December 29, 2005, - 10:44 am

More Evidence: How Lebanese Treat Their “Precious” Palestinians

Will 2006 be the year that Arabs and Muslims finally start treating Palestinians like human beings? Don’t bet on it. In fact, they enjoy the most rights and privileges in one unduly vilified country. Hint: It starts with and “I”, ends with an “L”, and has and “S-R-A-E” in the middle.
It has long been documented that other Muslim and Arab nations don’t really give a whit about the Palestinians personally. They just want them as a political weapon to use against Israel (read: “the Jews”). Most in refugee camps are kept their by their Syrian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian and even Palestinian “hosts.”
Now here’s more documentation–coming from leftist, pro-Palestinian “reporter” (term used VERY loosely here) Kevin Sites, of Yahoo. We object to the fact that Yahoo even uses Sites, openly biased and very left-wing on all issues Middle East and probably all issues period. His Yahoo “Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone” reports are openly dedicated to , and he links to her far-left group, Civic Worldwide–which hates everything American, Western, Christian, Israeli, Jewish, non-Communist, non-Muslim, etc., and openly aids and abets America’s enemies.
That said, even Sites provides some important quotes in his latest one-sided, sob-story dispatch about Palestinian “refugees” in Lebanon. We beg to differ with his statement about “Palestinians forced to leave their homes after the creation of Israel in 1948.” In fact, Palestinians were urged to stay by Israel, but chose to leave at the insistence of Arab Muslim nations who immediately went to war against Israel. The Palestinians made the wrong gamble, choosing abandonment, and they lost.
And they keep losing, at the hands of their Arab Muslims brethren.
Here are the important quotes that world needs to, yet again, take notice of, from Sites’ piece:
Muna Farid, who just added a third floor to her “refugee camp house” (three floors is not refugee squalor, sorry), told sites this:

The Lebanese government doesn’t treat us like human beings. I can’t begin to describe how sad I am.

Sites adds:

Along with employment restrictions, there are also legal codes that prevent Palestinian children from attending Lebanese schools. With their concentration in these refugee ghettos, most Palestinians here live in limbo, caught between the dream of returning to their Palestinian homeland and the nightmare of their current status as non-citizens.

When will Lebanon (and Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and all the other Arab and Muslim nations who house them) absorb Palestinians and allow them the full equal rights that they get in Israel, just like Israel did for the million Jews kicked out of their homes in Arab Muslim countries? Answer: Never. At least, not until Israel and the Jews are wiped off the face of the map.
And then, they’re coming for America and the rest of the West, too.

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As I stated time and again; Under Islam, anything is permissible as long as it futhers the cause of Islam, even if it means treating other Mooselims like $hit. You see it every day in hell-holes like Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, etc., where Mooselims are blowing up fellow Mooselims in order to drive out the infidel.
Islam – The Religion of Peace

Thee_Bruno on December 29, 2005 at 11:44 am

Thee_Bruno, check out the “BARBARISM IN THE NAME OF “HONOR” column on Michelle Malkin’s site for another “Religion of Peace” example. I don’t see how anyone can be so brutally cruel. Just sickening.

Jeff_W on December 29, 2005 at 1:09 pm

The Jordanian\Palestinian issue is one that will play out someday.

danny on December 29, 2005 at 1:35 pm

That must have been excruciating painful to put in print criticism of the treatment of the ‘Palestinians’ by their Muslim brothers. Speaking of people with ‘painful’ experiences, I just did a reality check on closet Muslim Karen Armstrong’s interview with Al Jazeera. Such troubled yutes.

John Sobieski on December 29, 2005 at 1:46 pm

I read that story today in the NY Post and I was going to mention it here but you beat me to it. Good job.
These “honor killings” are widespread in the Mooselim world because it is part of Islam (The Religion of Peace). This barbaric practice is prescribed in that “holy” book called the Qur’ an, better known as the “religous man’s guidebook to mass murder”. The Qur’an, which was dictated by that madman, Muhammad, to his secretary (Muhammad was illiterate), is chock full of ways to slay the infidel and keep your woman under “wraps”, so to speak.
This religion, as someone once put it, was invented by a barbarous mind for a barbarous people, because how else could anyone explain such behavior as illustrated in the article. And even the article is PC because it fails to mention that this mass murder was the product of the teachings of Islam. The article states that “it is the latest of more than 260 such honor killings documented by the rights commission, mostly from media reports, during the first 11 months of 2005.” And, these are just the ones that have been documented in “media reports”. It’s anybody’s guess as to the real number.
But, this is what the LIBERALS keep browbeating us into believing that this kind of barbaric culture/religion is good for America.
Celebrate diversity!

Thee_Bruno on December 29, 2005 at 5:10 pm

I see that Kevin Sites is up to his usual kind of reporting. I notice that he is no longer an embed after his biased reporting about the Fallujah incident of the Marine killing the wounded insurgentin the Mosque (the one who appeared to move as if he had a weapon) thereby causing the Marine to be investigated.
If I had a kid in the Marines and found out that Sites was anywhere close to my kid in Iraq or any war zone, I’d be driving my Senator, Congressman and the Pentagon bonkers to get Sites away from him.

Sue Bob on December 29, 2005 at 7:04 pm

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