice known as “photobombing.” And Greige accused Miss Israel of trying repeatedly to take selfies with Greige, something Greige claims she repeatedly tried to avoid.

You be the judge. Look at the photo, above. Does it look like Miss Israel just jumped into the photo? Nope. In fact, the Jew-hating, lying Miss Lebanon is smiling and doesn’t look caught off-guard or like she told the Israeli to get out of the photo. But like most of her fellow Arabs, she will lie, lie, lie to avoid being caught in any semblance of communication or acknowledgement of an evil yehudia (Arabic for Jewish chick).

Again, as I noted, Greige is NOT Muslim. She’s Christian. But she’s a Christian Arab and they, for the most part, hate Jews. They’ve sided over the centuries with Muslims against Jews and in many cases, especially in Lebanon and Egypt, their hatred rivals and even surpasses that of Muslims. I’ve written over and over on this site about how generally anti-Semitic the Middle East Christians are, with Copts promoting HAMAS and leading Muslims in anti-Semitic pogroms against Jews in Egypt over the decades and centuries. This isn’t new and shouldn’t be new to anyone. But, sadly, many Americans–including the many fakes on the right and in the so-called anti-jihad crowd–are ignorant and believe it’s as simple as “Muslim Arabs hate Jews, Christian Arabs are the good guys and oppressed.” Not so. They may be oppressed now, but they always bet against the Jews and now that they are “the Jews” at the hands of Muslims, they continue to embrace Muslim cultural Jew-hatred. Just like Ms. Greige.

Saly Greige isn’t the first Miss Lebanon to express Jew-hatred. Pretty much every single Miss Lebanon has been Christian, and in at least the last decade or so, all of the Lebanese Miss Universe contestants have tried to avoid Miss Israel, especially when the Miss Israel is a Jew (there have been Arab Miss Israels). In 2002, Christina Sawaya, that year’s Miss Lebanon and also a Christian, pulled out of the Miss Universe pageant because she did not want to share a stage with a Jew. This is just more of the same.

Same bleep, different day.

Don’t kid yourself. Miss Lebanon Saly Greige may look prettier than the French-Algerian Kouachi Bros, Amedy Coulibaly, and Hayat Boumediene. And, unlike them, she is not a Muslim. But she is no different. Make no mistake. Her hatred is exactly the same.

Shooting up Jews in a kosher supermarket one day. Defaming a Jewish Miss Israel the next. There is no difference, but for the lack of lives being snuffed out.

And if Miss Lebanon thought that would win her the pageant, she’d do that, too. You know she would. (It won’t be long until a Muslim terrorist chick is a welcomed pageant contestant–Fakih came pretty close.)

As Miss Lebanon Saly Freige said at the end of her ugly little pageant Jew-libel, “I hope to have your full support in the Miss Universe contest.”

Sure you do, kalbah wooskhah [dirty bitch]. Sure you do.


Like I said, Donald Trump doesn’t have the cojones or the basic decency to kick this Jew-hater out of his pageant. But he’s not stupid. Neither Greige nor Miss Israel will win and will likely both be eliminated right away, as Ms. Fakih was in the 2010 pageant, from which she was sent into the obscurity and lowlifery in which she dwells today.

In fact, I don’t believe a Miss Israel will ever win the pageant again, as it would anger Muslims. And while the Donald talks a big game on Islam and terrorism, he’s never ever walked the walk.


BTW, on Detroit’s NBC affiliate tonight, WDIV, anchor Sandra Ali (yup, an Arab Christian, too, and an Islamo-panderette extroardinaire of Egyptian descent) portrayed the story as being controversial because people in Lebanon are angry she would take a selfie with Miss Israel and are “demanding” she be stripped of her Miss Lebanon title. There was NO mention of Miss Lebanon’s lying, anti-Jewish claims about Miss Israel photobombing her. Yes, Miss Lebanon is being portrayed as a persecuted peacemaker.

This is how they slant the news in a U.S. market where only 100,000 of three million people are Arabs. My neck of the woods today, yours tomorrow.

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31 Responses


jack on January 19, 2015 at 12:34 am

Doron Matalon has beauty where it counts… on the inside.

Arab racism makes that only more obvious. She doesn’t need to apologize.

The fact Lebanon in particular and the Arab Muslim World in general hates the Jews and Israel tells us all we really need to know.

NormanF on January 19, 2015 at 12:40 am

*But, sadly, many Americans–including the many fakes on the right and in the so-called anti-jihad crowd–are ignorant and believe it’s as simple as “Muslim Arabs hate Jews, Christian Arabs are the good guys and oppressed.”*

This is why I won’t take Catholic sponsored tours of the Holy Land. They often hire “Palestinian” Christians as tour guides. The pilgrims are then subjected to subtle, anti-Israel propaganda by the “oppressed” “Palestinian” Christian, who claims to be caught in the middle–as if civilized Jews and violent, barbaric Muslims are somehow equivalent and are both oppressing the Christians.

For Catholic and Protestant tourists in Israel, it is better just rent a car at Ben Gourion, tour on your own, and day take tours by Jewish companies. Then your money is not going to the “Palestinians.”

