November 3, 2020, - 10:32 am

Why I Won’t Vote For John James, Uber-Liberal Jesse Jackson Pal & Sugar Daddy

By Debbie Schlussel

Here’s what you need to know about John James, Michigan’s Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate:

  • He is a close pal of and financier of racist and anti-Semitic bigot Jesse Jackson, and James made millions as a beneficiary of Jackson’s race-based shakedowns of auto companies.

  • He refuses to condemn Black Lives Matter.

  • James says he supports “more immigration,” and he says it must be “more inclusive and welcoming.” He openly criticized President Trump for saying he opposes more immigration from “s-hole countries.” If you want more jihadist attacks like the recent ones in Austria and France, James is your guy.

  • Just a few weeks ago, James described America as “stolen lands built by swollen hands [Blacks],” which is exactly the America-hatred narrative taught to America’s kids by the leftist 1619 Project.

  • James openly opposes the Republican Attorneys General lawsuit against Obamacare currently before the U.S. Supreme Court, the only chance to defeat Obama’s socialist healthcare.

While I am excited to vote for Donald Trump today as I eagerly did four years ago, I will NOT be voting for John James the RINO (Republican In Name Only) GOP U.S. Senate candidate. This proud pal, beneficiary, and financier of Jesse Jackson’s racism is also a far-left liberal on almost every issue, to the point that he is to the left of Michigan’s Democrat U.S. Senator Gary Peters (I won’t vote for him either). His rhetoric is on point with the anti-American 1619 Project and it’s sad to see so many blind “conservative” idiots voting for this schmuck when they haven’t a clue what he stands for. Woke with an R after it doesn’t get my vote. Ever.

It’s the same White guilt dynamic exhibited by millions of ignoramuses who similarly voted for Barack Obama so they could pat themselves on the back and tell themselves they aren’t racists. The Republican Party is so desperate to show how welcoming it is to minority candidates that these people are willing to bend over backward. And millions of supposedly conservative voters eagerly pull the lever for someone whose positions they would never tolerate if the candidate were a White “Republican.” It’s GOP affirmative action, and it has to stop. Unless the GOP wants its future to be the Democrat party lite.

John James & Jesse Jackson

John James is a close friend of and donor to Jesse Jackson, one of the most notorious racists and anti-Semites in contemporary times. If you don’t believe me, look up his comments about Jews (which go way beyond his “Hymietown” comment, the tamest of his comments about Semites). And don’t forget how he proudly described spitting in White people’s salads.

James has repeatedly refused to denounce or even address Jackson’s comments. That’s because James became a multi-millionaire solely because he was a beneficiary of Jesse Jackson’s race-pimping and race-based shakedowns of the Big Three auto companies. And he has rewarded Jackson with major sponsorships of and donations to Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition (the organization doing the race shakedowns). He was a host and sponsor of Jackson’s and the Rainbow Push Coalition’s event “commemorating 15 years of driving ethnic inclusion in the automotive industry,” which is a nice euphemism for Jackson’s shakedowns. Since then, James has continued to fund Jackson and Rainbow Push.

Given that, it’s ironic that John James has led his opponent, Democrat Gary Peters, among White voters by 5-7 percentage points for basically the entire time he’s been running. He is only behind among Black and minority voters. These blind, idiotic White voters haven’t a clue about James and what he stands for (i.e., taking opportunities for himself and away from them, based solely on his complexion). They just listen to what FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, and Donald Trump tell them and blindly follow. In the case of James, it’s a disaster.

I marvel at the hypocrisy of some of my Jewish Republican friends who rightly attack the Democrats for embracing Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Linda Sarsour, but then make a zillion excuses to me for James serving as sugar daddy and enabler of Jesse Jackson, who has said many far worse openly anti-Semitic things (beyond the “Hymietown” comment) than have any of these three women. The Jews who defend and/or vote for James are no different than the Jews who defend and/or vote for the Democrats. Either you tolerate this crap or you don’t. Your excuses are BS.

John James & Black Lives Matter

At the height of Black Lives Matter riots, burning, looting, and destruction this past summer, James refused to condemn Black Lives Matter. And to this day, he still refuses. Instead, he ran ads saying “everyone condemns violence and looting.” Um, no, they don’t. In fact, polls showed that, sadly, at least 30% of Americans supported the riots and the violence. And we know who was and continues to be behind the destruction. BLM, which James still won’t specifically and publicly condemn.

John James & Immigration

During his 2018 failed bid for the U.S. Senate, James repeatedly called for “comprehensive immigration reform,” which we all know is the open borders crowd’s lipstick-on-a-pig euphemism for illegal alien amnesty. This time around, he continues to support it.

In a phone call this year to local business and Black leaders, James openly attacked President Trump for saying that he didn’t want more immigrants from “s-hole countries.” James openly said he does want more immigration from those places. If you liked the recent jihadist beheadings in France and shootings in Austria, and if you liked the Tsarnaev’s Boston Marathon bombing and Nidal Malik Hasan’s Fort Hood massacre, etc., etc., you’ll love John James immigration policy.

