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Happy Passover – Freedom From Slavery – & Happy Easter

By Debbie Schlussel

To my Jewish friends and readers, I wish you a Happy Passover. As I will be out on Sunday for the second day of Passover, I wish a Happy Easter to my Christian friends and readers.

Pvt. Paul Winter, Cpl. Sidney Banney, and Pvt. Hyman Galanos Pray @ Passover Services, April 1944 @ Anzio Beachhead, World War II, During the Battle at Anzio – More Details Here . . .


Passover Seder Plate

Tonight at sundown, the Jewish holiday of Passover begins. We Jews celebrate our freedom from slavery in Egypt and also our eventual receipt of the Torah from G-d via Moses and Mount Sinai as well as our eternal land, Israel.

As I’ve noted many times on this site in the past, 80% of the Jews remained slaves in Egypt. Egypt Syndrome preceded the modern Stockholm Syndrome, as most of the Jews enjoyed their captivity of hard labor, gazillionth-class citizenship, and a lack of spirituality and faith in G-d. Today, we have our nearly 80% in the Jews who voted for Obama, and many Jews on the right in the other 20% who refuse to give a critical look on the conservatives and Republicans, like the Republican Jewish Coalition has repeatedly done–most recently with Carly Fiorina. They are just as guilty and enslaved in blind faith, rather than looking out for what’s in the best interests of America and the Jewish people.

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I note also that today’s Pharoah–Obama (or as I’ve called him on this site before, Pharoahbama)–specifically chose to announce a slavish deal with Iran just before our holidays of Passover and Easter. Yesterday, a Gentile friend of mine called me and said, “Happy Passover, Happy Easter, and Happy Iran Atomic Bomb Day.” Yup, and that was deliberate timing by Pharoahbama. There are no such coincidences. This was a finger in the eye to all freedom-loving Jews and Christians around the world from Muslim-Sympathizer-in-Chief and modern-day Pharoah, Barack Hussein.

As I’ve noted, there are many Jewish people who are still slaves in Egypt mentally. They try desperately to please Jew-hating Muslims and anti-Semites, and they proudly declare they’ve twice voted for a President who does the same. They are not proud of who they are. They’ve never been taught the beauty and spirituality of full observance of Judaism. And, thus, they will never be free.

I am proud I am not like them, and that is a freedom from slavery of the mind, which I will also celebrate. Tonight, as with Jews around the world, I will participate in the Seder, the traditional Passover ceremonial feast, in which we remember not only what slavery in Egypt was like and what it was like to be freed, but also that there are those who would destroy the Jewish people in every generation, including this one. As I’ve noted on this site oh so many times, those people are now the Muslims that surround us and who seek to destroy not just the Jews, but also the Christians around the world (and Hindus and others). They are also my liberal fellow co-religionists and the liberal Christians who defend and promote these Muslims. To me, they are far worse because without them, we’d be able to defeat the problem. Yes, there are also fools like Pharoahbama. But like the ancient Pharoahs of Egypt, he and his ilk will disappear and new, even more dangerous bad actors will appear and do even more harm.


Passover Matzoh

Tonight, I’ll also be celebrating my freedoms, including my free speech and to continue to bring you this site, as I celebrate Passover while Muslims and other Jew-haters constantly try to silence me. That includes the many Muslim death, rape, and torture threats, several of which the FBI “investigated” but which the politically correct Justice Department declined to prosecute–under BOTH Bush and Obama.

Over the years, I’ve written about Passover many times (see also here and here), and you can read even more details here, here, and here. I need not repeat them here, other than the Debbie’s Notes version: We celebrate Passover for eight days. We hold two Seders (one in Israel)–one for each of the first two nights. We cannot eat bread or anything leavened for the entire eight days. We also can’t eat stuff that, back in the day (and currently) could be made into flour, like corn, many nuts, peas, beans, etc. We have to buy special food (I spent more in the last two days than I spend on food in more than a month), including special soda. Coke and Pepsi make us what is essentially the Mexican version of their soda pops, as it does not contain corn syrup. We can’t eat any food with corn syrup on Passover.

To my Jewish readers, I wish you a Happy and Kosher Passover. To my Gentile readers, Happy Easter.

See you all back here on Sunday Night. Enjoy the holiday weekend.

In the meantime, check out my other pictures of Jewish American soldiers celebrating Passover in World Wars I and II (here and here).

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Hag Sameach Debbie!

PaulaMalka on April 3, 2015 at 7:11 pm


Do you know if those three Jewish soldiers at Anzio survived the war?

This weekend is also the biggest weekend of the year for Mormons, for it is the General Conference of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints, broadcast live around the globe from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Aside from Pesach, when I was in Israel in 1971, I had the privilege of attending a Jewish Sabbath supper.

I thought it was beautiful, and wish us Christians would do that.

John Robert Mallernee on April 3, 2015 at 7:30 pm

Love your articles about Judaism, Debbie. very interesting and informative.

DS_ROCKS! on April 4, 2015 at 1:40 am

as usual Debbie you are JDAM ! I could not figure out why there was a timeline on the Iranian capitulation(Munich II). But at least Chamberlin’s sell-out had context. He was in WW I and could not imagine a 2nd generation of British men going down like his did.

His Majesty’s context is Valerie Jerrard is Persian.

B Seaman on April 4, 2015 at 10:08 am

Debbie, I appreciate your reminder that slavery .. actual, real, horrendous slavery .. is never that far away and has been, for a large percentage of Mankind’s existence, the norm. Idiots dismiss slavery as some kind of ancient evil, completely unaware that this evil, like all evil, is clawing at the door.

Jack on April 4, 2015 at 11:41 am

Chag Sameach Debbie

D4ku4N on April 4, 2015 at 5:01 pm

Well, I don’t think we can depend to much on Pharoah’s loyal opposition to do anything about the Iran agreement/treaty. They are already watering down their opposition, and the scope of impending legislation “in order to get Democratic support”.

Little Al on April 5, 2015 at 10:11 am

    Uh Oh! I am being too hard on the Republicans. I should have remembered that they are demanding that the Administration supply quarterly reports on Iran’s adherence with the strict provisions of the Treaty, oops, I mean Agreement, er um, Understanding.

    I am confident that there will be very strict enforcement provisions if these quarterly reports show any problems with Iran’s conduct.

    If the Republicans don’t hold fast to anything else, they will hold fast to this. I am confident this will adequately address any concerns with the Understanding.

    Little Al on April 5, 2015 at 11:10 am

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