November 29, 2005, - 10:50 am

Chick Will Win “Biggest Loser” Finale Tonight

Not that you care a thing about reality TV–and if you’re reading this site, you shouldn’t (we don’t)–but we know who will win the anti-fat show, “The Biggest Loser,” tonight.
No, we don’t watch this silly show, though we like anything that makes annoying fat people get thin. But we couldn’t help but notice a big hint in the constant NBC promotions for tonight’s finale of the show. In a pixelated vision of the winner, they forgot to pixelate out the high heels. Since there are only two men and one woman left–and we assume the men are not transvestites who favor heels–it must be that the woman won the show.
UPDATE: Oops! When we’re wrong, we’re wrong. On two counts. We watched the finale of this show, tonight, and actually liked it a whole lot (much more than the one or two episodes we watched). Very uplifting. And we were wrong about the woman winning. They played a trick in the commercial, and we fell for it. One of the men won.

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How about that fat, drunk,coke-head ,ex feleon 3rd rate comic (Artie piece of shit) doing a show? Oh that’s right,there’s no demand for him.Stern, you jumped the shark keeping him.

danny on November 29, 2005 at 7:53 pm

I’ll admit that this is one of the only reality shows I watch. The show actually redeems itself by showing people actually making a huge change in their lives for the better. The only part of the show that is annoying are the parts where it turns into a reality show and people have to get voted off. It’s much more interesting to see the dramatic changes that these people go through. Hopefully the show inspires people to get off their lazy asses and get some exercise for a change.

Clompo on November 30, 2005 at 11:50 am

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