Less than a month ago, on October 7th, James gave a rambling interview with Detroit Public Radio’s Stephen Henderson (the anti-Trump married former Detroit Free Press editor who was fired for trying to have sex with two subordinates), in which he again called for “immigration reform,” said we need “more immigration to make sure we can take our nation to the next level,” and it needs to be “more welcoming, inclusive.” HUH?! Even his Democrat opponent, Peters, is not calling for more immigration or “more welcoming and inclusive” immigration.

As you should know, we already have a far too “welcoming and inclusive” immigration policy via the diversity lottery visa. President Trump is trying to end these things, but John James wants to expand them.

To all the witless people telling me that they’re voting for James because they want a Republican Senate, I have news for you: if he gets his “more welcoming, inclusive” immigration policy enacted, we will permanently lose a Republican Senate forever. Studies show that immigrants and their kids vote Democrat for several generations.

The same “Republican Senate!” zombies also lecture me that one bad GOP Senator can’t do much harm. Oh, really? The last time Michigan had a Republican Senate candidate like James, former Michigan GOP chief Spencer Abraham, I heard the same arguments.

When Abraham–another “comprehensive immigration reform” pimp–got elected, he became Chairman of the Senate Immigration Subcommittee, where he stopped America from tracking aliens who enter the country on visas. Visa overstays are the biggest source of illegal aliens (not those sneaking in over the border). Though the Senate voted to electronically track aliens here on visas via computers and software, Abraham starved the funding of this system for the next 15 years because he was listening to his Arab, Muslim, and Chamber of Commerce friends (just like James does). 9/11 happened just months after he lost his campaign for re-election. (But no worries, George W. Bush made Abraham a cabinet member, where he used the platform to give out “moderate Muslim” awards to known Al-Qaeda operatives.)

Abraham also got $268 million of U.S. taxpayer money sent to Hezbollah, the Islamic terrorist group that murdered more Americans than any other terrorist group but for Al-Qaeda. And Abraham repeatedly welcomed the HAMAS front group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) to Senate events, attended CAIR events, and got them noticed by other Senators. And at their and Jim Zogby’s behest, Abraham introduced legislation to stop profiling of Islamic terrorists, a measure he got George W. Bush to openly endorse in the Presidential debates, garnering him the “Muslim endorsement.”

If liked Abraham, you’ll love John James.

John James Embraces Anti-American Hatred Narratives

One of the reasons we see thousands of young people, college students, etc. participating in Black Lives Matter protests and violence, is that they’ve been taught to hate America. They’ve been taught through Howard Zinn’s anti-American textbooks and the New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project curriculum, that America is a horrible country that was built on slavery and bigotry.

Unfortunately, John James believes the same thing. In an October interview with Detroit public radio, he–in a completely unsolicited comment–volunteered that “America is stolen lands built by swollen hands.” In case you don’t get the “swollen hands” reference, he made sure you know that he means America was completely built by Black slaves.

That’s the same 1619 Project BS that we are fighting against. But John James not only embraces this leftist crap. He promotes it. His fallacious, ignorant view of who created and built America goes along nicely with Michelle Obama’s “slaves built the White House” pronouncement and Barack Obama’s “you didn’t build that [the government did]” baloney.

As for the “stolen lands” excrement, we don’t really know who was here first and who took land from whom. We only know that some people migrated over to North America from Asia over archipelagos. They were the ancestors of the “Native American” tribes. We don’t know whether some other people were living here and whether or not they “stole” it from those people. What we do know is that the “Native Americans” warred with each other to steal each others’ land. We also know that they owned slaves. They are not a holy, unblemished people, immune to criticism and a realistic look at their history. We also know that, today, they insist on being treated as “sovereign nations,” when it’s good for them, and yet taking billions in federal and state tax money and voting in our elections.

John James & Obamacare

John James has repeatedly stated that he opposes the state Republican Attorneys General lawsuit against Obamacare that is now before he U.S. Supreme Court. The lawsuit is the only real chance for Obamacare to finally be defeated, and that’s why James opposes it. He’s given no legitimate or real reasoning for his opposition because there isn’t any. He simply isn’t against Obamacare. And he simply isn’t conservative. This is also why, when asked by Detroit TV anchor Devin Scillian what his healthcare plan is, he could not answer. His healthcare plan is simply Obamacare.

To watch FOX News and the so-called conservative media, which have repeatedly promoted John James, you’d think he was to the right of Atilla the Hun. You’d think the same if you see any of his opponent’s ads against him. But it’s all smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses for the lumpenconservatariat, which is fat and happy and buys whatever they’re sold.

John James is not a conservative. He’s a Republican In Name Only. And while there are many positions he takes that are, again, to the left of his liberal Democrat opponent, I am hard-pressed to name anything conservative that John James openly embraces.

If you keep voting for liberal Republicans–or in John James case, a leftist Democrat parading as a Republican and being given a pass because of his skin complexion–than you deserve him. Because you’re simply a lazy fool. And your precious “Republican Senate” will keep doing what its been doing for decades: embracing policies–John James’ chosen policies–that will eventually allow far-left Democrats to take over forever. And, again, you deserve what you get.

