November 28, 2005, - 11:43 am

Not on Our Homeland Security Holiday Shopping List

So the Thanksgiving break is over, and we have not yet received word that the President has signed off on his of to head up Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
As , our sources were not sure whether the appointment would happen over the Thanksgiving or Christmas recess–so there is still time to contact the White House to stop this absurd appointment of the completely unqualified Julie Myers.

Chertoff’s “Angels”?: Well, We’d Take the Other Two (Smith & Ladd–who have more law enforcement experience than Myers).

(Chertoff’s Angels artwork courtesy of the talented David Lunde)

Meanwhile, in another meaningless publicity stunt, President Bush is accompanying Myers’ chief protector, Homeland Security Chief
(a/k/a “Mr. Burns”) to various southern border locales, today and tomorrow, for an that they will finally end the absurd catch-and-release policy with illegal aliens and to highlight that they intend to do something about the porous border problems (when what they’re really pushing is more illegal alien “guest workers”). , so little action.
Don’t they know that fertilizer is an unnecessary commodity in the desert?


The Prez & Mr. Burns Make More BS Pronouncements at the Border

and about doing something with our hemorrhaging illegal alien problem. . . . Neither one is on our holiday shopping list.

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Dear Debbie…
I totally agree! I am employed by ICE – Newark after the creation of DHS, there has been nothing but unexperienced appointed directors making decisions on national security issues with little or no experience. Management has been focusing on “policing the police theory”, therefore field agents and supervisors like myself have our hands tied or afraid to make decisions.
Thanks for the great work!

Ahhlick on November 28, 2005 at 2:28 pm

About Bush’s get-tough statements regarding illegal aliens and our porous borders: Is he going to say them in English or Spanish?
What a joke!

Thee_Bruno on November 28, 2005 at 3:25 pm

GWB: Still not paying attention on immigration

Bastante! [Spanish to English, bastante adj.: 1. enough adj.] We’re with you, George, through thick and thinWe support you still in the mess you’re in,But enough’s enough and as they sayBastante! down old Mexico way.We’re sick of our laws being

Small Town Veteran on November 28, 2005 at 8:49 pm

Now bush is calling his Amnesty program the Temporary Workers that match willing workers in other countries with willing employers in this country. What a blatant fraud.
When is some reporter going to ask what happens to the Americans that get fired for the so called immigrant that will do work that Americans won’t do? 20 million Americans have been fired because Mexicans will work for food literally!
When is a reporter going to ask what happens to the electrical engineers, computer programmers, and other high tech workers that get fired after the 1.3 million H1B visas that our Government issues every year?
When is a reporter going to ask why Spanish is the only language spoken on Construction sites and what happened to all the Americans that used to build our houses?
When is a reporter going to ask what happened to the interior sweeps after Asa Hutchinson banned them in Southern California because GWB is getting tough on Illegal Immigration?
When is a reporter going to ask when ICE is going to prosecute companies for hiring Illegal Immigrants from Mexico?
I guess it is too much to ask for the media to ask at least one intelligent question instead of dwelling on Joe Wilson and Valarie Plame.
Bush should be impeached for failing to enforce our border laws and sent packing to Mexico, a country he loves so much. Congress could start with malfeasance of office and end with treason when specifying the bill of particulars against GWB.
Bush is a traitor to this country and single handedly destroying the middle class.

ScottyDog on November 29, 2005 at 1:09 pm

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