January 3, 2006, - 1:47 pm

Catching Up: Belated Heroes/Villains of 2005

With a combination flu/cold/strep throat illness for the last five days, I was too ill to post much and am, therefore, late in posting my list of heroes/villains of 2005. But, as they say, better late than never (and if not now, when?).
So, here goes . . . .
War on Terror/Justice System

* Judge Elizabeth Hacker: Brave Immigration Judge applied the law and ordered the deportation of Islamic Terrorist , despite united chorus of mainstream media, activists, movie critic Roger Ebert, and spineless elected public officials against her. Decision by Immigration appeals court. Co-winner of the Schlussel Gavel of Justice Award for 2005.
* Mark Jebson: Star ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) attorney, who won and terrorist decision, too. A true warrior on the legal front-lines in the war on terror.
* Judge William M. Skretny: Federal Judge in Buffalo has the guts to put U.S. security, as permitted by the law, first. Upheld the right for Homeland Security officials to inspect, detain, question, and fingerprint American Muslims who attended Canadian Muslim conference featuring terror supporters and those linked to terror. Big defeat for ACLU and Muslim plaintiffs. Big win for America. Co-winner of the Schlussel Gavel of Justice Award for 2005.
* : Napoleonic Detroit-based Federal judge made a mockery of judicial system by inserting himself into Detroit terror case and pressuring the overturning of the verdict against terror. Conducted improper extra-judicial proceedings and was an “anonymous” media source in discrediting terror case and its prosecutor, all while case was still before him. Has a problem convicting terrorists. Should be impeached. Completely unethical.
* –Idiotic federal judge gives a light sentence, then denounces the U.S. War on Terror. Should recuse himself from all further terror-related cases . . . if he has any ethics at all.
* : Managed to bore jury to death and turn a very strong case with strong evidence into an acquittal for Islamic Jihad founder and chief Sami Al-Arian. All should be fired. But no way–they work for the government, and they’re here to help you.
War on Terror/Law Enforcement

* : A Real Law Enforcement Hero; High ranking ICE agent heroically survived 9/11 attacks on World Trade Center and exposed FBI and ICE bureaucracy for refusing to allow wiretaps of high level Al-Qaeda terrorists in Texas. As a parting shot, Homeland Security and ICE officials began investigating and harassing him for speaking out against this neglect of our national security. This man should be running Homeland Security, not retiring from it.
* : Andrew Thomas, Rick Jones, Michael Fox, Courtney Combs, Bob Gosselin, Russell Pearce
* : ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) chief of Detention and Removal Operations for Michigan and Ohio went faced off against “former” Islamic terrorist in deporting Muslim drug felon; stared the media and other forces down in fighting to deport Islamic terrorist .
* –inept Homeland Security chief managed to transform much goodwill (including my own) into very justified resentment. Under his “leadership”, borders continue to spill over with illegal aliens, and the problem is getting worse, despite his ). Allows key agency, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to go aimless and leaderless, but pushed for incompetent wife (Julie Myers) of chief of staff to head it. In power play, he about for his department. The DHS fish rots from the head down.
* –With no checks on the selection process, the inept, unqualified Myers picked herself for law enforcement job well beyond her abilities and experience. Despite constant complaints about her absolute lack of qualifications to head ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), she refuses to do the right thing and step down, a la Harriet Miers. Has lots of cronies, relatives in high places, , but no class in continuing to keep her absurd nomination alive. Look at me, I’m about to be Queen of the ICE Palace. Like way totally cool.
* –Lilliputian ICE Special Agent in Charge of Michigan and Ohio, the heart of Islamic America, is not investigating Islamic terrorists and illegal aliens. Instead, he’s partying with them (like his bud, “former” Islamic terrorist/FBI award revokee ) and having them head up his recruitment efforts for new agents. Using limited, stretched ICE budget and resources for new office furniture, extensive investigation of me and who my sources are, and day-long picnic to denounce me and stop agents from talking, and extensive recruitment/whining and dining of personal harem (perhaps something he picked up from radical Islamic cronies). Dishonorable Mention: , Abu Moskowitz’s cantankerous boss; As ICE Director of Investigations, she told others she’s happy with Abu Moskowitz because “he’s smoothed things over with the Islamic Community.” I can only see an FBI boss saying they’re happy they “smoothed things over with the Gambino and Genovese Families.”
* Daniel Sutherland–Casey Martin’s disabilities lawyer against the PGA Tour is now radical Islam’s in-house cheerleader at Homeland Security. Encourages high-ranking agents to kowtow and pander to terrorists and terror supporters. Your tax dollars at work.
* –High-ranking Customs and Border Protection port director and intelligence official took bribes to allow drug and illegal alien smuggling to take place. Bad apple was promoted every step of the way, despite Feds’ knowledge of this as early as 2000. Great example of why affirmative action is a bad idea. Dishonorable Mention: Feds who are despite air-tight case.
War on Terror/Journalism