I do not. Today, I’m going to vote Libertarian. There simply isn’t any other choice for me.

Voting between two liberal Democrats, one of whom is farther left and a pretender with an R after his name, is simply not an option.


One other thing: I laugh when Republican types keep telling me, “but, but, but he came close to beating Debbie Stabenow.” Um, no, he didn’t. He got beaten by six points, which is generally considered to be a landslide. Not even close. I guess we now have affirmative action for Black faux-Republicans in election result characterizations, too. So sad.

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Brilliant piece, Debbie. And it should serve as a warning to the many stupid Red State cuckservatives who are desperate for black approval to validate their own views. John James is fully in with the whole “1619 Project” and its assumptions. On immigration, he’s a disaster. And he probably hates Israel, too.

So why do so many white “conservatives,” in an out of Michigan, support this man? It’s because they are so terrified of being called “racist,” that they latch onto any black Republican who says anything even remotely conservative. And of course, they’ll not that the Democrats are the “party of the KKK, which is baloney. They are the party of people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

The only justification I can see for voting for James is to ensure a GOP Senate majority. Party discipline hopefully could keep this clown in line.

Again, great piece.

Seek on November 3, 2020 at 12:49 pm

Is this a Zombie return from the dead? A dead cat bounce? Lo!!!

Charles ford on November 3, 2020 at 1:15 pm

Someone with your great insight and tenacity should emerge from your bunker more often.

You would certainly make a great witness in front of a Congressional Hearing exploring the Issues of Censorship exercised by Twitter.

jason brando on November 3, 2020 at 3:06 pm

Welcome back to the website, Debbie. Another excellent post. I don’t live in Michigan so I have no say in this, but if I did, I would either also vote for the Libertarian candidate or do a write-in.

Also I have been watching all of your BEK shows and you have been doing an excellent job there as well.

JeffE on November 3, 2020 at 4:38 pm

Proving once and for all the the “RINO” attribute is equal opportunity . . . and no, if I were a Michiganian, I wouldn’t have voted for Mr. James, anyway . . .

Concerned Patriot on November 3, 2020 at 9:11 pm


Do you still live in Michigan? I was under the impression that you had fled to North Dakota due to Gov Whitmer’s eternal lockdowns

I was singularly unimpressed by John James b’cos he engaged in the same sort of platitudes while talking to the public, rather than engage in the actual conversations they wanted to have on various issues, be it the Flint water crisis or anything else

I: Still live in Michigan, do the ND show from a studio in the Detroit area. Spot on about John James–an empty suit and liberal uttering platitudes he heard on TV or someone told him to say, none of which sound anything like conservatism or free market principles. DS

Infidel on November 4, 2020 at 3:18 am

I see that this RINO plant is up by 1% currently over his Demonrat opponent. I would rather that he lost, because I really cannot stand RINO’s, such as the former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and former RNC chairman Michael Steele (who supported Biden, a man and party who oppose everything Steele said he allegedly loved).

Glad that your back Debbie. Miss your columns and comments.

Concerned Citizen on November 4, 2020 at 9:43 am

Followed you years ago and lost contact. Glad you are back.

Gretchen webster on November 4, 2020 at 3:00 pm

Which State will truly be a Battleground when the Insurrection and Civil War defines who is the Legitimate Commander in Chief??

It’s Time for Trump to Use his Powers and face off against the Revolutionaries.

jason brando on November 4, 2020 at 5:07 pm

You’re right! I didn’t know any of this and YES Fox News presented him as savior of the Republican Party.

But look at what else Fox News is ignoring. They’re calling states for Biden in spite of conflicting guidance and information from those states election boards…



YCHtT on November 4, 2020 at 10:47 pm

Hey DS!!! Just found out about your Bek show. Will be watching daily!!

Skunky on November 7, 2020 at 11:38 pm

Glad that you are back! Miss your deep thinking and analysis of the news.

Jaime on November 9, 2020 at 11:30 pm

Great piece. I always have detested white “conservatives” who obsequiously fawn over a black Republican for no other reason than his being black. John James is simply the latest example of the “Magic Negro,” the nominally conservative Black Who Can Do No Wrong.

No being black does not give you a free pass. Even if your name is Candace Owens.

S: Candace Owens is a great example of this phony baloney fawning and obsequiousness. She spent years as an unknown far-left blogger who attacked conservatives vehemently. She had no real ideological transformation or anything else to make her suddenly “embrace” conservatism. She just saw that she could make millions as a “conservative,” whereas she was just another poor nobody as the liberal she really is. Never trust anyone who turns on a dime, or in her case, many dimes. We have a name for those on Detroit’s 8 Mile: prostitute. DS

Seek on November 13, 2020 at 11:32 am

Now that You have established support for Rick Grenell on his Nomination to the American Holocaust Museum after being savagely attacked by Leftist Jews.

I await Commentary on the Promised Defamation Suit to be filed by Dominion Software LLC. against Your Sworn Enemies at Fox.

Your disdain for Fox should be an incentive to discuss whether a News Network has an obligation to Retract and Amend Unfounded Allegations against an Aggrieved Party.

jason brando on December 24, 2020 at 3:55 pm

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