November 29, 2005, - 10:56 am

Wall Street Journal Sob Story Over 9/11 Muslim Short-Seller w/FBI Ties

By Debbie Schlussel
Today’s Wall Street Journal front-pager about Amr and Mary Faith Elgindy, an Egyptian Muslim convict and his wife, is so touching I need to get out the Kleenex.
Except it’s not the real or even the whole story. WSJ reporter John R. Emshwiller’s misplaced sympathy for the Elgindys apparently made him miss mention of Elgindy’s religion and even his real name, not to mention the identity of his brother. Perhaps the violin music playing in the background distracted Emshwiller from the whole truth.
On 9/10/01, Mr. Elgindy, who is called “Anthony” Elgindy in the story, but is really named Amr, tried to sell off his kids’ entire stock portfolio of several hundred thousand dollars, reportedly warning that a huge disaster was about to happen.
But in trying Elgindy for insider trading, the Justice Department couldn’t afford to focus on that, due to its own embarrassment. Elgindy, after all, was working with corrupt FBI agents who gave him the insider info, and it would be very embarrassing for the FBI to be so connected to a man who knew about 9/11 ahead of time. So, to avoid that embarrassment, the Justice Department avoided any indictments relating to terrorism, and junked any such investigations into Elgindy, sources say. None of this is mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article, either.
Then, there is Elgindy’s brother, Khaled. I’ve been following Khaled Elgindy, ever since he sent me angry, threatening e-mails after 9/11–you know, the day AFTER his brother tried to unload his kids’ stock portfolio. Khaled Elgindy used stints at the State Department and a U.S. government commission to persecute and speak out against Egyptian Coptic Christians. Then, there is his work for a Michigan that openly funded HAMAS, secretly raised money to fund Iraqi insurgents against our soldiers, and has ties to Al Qaeda. (The charity was being investigated by Customs Office of Investigations, but under ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Special Agent in Charge ,” the investigation was shut down, perhaps because of its ties to his buddy, “former” Islamic terrorist .)
Finally, there is Khaled Elgindy’s work for the Palestinian Authority and his work for various pro-terrorist Arab Muslim groups, like the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC).
Not a lick of this is even mentioned on the WSJ’s front-page story. Nope, instead, we get to read the official Elgindy PR about Mrs. Elgindy’s Baptist upbringing, her new desperate state as a single mother, and how sad it is that she must now sell her $3 million mansion and jewelry. Oh, and then there are the details of how the neurotic Elgindy children’s minds are corrupted so badly by TV that they must go to expensive therapy. We’re supposed to cry for this family needs at least $22,000 a month for expenses.

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Damn, Debbie! You’ve done it again! Not even the WSJ can try and sneak an Islamic sympathising fluff piece past you. You’re without a doubt MAGNA CUM LADE of the blogsphere. Howard, Robin, and Artie are just 3 dopey ostriches with their tiny, pea-brained heads in the sand and their fat asses up in the air when they try and dazzle their room temperature average-hovering IQ audience with their “expertise” on foreign policy and the war on terror. They never cease to amaze me at how ignorant and clueless they are when it comes to their limited scope of MSM information they have for ammunition. Don’t ever change, Debbie. Keep telling it like it is. I always stop what i’m doing when you come on the air during Howard’s show.

Yiddish Steel on November 29, 2005 at 11:15 pm

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Gemini on March 17, 2010 at 5:55 pm

right on I am with Y. Steel, you totally nailed it Debbie, bravo! btw totally unrelated but you kind of look like the attractive tall blonde on the comedy central show Reno 911. Speaking of attractive, I tried to do a web search on Mary Faith Elgindy since I was curious what she looks like, but I could not find one single photo anywhere. Bah! Doesn’t matter but again bravo to your article! Truth be told.

Dark_Shadows_Following on September 5, 2010 at 2:24 am

Wonderful Debbie,
You are leveling pretty serious accusations against a number of people and they are free and roaming around as if nothing is happening. Why are these people free? Why are not they in jail? Did we run out of spaces in Guantanamo? Some one got to be wrong it is either the government is wasting our tax dollars and not arresting the terrorists that uncovered by the hard work of Debbie or Debbie needs to do more work to convince our lazy government to arrest every Mohammad and Mo that dares to breath.

Sam on March 6, 2011 at 10:30 pm

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