May 30, 2016, - 9:30 pm

Remember When Memorial Day Wasn’t About a Dead Gorilla?! What the Ultimate Sacrifice Was For

By Debbie Schlussel


U.S. Army Sgt. Chris Moore at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Photo by H. Darr Beiser/USA Today)


Michigan Natl Guard Staff Sgt. Duane Dreasky is Buried in Arlington Natl. Cemetery

Although today we remember our brave men who made the ultimate sacrifice, every day should be Memorial Day. That’s because every day we wouldn’t have a single one of our freedoms without them. But, sadly, some Americans aren’t spending today remembering America’s fallen heroes. They’re remembering . . .

. . . a dead gorilla?!

Remember when Memorial Day wasn’t about remembering a gorilla? Remember when it wasn’t about mattress sales, which are now, sadly, closely associated with a day that was meant to remember those who gave their lives so we could be free? Mattresses don’t have anything to do with that.


Graves of Some of Our Fallen Heroes at Arlington National Cemetery

More than 1.1 million Americans serving in our armed forces died while fighting in wars. And, sadly, while they died so we could be free, they also died for the right of morons to spend the day mourning Harambe, an animal at a Cincinnati zoo who might have killed a child and couldn’t have been tranquilized quickly enough to save that child’s life. That’s what’s important now in our warped, dumbed-down country with a matching set of warped, dumbed-down priorities and sense of what’s important. Yes, instead of spending the day in the solemn manner it was meant to be, they spent the day marching outside the zoo with signs about a gorilla. Forget about 1.1 million American lives sacrificed for you and me. Today was a day to mourn zoo animals. Absurd. But that’s not “where we are headed.” It’s where we are.

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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Sadly, our armed service members died for the right of Americans to give away our country to Muslim immigration. For the right of Americans to spend their lives watching “Real” Housewives and keeping up with Kardashians. Our American servicemen who gave life and limb and mind in the horrors of war are but a shadow of a memory compared to today’s cookouts and grilled burgers and shopping “holiday” sales. Today isn’t a day to “celebrate” or wish each other “Happy Memorial Day.” It’s a solemn day on which stores used to be closed and people used to meditate and remember the sacrifices other Americans made for them so they could celebrate and shop on 364 other days. No longer. Tonight, “The Bachelorette” is on, and America is more interested in who half-Iranian Jojo will choose to sleep with, er . . . give a rose. Who cares about the dramatic real-life heroic deaths of the men at the Battle of the Bulge or in Anzio or at Da Nang when the latest “most dramatic rose ceremony ever” is on tonight?

There’s a reason a book by the last failed “Bachelorette” is on this week’s best-seller list. America has dumbed down it’s heroes and what is important. Women who publicly give up their dignity on TV and in public are more “heroic” than men who give up their lives in war for us to be free to watch this and consume this drivel Hollywood and pop culture serve up.


Today, as we remember those who died for us, let’s also remember the men and women who are sadly still in Afghanistan and have returned to Iraq and are still dying over there for no legitimate reason. We shouldn’t have been there except to depose brutal anti-American dictators and replace them with brutal pro-American dictators. We didn’t do that and instead chose “democracy” for savage Muslims who hate us (Shi’ites) to replace another group of savage Muslims who hate us (Sunnis). How long were we going to be over there as U.S. servicemen were picked off by the Sunnis who got displaced and have since reorganized as ISIS? And now we are back, so more U.S. servicemen will die needlessly in the age old internecine Muslim “civil” war between the two inhumane groups neither of whom are civil or even close. That’s nearly as ridiculous as mourning a dead gorilla’s life and prioritizing it over 1.1 million human American lives.

So, today, say a prayer not just for America’s fallen, but also for those who are still overseas risking their lives every day. Say a prayer that they will not be added to America’s fallen and that they will soon be home again in one piece with a beating heart, a functioning body, and a sound mind. Every day they are over there is a day they risk being added to the nameless, faceless who are mourned not nearly enough on Memorial Day.