* Bloggers and Conservative websites, like Frontpagemag.com–Reporting the truth that the Mainstream Media is covering up. Like the genie, you can’t put us back in the bottle.
* : Detroit News “reporter” covering the Justice Dept., War on Terror, and Federal Law Enforcement, . We caught him with his pants down. Dishonorable Mention: Detroit News, which continues to employ this fabricator.
* : Extremely biased, pan-Islamist Detroit News “reporter” who affectionately covers extremist Islam in Little Ramallah (a/k/a Detroit area). . When called on it, he got extremely angry and called me “the dumbest woman”. No mirror for him was available, apparently. Rumor has it that he has uttered the Shehadah (Islamic oath of martyrdom, said when converting to Islam). Dishonorable Mention: Detroit News, which has zero fact-checking department, never makes Krupa prove the phony numbers he uses.

* Makers of FOX’s “24”–Even though they gave in and did a , they were courageous unlike most others in Hollywood in showing who the terrorists are: Muslims in our midst. Honorable Mention: Makers of
* John Dahl–“” director who had the courage and respect to portray our WWII soldiers in the way they ought to be portrayed. Told me he was very careful to depict their sacrifices in an honorable, accurate manner.
* Stephen Spielberg–Absurd “” and “War of Worlds” remakes were explicitly meant to question our war on terror. Abu Spielberg thinks we should just roll over and die, instead of fighting those who hate us . . . after we’ve paid more cha-ching at his box office.
* George Clooney–made two left-wing films attack America’s just wars on Communism (“Good Night and Good Luck“) and Islamic terrorism (“”). We’re the bad guys, yet he still lives amongst us when not vacationing at his Italian villa.
* — for her self-ingratiating “Look at Me and My Kindness in N’awlins” Katrina show. Used “O” Mag (with her modest self on the cover for the gazillionth time) to .
* –Billionaire blowhard NBA owner brat-boy just wants some respect from the self-anointed arthouse culturatti. So, to get it, he completely funded, produced, distributed, etc. the absurd “” movie, which makes us like the terrorists and justifies their blowing up of Grand Central Station, because we tortured them when they were innocent. Like that really happened. Mohammed Atta, anyone?
* Tyra Banks–Minority supermodel Jerry Springer-wannabe who just wants to be taken seriously, so she hosts White minstrel show on daytime TV. Highlight: Had male doctor feel up her breasts to prove she is real. Whatever. Also: “Heroically” wore fat suit to prove that fat people are discriminated against and “it just ain’t right.” Yes, that’s why Tyra gained a million pounds to be in the Victoria’s Secret catalog and runway show.

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Not one American movie out that’s not afraid to take on our enemies. They’re too busy trying to “understand” them. It’s like that old Phil Spector song “He Hit Me(It Felt Like a Kiss)” where she says “If he didn’t care for me, I could have never made him mad, but he hit me and I was glad.” That’s Hollywood for you. And it’s getting to where it’s actually hurting business. Any Hollywood executive who calls himself a businessman would jump on board with this and give the people what they want. Anyway you should talk about this stuff on TV at every chance you get, people will listen to you because you’re very pretty, if you don’t mind me saying that. In this day and age that’s more likely to get people to pay attention to this issue.

KnightoftheImpaler on January 3, 2006 at 8:34 pm

Here’s a new entry at #1 Villains for TV:
David LEFTTerman.
What an absolutely pathetic attack on Bill O’Reilly on his show. I can’t stand O’Reilly, but LEFTTermancame off like a totally ignorant loon. LEFTTerman totally embarrassed himself.
I haven’t watched LEFTTerman in years since he ceased being funny many years ago. Yet another washed up celeb trying to be relevant.

Jeff_W on January 4, 2006 at 1:28 pm

As I’ve written before, I’ll always be grateful to Debbie for the “Great Raid” recommendation.
I, too, just bought the DVD and I still can’t watch it dry eyed. This movie is one of the best movies ever made.
(I didn’t want to even mention the topic of my previous post in a thread about the “Great Raid” which is why I am posting twice).

Jeff_W on January 4, 2006 at 1:34 pm

Letterman is still on the air?

The_Man on January 5, 2006 at 12:30 am

Speaking of the villainous Detroit News, they still run columns by that lying, Jew-hating, Imam Elahi.

sonofsheldon on January 5, 2006 at 6:36 pm

What, no Howard Stern?

KOAJaps on January 8, 2006 at 5:39 pm

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