January 9, 2006, - 1:45 pm

Life Imitates Art: Sean Penn/Nicole Kidman Movie Aids Terrorists

Did Jeff Spicoli a/k/a “Sean Penn” and Nicole Kidman clue in Islamic terrorists via a movie they starred in, last year?
It appears that way. “,” which starred the two, featured a plot in which terrorist homicide bombers (whose identity was changed, post-9/11, in the script from Islamic Arabs to the more “true-to-life” Black Africans) were infected with AIDS. We reviewed the movie , and noted the AIDS-infected terrorist homicide bombers.
It’s yet another case of life imitates art–where Hollywood is giving islamic terrorists their cues on how to best harm innocent people. Thanks, Spicoli!

Jeff Spicoli: All He Needs Are Some Tasty Waves, A Cool Buzz, and to Aid Terrorists.

Yesterday, the British Sunday Mirror reported that Al-Qaeda is recruiting homicide bombers infected with AIDS, in order to spread the disease as part of the attack. But this is hardly news. In Israel, Islamic homicide bombers have long inserted various diseases and viruses–along with ball-bearings and nails–in their bomb-belts.

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