Graves of American Soldiers Who Gave Their Lives in WWII @ Normandy


I’ve posted this in the past–a 2012 letter to the editor in USA Today, written by a veteran who served and laments what has happened to this day. This year, more than ever, it bears repeating–a letter to the editor from a man who remembered what Memorial Day was supposed to be about and what it used to be, but is sadly no longer:

Memorial Day will soon be here. It is the most important day of patriotic observance.

Before it was a day of solemn recognition of those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, today it has lost its true meaning. People have become selfish, forgetting to give up a little time to honor those men and women who died for the freedoms we have. This became more evident when Congress passed an act that changed Memorial Day from May 30 to the last Monday in May. It became a three-day weekend, anticipated for family outings, picnics, the start of vacation season and, oh yes, the shopping.

There was a time when stores were closed and entire towns gathered to honor the war dead, truly paying their respects. Those times are gone, but not for everyone. When you are having a picnic or you are on vacation, think of the men and women who have died for the freedom we enjoy, and also remember those men and women now serving, keeping us safe. God Bless America, and God keep those serving, safe.

Robert A. DeMitry; Sergeant, U.S. Army retired; Elk Creek, Mo.

Right on, Sgt. DeMitry, and thank you for your service.

Here are two other touching letters USA Today ran back then in 2012, which touched me and which I posted then. These men, their memories, and their great sacrifices deserve another chance to be recognized:

I will mark this Memorial Day by remembering Larry Allen, a fallen Marine from Decatur, Ga.

On June 18, 1970, somewhere in Vietnam, our squad ran into an ambush and was surrounded. We were taking heavy fire from the enemy we could not see. We were advancing when Larry stepped directly in front of me and one other Marine, taking a bullet wound in the lower stomach, meant for us. As he lay dying before us, I will never forget the helplessness I felt. The firefight was so intense that our choppers could not get in to help Larry and the other wounded. That day, we lost a wonderful 18-year-old Marine who not long before was running high school track in Georgia.

I salute you, Larry. Thanks for giving two of us our lives. Semper fi, my friend.

Terry Franks; Springville, Ala.

Thank you, Larry Allen and Terry Franks, for your service and sacrifice to America. Semper Fi.


Five of us graduated from high school together as World War II began. We felt it our patriotic duty to enlist in the service of our country. We remained friends over the years.

Now at age 90, I am the sole survivor of the original five, so Memorial Day is a personal day of remembrance for me as an American serviceman and patriot.

Will Ketner; Harrisburg, Pa.

Thank you Mr. Ketner for your service to our country.

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It is depressing. We hear incessantly about a dead gorilla, while those who died to save our country get second billing at best. No, the gorilla’s life was not more important that the child’s. If you think otherwise, you really do have some moral and psychological problems to deal with.

Worry on May 31, 2016 at 8:48 am

I’m tired of hearing “the gorilla tried to protect the child and there’s no way the gorilla would ever have hurt him b/c gorillas are nice” and “the parents should have been shot instead of the gorilla”, etc. American is doomed with people like these.

Hillel on May 31, 2016 at 1:28 pm

Sadly, Americans are becoming more and more clueless. As shown in these video interviews, many Americans do not even know what Memorial Day is:

And you should keep in mind that these interviews were taken in San Diego, which is a major military city!

In H.G. Wells’s classic novel “The Time Machine,” Wells foresaw the dumbification of the human race and wrote of the Elois, an “advanced” species far in the future.

Well, the Elois are already here! They may not be literally eaten by the Morlocks, the other species in the future depicted in the novel, by they are, indeed, being led like lambs to the slaughter in a metaphorical sense right here and now.

Here’s a relevant clip from the classic 1960 version with Rod Taylor as the Time Traveller and Yvette Mimieux as one of the Eloi:

Ralph Adamo on May 31, 2016 at 2:25 pm

How could you all dis poor Harambe, all I know the first time I heard that word, it took me back to

I teach a funk code and don’t preach a rap rhyme;
Harambe to the sun, as the mortals ask time- X-Clan

MrBigBrain on May 31, 2016 at 3:14 pm

Debbie Schlussel is a VERY GREAT American WOMAN!!