John M. on January 19, 2015 at 7:43 am

Such morons don’t remember that Jesus is a Jew and a Christian is one who follows Jesus.

Amerihiker on January 19, 2015 at 9:13 am

This is shameful that a Christian would act like this! We Jews and Christians share so much that we should always stand together. I for one and my family who are Christian will always stand with Israel!

Tom Dooley on January 19, 2015 at 11:35 am

Just like to thank Saly Grieves for reminding me that the personality tests in these stupid competitions are about as real and substantial as Donald Trump’s hairdo although they do have a lot of volume.
Saly Grieves, a nominal Christian and a nominal person by the sounds of things.

japple on January 19, 2015 at 12:27 pm


You are spot on here. However, it is probably worth noting that it is actually a criminal offence for a Lebanese national to communicate with an Israeli. So Miss Lebanon is lying to save herself being arrested when she returns home. That’s still no reason, of course, for Trump not to throw her out. But what I don’t understand is why there is not a rule in advance that all candidates must be prepared to be photographed with each other. In that case the Arabs would have to accept it or not participate.

Edgar Davidson on January 19, 2015 at 1:39 pm

christian arabs hate the politic of israel not jewish people

noone on January 19, 2015 at 4:34 pm

    Hmm, really, is that a fact, Christian-Arabs only hate the policies of Israel and not Jewish people or folks of Israeli nationals?

    Ok my friend, then explain to me and ask the average Middle Eastern person of Arab ancestry on what exactly are his or her stance on Israel alone as a society and its people, NOT their governmental policies? A small majority of them will give a hatemongering, anti-Semitic and racist response, oh and BTW, do you think a good number of them are allies to folks of my ethnicity (black people)? They view folks of African lineage and origin as “abeed” and “abed” (slave and slaves in the Arabic language), they’re no different, if not worst than the white-supremacist (and many of them for some reason think that they’re white and of European born or ancestry)!

    Sean R. on January 19, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    No shithead, your bigoted Arab bitch is the one expressing hate.

    She won’t put aside her hatred even for a lousy photo.

    Scott on January 20, 2015 at 12:01 am

the only thng I see in this post is hate

noone on January 19, 2015 at 4:36 pm

AndAhe Israeli beauty queen did not jump into the photo, that means the two ladies were standing together and sbabng prior to the picture. that leads me to think that Miss Lebanon is, as many xtian Lebanese, a friend of Israel. But she must appear not to be. She is going back home and she must face a country where Hassan Nasrallah controls the population through fear.

Rafael V. Rabinovich on January 19, 2015 at 6:16 pm

    C’mon Rafael, get your head out of the sand. She and many other Christian Lebs are friends of Israel? Where did you get that fantasy from?

    Scott on January 20, 2015 at 12:08 am

I agree. If Donald Trump actually had any decency, he would have shown Miss Lebanon the door. This pageant is now a very little watched event.

Worry01 on January 20, 2015 at 6:44 am

Faq that stupid Arab Kurvah!

Stewart Winter on January 20, 2015 at 3:11 pm

Some “Christian.”

Occam's Tool on January 21, 2015 at 1:54 am

You guys need to realize that she is trying to save her own ass—she is going to be in HUGE trouble when she gets back to Lebanon and is even at risk for jail time!

Cathy on January 21, 2015 at 2:54 am

also Debbie, many Lebanese Christians love Israel. Don’t be lumping us in with Muslims.

Cathy on January 21, 2015 at 2:55 am

I’m a (Jewish) christian and would never behave like miss leb-anon. Obviously, she’s lying and remains connected to mecca. Many muslim converts are tacky taqqiyas! Stealth slink is the new and improved version of “I hate Jews” especially from the jealous zealots.

marlene on January 21, 2015 at 11:48 pm

    The problem with most of you people is that you talk just to talk. First of all ‘Christian Arabs’ are no different than the Christians in the US, let alone any Christians in the world. The Miss Lebanon contestant was in a way FORCED to deffend herself because in Lebanon (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, whatever your religion is) it is a CRIME to cope with the ‘ennemy’. Yes, the ‘ennemy’ as for Lebanon and Isreal have been in war sincreforever and still remain in war. It is not being against the ‘Jews’ but the state of Israel itself, they have a problem with the government and NOT the people of Israel.
    So please, bedore posting some lame Anti Arab comments, do get your history straight. I’m not saying Miss Lebanon’s reaction was the most peaceful nor yje right way, but it was probably the only way for her to actually stay in the competition and not be dethrowned in Lebanon.
    When will we all just fucking live in peace and stop labeling every single person?

    Peacee on January 22, 2015 at 7:06 am

Did it ever occur to the writer of this article (and Jews of this mindset in general) that disagreement of the policies of Israel does not automatically constitute antisemitism? Before you jump down my throat and label me an antisemite, I acknowledge the continued existence of antisemitism and that it is still pervasive throughout the world. However, the assumption that all people who do not support Israel’s policies unilaterally (and this assumption that by extension, this means they do not support Israel’s right to exist, which is bullshit) is extremely close-minded. As Jews, yes, you have been persecuted throughout time, as have many other people. But do not make claims of antisemitism on every person when we disagree with certain policies and/or politics of Israel.

