December 1, 2005, - 10:35 am

Homeland Security Wastes Tax $s For Piece of Rosa Parks Action

Today’s the 50th anniversary of the Rosa Parks bus incident. But, what Rosa Parks has to do with Homeland Security or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), we’re not quite sure (other than the obvious: nothing).
That, however, didn’t stop Homeland Security Chief (a/k/a “Mr. Burns”) and , ICE Special Agent in Charge for Michigan and Ohio, from spending thousands of your tax dollars to get in on the Rosa Parks civil rights feel-good action.
This afternoon (at 4:00 p.m. Eastern), at a private ceremony in three heated tents, Chertoff will swoop into the parking lot of the Detroit Mt. Elliott Street ICE Detention and Removal facility (where illegal aliens deportations are handled) and unfurl banners re-naming the building for Rosa Parks. We drove by the building, this morning, and saw at least three giant, expensive banners encrusting the building and waiting for unfurling.


Chertoff and Abu Moskowitz Party Down, Get in on Rosa Parks Action

We also observed three giant, heated tents in the parking lot for the three-hundred invited guests. The tents usually cost thousands to rent and construct, reminding us of some of the excessively ostentatious bar- and bat-mitzvahs we’ve observed in Abu Moskowitz’s swanky Bloomfield Hills environ. And who knows how much was spent on catering for this afternoon affair.
But, unless you are one of such local “dignitaries” as Detroit’s Pimp Daddy Mayor Kwame “the Kingpin” Kilpatrick and his 22-bodyguard entourage, you are uninvited to this private, posthumous DHS bat-mitzvah extravaganza for Ms. Parks. While they are partying down with Chertoff and Moskowitz, illegal aliens are roaming free, despite Chertoff’s two days of , earlier this week. We’d bet Abu Moskowitz even invited his buddy, “former” Islamic terrorist, FBI award revokee, and self-annointed “civil rights leader” , to the event, but he is away in Lebanon and can’t attend.
ICE agents are angry that taxpayer dollars and ICE agent man-hours are being wasted for the planning and expense of this event, when there is no money for file folders and pens to open new cases. The lack of money for even oil changes on ICE agent cars makes us wonder when we will see the new MTV show called, “ICE: The Anti-Pimp My Ride.” Agents note that Rosa Parks has nothing to do with either Homeland Security or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They see it as yet another tax-funded media event for Chertoff and Moskowitz to get some good PR face-time. And you’re paying for it.
Worse, is the fact that Rosa Parks Moskowitz has hired few Black agents. Since we’re not into affirmative action (we like that bad thing called “merit”), we’re not so much bothered by that. But then, we’re also not naming our office after Rosa Parks, either. Also, we would be even less bothered by it, had we not known about , including a Hamad nephew and/or employee, whom Moskowitz accompanied to the ICE interview and pressured ICE agents to hire. Black agents, no; extremist Muslim agents, yes. That’s the “sit at the back of the bus” policy Moskowitz has been pushing since he got to town.
What bothers us even more, though, is that when it comes to racial profiling and making certain ethnicities and races sit at the back of the bus in criminal investigations, Abu Moskowitz is king. As we’ve noted, in the heart of Islamic America, in illegal alien investigations. Yet, he has forbidden his agents from touching Muslims or targeting them in either illegal alien smuggling/sham marriage investigations or money laundering.
If they must waste tax dollars to needlessly re-name a federal building housing Homeland Security agencies, why not name it after someone who actually did something heroic for homeland security–someone unlike Chertoff, Moskowitz, and, yes, even Rosa Parks.
***UPDATE: We’re told that Chertoff did not show up, blowing off the Rosa Parks crowd, so Abu Moskowitz could have the photo op all to himself. Too bad for him there was little, if any, media coverage of this tax-wasting confab.

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2 Responses

Obviously,Farrakhan,Sharpton,Jackson & Maxine ‘No Justice,No Peace’Waters ordered the Department
of Racial Yo’ Mama Jive Talk to issue statments
linking Rosa Parks action for basic Civil Rights,racist anti-US blacks & “others”,possible
criminals/terrorists illlegal Islamic immigrants-all against the oppressive
muhfuh US.

jaywilton on December 1, 2005 at 4:08 pm

At least the facility was used for something. They sure as heck arn’t deporting enough illegal alliens to fill a phone booth.

johnnycab23513 on December 1, 2005 at 7:58 pm

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