December 2, 2005, - 12:54 pm

“Religion of Peace” Update: Muslim vs. Muslim Violence Comes to America

Shi’ite vs. Sunni Muslim violence in Iraq? Fuhgedaboutit.
We’ve got our own version right here in the States: extremist, bow-tied Black Muslims versus Arab Muslims (many of whom are also extremist).
First, on Thanksgiving Eve, bow-tied Black Muslims trashed two White Arab Muslim-owned convenience stores in Oakland, CA, for selling alcohol and pork to us Infidels. Then, they torched one of the stores and kidnapped its Arab Muslim owner.
One of the perpetrators is Yusuf Bey IV, the son of a prominent Black Muslim leader who founded “Your Black Muslim Bakery, Inc.”, which encompasses a Muslim bakery, school, and other enterprises.
Today’s New York Times has a nice summary of the behavior of our friends in the “Religion of Peace.” Though, we object to the Times’ use of Berkeley Professor Hatem Bazian as an authority on hate crimes, since, in a 1999 speech, he urged, “The Day of Judgment will never happen until you fight the Jews. . . . The trees and stones will say, oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him!” The Times, of course, didn’t mention that.
These rival Muslim groups hate each other, but both hate us non-Muslims even more. The only downside to this extremist Muslim vs. extremist Muslim violence is that both sides can’t lose–and that we Infidels might get caught in the middle, since we’re hated by both sides.
One of the owners of the stores is already calling this Muslim v. Muslim attack a hate crime. Needless to say, we’re sure our lying, exaggerating friends at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) will also count these Muslim-on-Muslim crimes in their phony count of hate-crimes against Muslims when they should really count on the list of Religion of Peace hate-crimes on behalf of Islam.

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It is unfortunate that so many people want to believe in something and have a faith yet seem to forget the fundamental rules of any faith and that is tolerance towards each other.
The problem with the spread of Islam in this United States is not that Islam is a terrible religion, certainly Islamic Fantatisim is.. but the problem is that people and the media are shoving it down our throats and trying to force it upon a country whos base is Christianity.

Matt on December 2, 2005 at 2:29 pm

Seince the Nation of Islam NEVER preached being a religion of peace as they pontificated on the devilish behaviour of the white devils and the eye-for-an-eye theology practiced by certain Texas ‘christians,’ your info seems a bit askew here.
Malcolm didn’t realize the peacefulness or alleged multicuturalism of Islam until he sojourned to Mecca…but i have ALWAYS been amazed that my prison brethren (which is where one often converts to Allah) never noticed that their Arab “brothers” were klantationally usurping the so-called Jewish parasites in their neighbourhoods. I FIRMLY believe that Malcolm X would have converted to Judaism had he lived long after he was shot by Farrakahn’s minions…but THAT would be a book unto itself.

EminemsRevenge on December 2, 2005 at 2:50 pm

Islam-on-Islam crime. The Religion of Peace can’t even live peacefully amongst itself. Gee, what would Muhammad do?
On the one side, we have black Nation of Islam look-alikes (if they aren’t already members) who are home-grown terrorists waiting-in-the-wings, and on the other side, we have transplanted terrorists waiting-in-the-wings. However, the bruthas didn’t read the Qur’ an closely enough because, if they did, they would have seen that, although Muslims can’t swill Colt-45’s or ingest pork rinds, it doesn’t prevent them from selling it to the infidels, especially if it means amassing as many of the infidels’ greenbacks as possible to finance their war on the infidels.
What the bruthas don’t realize is, that in Islam, anything goes. In Islam, there is an “out” for anything because Islam was founded on deceit, lies, and duplicity. In Islam, there is the concept of the “Legal Lie”, which means that a Muslim can even lie about Islam itself in order to deceive the infidel to advance the goals of Islam. In this case, the Arabs were not consuming what is forbidden in Islam, they are merely handling it (and, don’t forget, swine products are packaged at the source, so they are not physically coming in contact with it). Islam also forbids taking illegal drugs, however, it doesn’t stop the Muslims in Assramistan (Afghanistan) from producing poppy, producing heroin, and selling it to the infidels. In fact, Assramistan is the world’s leading producer of heroin. Turkey is another favorite destination spot for tourists looking for an easy score.
So, remember, when it comes to Islam, anything goes.
Lastly, I wonder how those diaper-heads felt being on the receiving end of Islamic terrorism. LMAO!

Thee_Bruno on December 2, 2005 at 3:18 pm

I wonder if EminemsRevenge hates white people more than Bruno hates black people…hmmmm

Clompo on December 2, 2005 at 9:51 pm

What I don’t like, Crapo, are the militant mutants (I don’t care what color they come in) who are a threat to America. In fact, Crapo, the majority of LIBERALS in this country is white.
I remember militant mutants who’ve left their stain on this country such as;
A. The Black Panther Party (btw, Hillary Clinton helped defend some Black Panthers while a law student at Yale),
B. The New Black Panther Party,
C. The Puerto Rican Nationalist terrorist organization called the F.A.L.N. (some members of which Bill Clinton pardoned in order to curry favor with New York’s Puerto Ricans just in time for his wife’s U.S. Senate election in 2000,
D. The Weather Underground,
E. Abbie Hoffman and the Yippie Movement,
F. The Islamic terrorist cells, such as al-Qaeda, that are here now and those that will come.
Just to name a few.
As for the Black Power Movement, they all refer to themselves as “bruthas”, so I’m obliging.
Crapo, tell me something; Are you one of those “tolerant”, “inclusive”, “compassionate” LIBERALS I’m always hearing about who hate America and conservatives, or do you hate everybody?

Thee_Bruno on December 3, 2005 at 9:37 am

Actually I love American and a lot of conservatives. I’m not sure if you fall under conservative, however. And I’m not tolerant of everyone, I just don’t like it when arrogant pedants like yourself pigeon-hole entire groups of people just because of a few bad apples.
Whether you like it or not, liberals are Americans and part of America too. Just because some of them are critical of the policies of our government, doesn’t mean they hate America. You happen to hate of number of American policies as well. I certainly wouldn’t call that un-American. Being critical of those in charge of our government should be used to keep them in check (and yeah, I’ll admit that a lot of liberals that criticize our policies are all talk and no action…and that pisses me off).
And come on…Colt 45 and pork rinds? If you meant that as a joke, fine, but you should expect someone to call you on that one. Besides, Old English 800 is the 40 oz of choice these days.

Clompo on December 3, 2005 at 11:30 am

Old Gold was played out years ago…niggas be drinking Smirnoff Ice and Pivate Stock now…Steel Resevere if you’re hardcore.

EminemsRevenge on December 3, 2005 at 11:42 am

It’s 10:15 pm on the East Coast (ask your parole officer for the time where you are)….I have to leave for a rendezvous with the girl of my dreams, so I will address your racist posts tomorrow.
In the meantime, have a Colt 45 on me, and try not to OD on crank.
Love and kisses,

Thee_Bruno on December 3, 2005 at 10:15 pm

Perhaps I simply missed it, but I’ve seen nothing from the toads at CAIR on this issue….Has anyone seen anything from them?
Or is CAIR too busy painting fake hijabs on women in photographs?

DCWatson on December 5, 2005 at 10:43 am

“According to our sources,”black muslims”
perpetuated these outrages because The Mossad &
The CIA conspired to encourage “honky muslims”
not to buy Nation of Islam bean pie and to run’em over wherever they sell fruit on public street corners.

jaywilton on December 5, 2005 at 2:52 pm

To Emi.. Reven..: you think that malcom would have become a jew?yea and Pigs flying around watch over us

danny on December 5, 2005 at 4:43 pm

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