Did it ever run through your mind, maybe more so than trying to hold onto her position as Miss Lebanon, that she is trying to protect her family with a lie (very bad, obviously from the calm disposition in the picture), so the terrorist organization of Hezbollah, operating out of Lebanon and a thorn in the Lebanese government’s side does not seek retribution?

Let us also not forget that Lebanon was NOT a participator in the Six Days War. They had their go in the Arab War, got spanked, and didn’t want anything negative further with Israel. The PLO was composed of pissed off muslims from the entire Arab region and settled in southern Lebanon because of its’ proximity to Israel’s border. In summation, I don’t believe in the blanket assumption that most Lebanese people (as opposed to most Palestinians) want to destroy Israel and its’ Jewish population.

Just my thoughts
I also disclose that I as a gentile am dating/in love with a Jew.

C on January 22, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    You were right about almost everything you said except for the part where you labled Hezbollah as being a terrorist organization. I as a christian do believe that without Hezbollah Lebanon would have disappeared ages ago where the Lebanese army is practically nothing without the help of Hezbollahs army, it would have been long gone from the map in 2006 where it was very obvious that it was because of Hezbollah that Lebanon did remain on standard ground and conquered the war in 2006 against Israel.
    Being against the state of Israel has nothing to do with being against the jews, on the contrary, no one has anything against the jews. It is just sad that these two girls being in a beauty competition were forced to involve politics into their daily lives and let that come between them instead of just putting everything aside and prove the world wrong; that yes we can all live together as one and yes we can all just forget about fucking politics for once and just all go one with our peaceful lives without any problem, its just a lousy selfie for gods sake! Learnnn to love god damn ittt!

    A on January 23, 2015 at 9:18 pm


      Virtually every point in your post is false.

      1)Your claim that Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization is false.

      2)Your claim that Israel was attempting to wipe Lebanon from the map is false.

      3)Your claim that Arab hatred of Israel has nothing to with Israel being a Jewish state is false.

      4)Your claim that both Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon brought politics into the photo controversy is false.The anti-Semitic country of Lebanon and in turn Miss Lebanon are the ones whose hatred turned a little selfie photo by Miss Israel into a controversy. Lebanon couldn’t put aside its hatred of Israel even for a little photo.

      Scott on January 24, 2015 at 2:13 am

        you said everything was false but can you prove it?

        A on March 23, 2015 at 4:48 pm

hating jews is one thing, hating israel is another thing. Especially if your country has turned into ruins with years of war and israel bombing.

But you already know this right? The constant effort for showing anyone criticising or simply not liking israel, portrayed as anti-jew is making me sick.

ozgur sever on April 12, 2015 at 6:20 am

guys you have to understand that Lebanese Christians have nothing against Jews or Israel…
and Sally had a big hate campaign from muslims when she arrived to lebanon, so she had to react like this to avoid going to prison as a traitor,
Israel is an official ennemy in lebanon and any contact with israeli will lead you straight to prison.
this law was made by muslims especially when the christians lost the war against syria

rpxy on July 11, 2015 at 6:17 am

people please stop referring to lebanese christians as arabs, we are not arabs and we don’t hate jews, however it is illegal for lebanese to have any contacts with israel since it is punishable by law and frankly being a termed a traitor in Lebanon is something that no one would like, so i do actually support Sally’s decision. Keep in mind, that the majority of Lebanese citizens are muslims and would love to see a christian burn (Literally).

lkoy on July 24, 2015 at 10:36 am

furthermore, the christians who hate israel and what you call palestinian christians are orthodox and greek catholic those are half greek half arab christians . however, us maronites we’re half phoenician half hebrew we cannot be anti-semitic since we are mostly christianized jews with some crusader genes.

assaf on March 7, 2016 at 5:33 pm

Hi i’m lebanese maronite and i can assure you that my people don’t hate jews sure many christians are stupid and brainwashed by muslim propaganda and most arab christians dislike jews but here in lebanon it was special christians and jews lived together. lebanese jews were very attractive, smart and productive citizens we learned alot from them and we have a saying here in my region it’s not a good example but.. we say “100 yehude wala meslem wahad ” :which translates to i prefer to live with 100 jews than with one muslim. there some tensions since some christians hold grudge considering jews killed jesus. however jews helped lebanon during the war and liberated us from palestinians we could have been allies but no it didn’t work.

now we’re ruled by muslims and we’re trying to build a country with them since they are our neighbours and we figured out it’s for our best to ally with hezbollah because shias are minorities like us and less pan-arabic and hatred than sunnis that’s all.

last year, when i was 18 years old i was nearly at the point of getting arrested after an investigation from the police who were asking me why i liked 4 israeli pages on facebook. i could have been arrested if i didn’t say that i’m visiting israeli sites just to know better my ennemy.
it’s a crime sally didn’t have the choice people starting cursing her sometimes i think internet should be banned lebanon to avoid hate beeing advertized before the civil war nobody cared about politics , religion and israel in lebanon and all ignorant stupid fucks didn’t have the right to speak.

assaf on March 7, 2016 at 5:36 pm

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