December 13, 2005, - 12:59 pm

Why is President Bush Honoring this Man?

Today, President Bush is hosting a lunch in honor of liberal Democrat Congressman John Dingell of Dearborn, Michigan for his 50 years in Congress.
But why would anyone honor someone for continuing to serve in Congress for 50 years? Even half that amount is too much. Yet, all the press and plenty of Republicans (including Bush and Veep Cheney) are gushing over this man, for no better reason than that he’s tormented America with his liberal and pro-Islamist views in Congress for far too long.
Do you think they’d gush over a Republican who served that long? The answer is no. My friend Phil Crane, until his loss in the 2004 elections, was a staunch conservative and the longest serving Republican in the House. Yet, all the press–and even many Republicans who turned their backs on him–called for his ouster, saying he’d been in Congress far too long. But Crane was in the House for only about 25 years. So why do they gush over Dingell’s 50 years?

50 Years Too Long:

John Dingell’s Congressional Career Usually Accompanied by Anger

Dingell is an excellent argument for federal term limits. Over his 50 years in the House, he’s gone from being a moderate Democrat supporter of America at age 29 to a out-of-touch, angry (and frankly, not all mentally there), representative of the Islamist fifth column against America headquartered in his Dearborn district.
Among his recent “achievements”:
* writing a tantrum-filled letter to civil rights activist Ward Connerly disinviting him from coming to Michigan to aid in eliminating race and gender preferences (there is still free movement between the states in our Constitution, despite what Mr. Dingell’s Islamist constituents in Dearborn may want); and
* writing a tantrum-filled letter to FBI Director Robert Mueller when he revoked an FBI award to “former” Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, a Dingell buddy and campaign worker.
Pictures in the newsletter of a charity tied to Al-Qaeda, HAMAS, and Iraqi insurgents, show members of the charity with John Dingell and wifey at a Dingell campaign event.
Then, there is the issue of his bitchy, butchy wife. If you’ve been on the receiving end of the overly agressive, social-climbing beached blonde phony spouse (decades younger than him), as I have, it isn’t pretty. On a local TV show, her “brainy” responses came out of Moon Unit Zappa’s Valley Girl phrase-book. (“Like, spare me.”) She wants to get his Congressional seat when he dies (which can’t be that far away–he’s almost 80), and the rumor is that she’s already running the show. She looks and acts like Hillary, with a lot more drama but minus many IQ points.
And that’s what happens when people serve in Congress too long, beyond their mental and physical ability to do so. Others, like the meddling, obnoxious wife end up running the show. And both are sadly out of touch.
So, today, is not cause for celebration. It’s cause for dismay that a guy who never worked at a real job in his life–and certainly not in the last 50 years–is still making laws that govern those of us who do, and is taking his instruction from “former” Islamic terrorists and eternal Islamo-fascists, to boot.
Well past time for federal term limits.

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I had the chance to hear Ibrahim Abdullah, a young guy from dearborn, along with Walid Shoebat and Zak Anani, speak after their previously scheduled speech cancelled by the politically correct at Princeton U in N J.
He described Dearborn as essentially just another middleastern city
with all the hatreds of Islam stamped upon people there from their birth onward. This is O.T., but I couldn’t help but comment upon our Presidents playing footsy with the dhimmi enablers like Dingell, and the Lefty Dem’s.
Politics as usual- but hearing one Dearborn resident, Mr Abdullah, was eye opening- the hatred and bigotry inherrent to the culture and religion in Dearborn and other muslim areas in the US is something to think about and not later.

mgoldberg on December 13, 2005 at 3:05 pm

I dunno..maybe Bush’s sense of humor or maybe he’s
been hit in the head too much;on Nov. 9,he distributed several Presidential Medals of Freedom
at the White House,including one to Muhammad Ali,referring to him as “a man of peace”-the timing may have had to do with the recently opened
Ali Center in Louisville,which reportedly only
Lennox Lewis has contributed serious gelt to(google,for example,’Ali Center fights for support’).And, be sure to check out the two recent Ali stories at

jaywilton on December 14, 2005 at 10:37 am

Serving too long? Versus who? Strom Thurmond?
Maybe he should have a mixed-race out of wedlock love child to boost his credibility?

MyPetGoat on December 14, 2005 at 11:39 am

Bush loves terrorists

KOAJaps on December 18, 2005 at 12:57 pm

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