November 24, 2005, - 10:03 am

“New” Koppel-Less “Nightline” Attacks THANKSGIVING!!!

Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss. Don’t Get Fooled Again.
The Who
Well, , the “new,” Koppel-less “Nightline” is the same old boring, leftist “Nightline.” Don’t get fooled into thinking it’s real, objective journalism.
On last night’s edition, the ABC News show attacked Norman Rockwell’s “Thanksgiving.” The painting that most Americans, who don’t work in the mainstream media, can identify with as capturing the real spirit of Thanksgiving, was attacked by the consistently less relevant “Nightliners.”
The painting is too White, they said. Not “multi-cultural” enough. No minorities or gays, metro-girlie-man ad exec and CNBC host Donnie Deutch protested to “Nightline.” (He makes gay ads for IKEA and ethno-centric ads where straight White males don’t exist.) “No longer relevant,” he proclaimed.

Then, the show pulled out an old, angry New York Times editorial decrying the fact that the painting portrays a happy and joyous Thanksgiving. This was “unhealthy” and “dangerous,” the Times declared, because after all, most Thanksgivings are angry, dysfunctional affair–or at least, that’s what the Times AND “Nightline” seem to want. Just because Thanksgiving is miserable, does that mean ours has to be?
Happy Thanksgiving, Norman Rockwell-style! And bring us the holiday cheer of a “Nightline” cancellation. America loves Norman Rockwell AND Thanksgiving. Anyone who doesn’t–including ABC News and “Nightline” curmudgeons–is simply unAmerican.

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I surfed by just as they were showing the variations on Rockwell’s original. When they went to the asinine NYT editorial, that did it. As Nero Wolfe might intone, “Pfooey!” CLICK! And away to bed!

Bachbone on November 24, 2005 at 4:41 pm

You have to wonder what happened in their lives to make them so condescending and negative. Donnie’s CNBC show is in the dumper. He is really not a great interviewer at all. And so leftist. He interviewed Ted Nugent from Michigan and his wife. It was hilarious. Ted and his wife were quite articulate and did not let him get away any broad statements about the danger of guns in the house and so many other issues where Donnie was so left, so out there but could not see it himself. Left are all about liberties THEY LIKE, but gun ownership and other conservative issues, no way.

John Sobieski on November 24, 2005 at 8:41 pm

Our dinner looked just like Rockwells painting so I guess someone should call the SWAT team out to my house.
What is wrong with the media?

ScottyDog on November 24, 2005 at 9:36 pm

Turkewy…blah! I ate too much

KOAJaps on November 24, 2005 at 11:12 pm

Our dinner also looked just like Rockwell’s painting, with all 6 grandkids and their parents present.
We used an energy-saving crockpot for a large turkey breast. 14 very happy, very Thankful people for no terrorism in our country.
The media must not get outside much, so they probably lack Vitamin D which makes them so negative.

GaryBrown on November 25, 2005 at 10:26 am

Anti-American and anti-Zionist Jewish playwrite
Harold Pinter won a Nobel Prize this year;Jonathan Netanyahu,who led the 1976 Entebbe raid-and who was the only Israeli soldier to die-has this to say about Pinter in ‘Self Portrait Of a Hero-The Letters Of Jonathan Netanyahu(1-9-66/p.96): “…I went to see .Harold Pinter’s ‘The Birthday Party’….I’m incapable of enjoying a presentation of distorted lives and abnormal,psychopathetic characters,or plays whose content can hardly be understood,or if understood
have dubious significance.In any event,I left this play in the middle,and I think I was better off..”

jaywilton on November 25, 2005 at 11:04 am

Donnie forgot one more thing: THE TURKEY!
How could he not notice the animal holocaust depicted in this cold, heartless celebration of taking lives of millions of helpless, flightless fellow co-inhabitants of Mother Earth?
Rockwell should have portrayed vegan tofu dishes, along with coloured boy-loving Muslim transsexuals around the table, with the Qu’ran as the centrepiece.
Now excuse me while I shoot myself with K/Y.

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