May 20, 2002, - 1:00 am

Starbucks, YES; France, NON!


Want to fight terrorism and anti-Semitism, while enjoying a beverage?

Then, buy Starbucks. And boycott the French, for that matter.

Howard Schultz, founder and CEO of Starbucks, has repeatedly seen his company come under criticism and boycotts from the radical left fringe. And he’s beaten each one.
But now, a group of American Muslims–which supports terrorism and homicide bombers–has started a new Starbucks boycott.

Why? Their “Global Action Alert” alleges Mr. Schultz incited violence against Palestinians in a speech to a Seattle area synagogue. But they provided no actual quotes, because there was absolutely no “inciteful language” in Schultz’s speech.

The campaign is a lie. Plain and simple, it is just another form of anti-Semitism. The Muslims just can’t handle that one of America’s most outspoken, principled, and successful CEOs is proudly Jewish, pro-Israel, and not afraid to say so.

What Schultz did say in his April 4th speech was simple. As reported by Seattle KING5-TV reporter Elisa Hahn, Schultz said,

What is going on in the Middle East is not an isolated part of the world. The rise of anti-Semitism is at an all-time high since the 1930s. . . . If you leave this synagogue tonight and go back to your home and ignore this, then shame on us.

This is “inciteful”? That Muslims would use a speech against anti-Semitism as an excuse to boycott and attempt to silence the principled Starbucks CEO is instructive in what is really going on.

To wit, Schultz is correct–this isn’t about Israel or land. It’s about anti-Semitism and legitimizing attacks on and murder of Jews. Nothing less.

On the other hand, when it comes to respecting Muslims, Starbucks has gone out of its way for them. Since September 2000, the traditional Starbucks logo was absent in Saudi Arabian outlets. According to AP, the visage of Starbuck’s long-haired woman was deemed offensive to the muttawa (Saudi religious police), who didn’t want Saudis to be corrupted by the sight of a woman on their coffee cup. It might turn someone on. The muttawa, strangely, have now reversed their decision, and the Starbucks logo will now appear there.

Apparently, Saudi males have now learned to control their logo-induced impulses.

But now, Muslims are boycotting Starbucks. And I’m hoping to help make up the difference. Despite a dislike of coffee and high-calorie drinks, I’ll do my part, and I urge like-minded consumers to do theirs.

Then there’s the French.

Despite hundreds of well-documented, violent anti-Semitic attacks on Jews throughout France–many perpetrated by Muslim Arabs–French President Jacques Chirac does nothing to stem the tide. The attacks are increasing almost geometrically. But Chirac won’t risk upsetting the 5 to 10 million Muslims in his country. After all, a vote is a vote. 700,000 Jews are just dispensable.

What is indispensable, however, are Jewish consumers and others who despise these vile attacks. They are boycotting everything French–cheese, perfume, designers, vacations.

The boycott is already having an impact. But rather than do the right thing, the moral thing, and end the attacks, President Chirac called Israeli Prime Minister Sharon on May 11th and threatened “consequences,” according to The Jerusalem Post, if the boycott is not halted and France continues to be presented as the anti-Semitic country that it is. One wonders, what consequences? Maybe making all French Jews wear yellow stars of David. Or how about, rounding them up and putting them into concentration camps? France has a lot of skills and experience in these types of consequences for its beloved Juifs (Jews). We saw how the haute-couture French practiced these “consequences” with such politesse, joie de vivre, and fin-de-siecle in the ’30s and ’40s.

“The French massively demonstrated their refusal . . . of anti-Semitism,” the Post quoted Chirac as saying. Puh-leeze. Which of the massive wildings against Jewish soccer teams, stonings of Jewish schoolbuses, destructions of Jewish synagogues and cemeteries, and beatings of Jewish citizens–are the “massive demonstrations” of “refusal of anti-Semitism”?

I’m happily among those boycotting France. Good-bye to my favorite perfume, which is French . . . . Hello to my new favorite, “Happy” by Clinique. Clinique and Estee Lauder, owned by the American, Jewish Lauder family, like Starbucks, are being boycotted by Arab Muslims for one reason–they are owned by Jews. This has nothing to do with Israel. The Lauders aren’t Israelis. It’s anti-Semitism, plain and simple.

The only thing left to like about the French is the 1973 film, “Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob.” The best French comedy ever, it is a narrative of France’s ludicrous behavior, today. Victor Pivert, a xenophobic, anti-Semitic industrialist with a Napoleonic complex abuses his Jewish chauffeur and meets his just rewards in the batter of a bubble-gum factory, while Mohamed Slimane, an exiled Arab political opposition candidate is on the run from Arab terrorists in Paris. Both Pivert and Slimane masquerade as Hassidic Jewish rabbis to save their lives from the Arab terrorists. Slimane marries Pivert’s daughter, to his chagrin.

This isn’t an unwitting endorsement of a French product, though. The film–like France’s future, given its current path–is out of print and unavailable on video. “The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob” in France have ended.

He’s boycotting that loony country, where he’s no longer wanted.

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Valtrex on May 22, 2011 at 8:45 pm

Worst article I cant believe people can write an article asking for so much hate between countries and religions. This article is just a big lie from someone who has no clus of what he is talking about it.

Gwendolyn on April 3, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    One short month before you posted this an Islamic terrorist gleefully murdered 3 Jewish kids and a Rabbi in Toulouse, all in the name of the moon god. Debbie’s just telling it like it is. She’s exposing the hate not inciting it. Antisemitism is on the rise globally and we have to wake up to the fact that the Muslim world is leading it’s clarion call. Maybe, Gwendolyn, you march to that beat as well. Or you just refuse to get your head out of the sand.

    Reader on May 2, 2013 at 3:02 am

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blahblah123 on May 5, 2013 at 3:37 pm

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