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Basic Skills in Management and Leadership

By Sandra J. Hayward

Some people insist on a point that you should be born a leader or a manager to be the one. Of course, to a certain degree, this is the truth that some people have certain qualities of a natural born leader or a manager but, to tell the truth, the last word in this dispute is always behind a personal motivation. Yes, if you really want it – you’re not a dead case and it’s never too late to become an excellent manager and a clever leader.

In fact, there are plenty of leadership and management styles so you just have to pick the one that suits you best. Surely certain companies tend to give preference to managers or leaders with a definite style, skills and character but still you can be good in several management strategies at the same time which gives you a great number of opportunities on the labor market.

But right now we’re about to mention the most important and basic skills that a chief must be familiar with. Underwritten skills are considered principal for all good managers or leaders and should be grasped by all the aspiring beginners who are about to pick up an administering job.

So here are some substantial things you have to remember to be a successful manager:

1. Learn how to plan your schedule. Self-discipline is probably the cornerstone of any professional activity. Yes, creativity could be spontaneous but everything else should be properly planned. And after all, how can you expect your subordinate colleagues to be disciplined if you’re not leading the way!

2. Share the problem-solving and decision-making duties with colleges. It doesn’t matter how self-confident you are, but you have to give at least some solutions to the staff so they could become a real team. There is a bunch of advantages in such collective discussions:

* Building internal communications.

* Finding new ideas.

* Self-referencing.

* Teambuilding.

* Control over the processes.

3. Motivate your staff. Yeah, living people are usually much more complicated than machines and it’s not enough just to plug them into the socket. Make their results visible, communicate and control, don’t forget to encourage their achievements, make accents on their mistakes softly and in most of the cases, there will be no need for chastisement.

4. Always be nice to your staff. Even if you’re a strict autocratic manager you always have to be polite with your personnel. Let me explain, why. In fact, there are plenty of practical disadvantages in being rude:

* If you were disrespectful with a colleague then there’s a great chance that he/she is going to blame you for his/her personal professional shortcomings.

* The stress you may cause to a person will certainly affect the productivity. Consider that any stress is kind of a resource-intensive state for our bodies and psyche.

* After being rude to several people you have a great chance to set a whole collective against you.

5. Be critical. Let’s face it, no one likes injustice. Be clever and brave enough to acknowledge your own mistakes prior to others. That’ what a true leader would do.

6. Always perfect yourself. Don’t be afraid of change and learn new things every day. Indispensable people are those who always pushing their boundaries.

Sandra J. Hayward is a Miami Dade college MBA graduate that is interested in academic research and writing but does not want to depend on the rigorous schedule. That is why she has been collaborating with Edubirdie essay service for a long time as a freelance writer and enjoys her flextime a lot.

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