February 15, 2002, - 9:09 pm

What’s so Great About the Olympics? Part III

For these Winter Olympics, Neil Diamond re-recorded “America” with a politically correct partner–in-your-face, openly gay Melissa Etheridge.
How apropos. The Games have a history of political correctness to the point of absurdity–another big reason the Olympics are unworthy of adulation or tax-funding.
Russian and French Olympic judges conspire to keep Canadians from getting their Gold Medal? That’s nothing.
It’s happened for years, in other subjective sports like diving, gymnastics, and boxing. Former Soviet Union archives documented deals by Communist country judges with each other and other judges, conspiring to keep winning U.S. boxers from the Gold in the 1988 Seoul, S. Korea Summer Games. What else can be expected from an institution that chooses its host city–and makes many other decisions–based on the best bribes?
Just like the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is a circus largely U.S.-funded, but run by Communist and third-world dictatorships plus anti-American Europeans. And like the U.N., the real scandal is historically repugnant Olympic politics.

In 1936, Jewish athletes were banned, and guys like late track star and New York sports announcer Marty Glickman and Sam Stoller were pulled from the U.S. 400-meter relay team at the Berlin Olympics rather than embarrass Hitler if they won. A concentration camp was being built contemporaneously with the “Nazi Olympics.” Two days after the games, Capt. Wolfgang Fuerstner, a German army officer who built the Olympic village committed suicide. He was dimissed from the military for having Jewish blood, according to the Aug. 20, 1936 New York Times. American newspaper headlines, on display at Washington’s U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, showed the true “Olympic spirit”: “Olympics Leave Glow of Pride in the Reich.”
Then there’s September 5, 1972, when 11 Israeli Olympians and coaches were murdered by Yasser Arafat’s Black September terrorists at the Munich Games. But the bloody show must go on. The Games didn’t stop–blaspheming the memories of the innocent, murdered athletes before rigor mortis had even set in. At the 2002 Sydney Summer Games, IOC officials loudly disavowed any connection to a memorial to the slain Israeli athletes, and worse, denounced the memorial. At the 1996 Atlanta Games, the IOC refused to organize a commemorative ceremony for the slain athletes, not wanting to offend the new Palestinian Olympic Team. Unlike the rest of the world, the IOC already recognizes “Palestine” as a state.
“It’s not the IOC’s policy to stage special ceremonies,” IOC director general Francois Carrard told USA Today. Not surprisingly, that’s a lie. For the 2002 Winter Games, the IOC spent lavishly on an exorbitant Alvin Ailey choreographed dance tribute to memorialize the late Olympic Gold Medalist Florence Griffith “Flo-Jo” Joyner–even though, unlike the murdered Israeli athletes, her death was not Olympic- or even sports-related. To this day, Arabic countries don’t want the “embarrassment” of playing and losing against Israeli teams, so the IOC has Israel play in regional qualifying playoffs outside its region–against European teams–for virtually every sport in which it participates.
The left-wing Olympic agenda pervades every aspect of the Games. Cuban athletes, like divers Arturo Miranda and Rio Ramirez, aren’t allowed to compete for democratic countries to which they defect to live free, because Cuba objects. Despite severe human rights abuses and slavery by Communist China, it was awarded the 2008 Summer Games, to the shameless praise of IOC members. IOC President Jacques Rogge implored President Bush to declare a military truce with Afghanistan during the Games, as if a sporting event is more important than rooting out terrorism.
Cross-dressing drag queens were prominently featured in the 2000 Sydney Games closing ceremony. New US Olympic Committee CEO Lloyd Ward–picked to assuage the PR damage from two discrimination lawsuits–was an affirmative action choice, passing over infinitely more qualified interim CEO Scott Blackmun. While everything from condoms to beer and wine are endorsed by the Olympics, the IOC said there will never be an Olympic gun endorsement, despite biathlon, riflery, and shooting competitions and despite IOC officials taking pistols, rifles, and shotguns as part of the bribes to bring the Games to Salt Lake. The IOC says it wants to avoid politics.
That’s a first.
Despite marketing propaganda that the Olympics are for the common man and a way for nationals of different countries to better understand each other, the Olympics was never for us, “the People.” The modern Games were started by 19th Century aristocrat Pierre de Coubertin to bring together rich aristocratic youths. At least one of “the People” knows what the Olympics is really about. The Salt Lake Games organizers threatened legal action against Farmington, Utah Farmer Steve Ames who pruned cornstalks in the shape of the Olympic Rings (wanting to charge him $10,000) and owners of a website with an address similar to the official site.
Olympic politics even supersede American justice and Constitutional legal process. Remember the international Olympic bribery scandal? Denver federal judge David Sam, in November, dismissed all remaining criminal charges against two former Olympic organizers to avoid bad publicity during the games. It is being appealed, to have charges conveniently reinstated after the Games’ conclusion.
What’s so holy about the Olympics that these bloody games must go on and we must foot the bill?

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