Born Free on May 31, 2016 at 4:46 pm

Amen. I love animals (prolly more than people) and I am shocked by the reaction. I’m more agro at the dopey parents for not watching their boy (but the couple are not married and have 4 kids and he’s a baby-daddy to another dope!) than the zoo. I love animals but I know the zoo did the right thing. They couldn’t take a chance with the little one. Now I am worried the ghetto parents are gonna sue the zoo…putting the other animals at risk and after their abject neglect. Anyway, I do agree with DS.

This is the rotten culture of USA now. On my FB some silly dope I follow liked a post from one of those vapid and formaldehyde-injected old crones from “The Real Housewives Of Transexual Transylvania” and this dumb-blonde bleated “Happy Memorial Day!!” with a snap of her old self with two other tyrannie-looking bimbos. No flag, no soldiers, no gratitude for those who gave all. Good news is that some put her in her place but they were outnumbered by the fawning freaks who were sucking up to this plastic narcissist. It was all about asking if she lost weight as she looked so good! United States of Kardashian!

That’s where we are. It’s so disgusting but at least one can easily spot the vapid, the morons and the sad, following lemmings.

Skunky on May 31, 2016 at 4:55 pm

This is apropos…I “follow” a guy on FB who is famous for being a dupe for a crime he never committed (he suffered greatly), otherwise he would never be known. He is married but he and his wife have a girlfriend (thank you “gay marriage”!)…so I guess she’s a tattoo artist and she has already tattooed some PAF (Pretentious Art Fag…”fag” does NOT mean gay in this acronym…) with the killed gorilla. I feel bad for the dead Silverback but what is nauseating is how his “followers” fawn over the tattoo…and their corny, sappy words of praise. But they do that for all this cat does…he won’t be judged because he’s some folk hero. This is the bilge that represents the zeitgeist of these super-crappy times…

Alfredo, I called you Alberto on another thread! So sorry!!! I must have been thinking of an old but beloved shampoo brand I used to use! Oops, but thank you all the same! 😀

Skunky on May 31, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    Alberto, Alphonso, Fernando, I’ve been called all that and a lot worse. I just tell people to remember fettucine, then they’ll remember the Alfredo part, LOL!!!

    And yes, all your comments right on as usual, Skunky. Your facebook guy sounds like Richard Jewel to me. What a shame, how the media lined up to make out like that guy was the Atlanta Olympics bomber, without having a shred of evidence.

    Alfredo from Puerto Rico on June 1, 2016 at 7:04 am

      Italian food from Puerto Rico…LMAO. On second thought, didn’t spaghetti come from China? I’m so confused!

      YCHtT on June 6, 2016 at 3:29 am

“Remember when Memorial Day wasn’t about remembering a gorilla?”

Hmmm…it’s true that US Memorial Day isn’t about remembering a gorilla, but it did start off as a day to remember guerrillas. Indeed, didn’t the US military start off as a whole bunch of guerrillas who would rather kill or be killed rather than pay their taxes to the British Crown for the defence of the thirteen colonies?;)

Becky on May 31, 2016 at 7:26 pm

It is a sad commentary that this Memorial Day that instead of remembering our brave service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom we are up in arms about a gorilla. In our Kartrashian, Stephen Curry, Charlotte McKinney, celebutard obsessive world we have lost site of the more important things. Now don’t get me wrong I happen to love animals and was sad to hear about the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo but that’s where it ended. What surprised me(not really) was the outcry for the gorilla. You have people who deride service to this country placing flowers and pictures of Harambe on a memorial outside the zoo. These are the same people who drive over grave stones in national cemetery. These are the same people who don’t even know what Memorial Day is but can tell you who the hosts are on The Real. I have photo albums of my grandfathers both WWII vets and of my father who’s a Vietnam veteran. A few years ago I was able to go to both graves and pay my respects on Memorial Day. It’s a shame that people have come to view this as just another 3 day weekend. I would encourage these same folks to go to Arlington Cemetery or the to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Maybe then they wouldn’t be so up in arms about a dead ape or whether John Legends wife looks good not wearing a bra.

Ken B on June 1, 2016 at 11:05 am

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