December 6, 2005, - 2:24 pm

Attack on Men Alert: Lung Cancer Drug Research Focuses on Women ONLY; Affirmative Action

We’ve noted the continuing attacks on men in the form of feminization of men and affirmative action for women, including the .
Now, the attack on men has reached an even more disturbing area: cancer research. This latest trend is in today’s Wall Street Journal . . . if you read between the lines.
Hidden in an article entitled, “Researchers Probe Links Between Gender and Cancer,” the article talks about how lung cancer research for new drug treatments is now focusing on men. A Cedars-Sinai Medical Center study includes 10,000 women being signed up for a “Women’s Health Research Registry.”
Reports the Journal: “Most of these efforts are focused on women–in part because medical research has historically been more focused on men and doctors are playing catch-up.”
It’s truly outrageous that life-saving research is now a pawn in the feminism gain. This is even more disturbing when the statistics would indicate the necessity of focusing on men in lung cancer research. The Journal reports that “women have higher survival rates than men” when it comes to lung cancer.
Remember this man-hating outrage the next time your Congressman–and Lance Armstrong–talk about spending more of your tax money on lung cancer research. They, apparently, only mean spending more on cancer research for those who wear skirts.

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Aren’t they just doing this because they didn’t have enough women in the first place for them to have accurate research results?
I’ve actually read about this before. The issue is that they didn’t use a diverse enough test group in the first place. Different people (man/woman, black/white) often react differently to certain types of drugs.

Clompo on December 6, 2005 at 8:11 pm

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