December 15, 2005, - 1:48 pm

Sorry for the Delay . . . National News Interview

Out for the morning and until now doing an interview with Christian Broadcast Network’s outstanding terorrism analyst and correspondent, Erick Stakelbeck, who is in town doing a piece on radical Islam in the Detroit area and supporters of Hezbollah here, on which I’ve written a great deal. It’s set to air in January, and I’ll let you know when it airs–on both the ABC Family Channel and Christian Broadcast Network.
What’s interesting is who refused to appear in the piece and what topics were “off limits” for others. Stay tuned.
Putting up more new blog-posts in a few minutes.

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Debbie, did you survive the persecution at the Christian Broadcast Network, as EminemsRevenge says happens at this time of the year?

The_Man on December 16, 2005 at 12:48 am

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