January 12, 2006, - 3:05 pm

Friday the 13th: Tomorrow Marks 2 Outrages in Bush “War” on Terror; DHS & German Witches Celebrate

Since 9/11, President Bush has consistently marketed himself as the counter-terrorism President. But many events have proven otherwise–that his “War” is really a lot of PR and very little in hard results.
Two events tomorrow put the lie to Bush’s claim that he is really tough on terror:
* Bush’s welcoming White House meeting with German Chancellor Angie Merkel; and
* the sentencing of former INS/Customs and Border Patrol official .

Stethem: Bush Welcomes Woman Who Released His Killer

In November, we broke the story of , the Hezbollah terrorist and murderer of Navy diver , to freedom in Lebanon–apparently . The Bush Administration did little to nothing to stop Hamadi’s release. And since the release, the Administration provided at least 4 different stories to the press and the Stethem family, regarding what it did and didn’t do.
To make matters worse, tomorrow, President Bush will welcome German Chancellor Angie Merkel–whose first act regarding terrorists was the release of Hamadi–with open arms to the White House. Merkel has also been very vocal and very critical against U.S. holding of terrorists without civilian criminal trial in Guantanamo Bay.
What kind of message does this send? Not a good one. Remember President Bush’s now non-uttered declaration that “you are either on our side or the terrorists’ side.” Guess what? Angie Merkel is on the terrorists’ side, but she seems very welcome by Bush’s side on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Instead of welcoming Ms. Merkel, Mr. Bush should have pulled our Ambassador to Germany. But he did neither that nor anything else. Clearly, Bush is not so serious in the war on terror when it comes to demanding justice for the brutal, tortuous death of a loyal U.S. American serviceman by Islamic terrorists.
Robert Stethem’s family is rightly outraged, and all Americans should be, too.
Then there is . We wrote about Ms. Caganap’s disgraceful career as both an INS intelligence official at a U.S. port of entry and later promotion to port director (in locales in California and Michigan)–all while she was accepting thousands in bribes in exchange for covering up the smuggling of humans and drugs into our country. And all while our government knew about it as early as 2001, but let her stay on the job until this year.
Tomorrow, is Ms. Caganap’s sentencing, originally scheduled for Halloween and now auspiciously scheduled for Friday the 13th. The problem is the bad luck is on us, the U.S. citizens–not Caganap. She stood to do at least 36 years jailtime, but ! She will likely get just probation.
If that is not a sign that Bush’s Justice Department is not serious on fighting the War on Terror and protecting us, what is?
We’re not superstitious. But given tomorrow’s date and the bad things our country will endure then, perhaps we should be. Friday the 13th is proving to be every bit of bad luck as the believers claim.

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5 Responses

Thank you Debbie, once again, you have exposed
the underlying truth and principles of the
current administration. Just yesterday, we were
informed by our President that critique of his
foreign policy in Iraq would place our military
personnel at risk. Does that mean if I express
my displeasure with his Middle Eastern policy or
the control of our borders, my loyalty to my
country is subject to question? Have I
unwittingly placed American personnel overseas
in jeopardy? Does my right as an American to
exercise free speech constitute an act of
treason? Remember the, “if your not with us,
your against us” rhetoric…The voice of truth
has become a cheap buffet of false promises,
underlying agendas, gratification of insatiable
egos, and personal monetary gain. Everytime I’m
ready to throw in the towel, I read your column
and realize there still my be hope! In spite of
the continuous barrage of partisan broadcasting,
your column offers some sanity in this crazy
asylum we once called America. I never mix
religion with politics… but on this most
special of occasions, Thank God for the words
and wisdom of Debbie Schlussel!

CFL Jim on January 12, 2006 at 7:22 pm

RE;JIM . nice, good for you.I know i’ll sleep better.-TO-DA-RABA thank you.

danny on January 12, 2006 at 10:10 pm

You’re right, Bush is slipping. He’s getting weaker, more politically correct. He’s still preferable to the Democrats these days, but his flaws are starting to magnify. Tom Tancredo wouldn’t do this.

KnightoftheImpaler on January 13, 2006 at 1:23 am

Good question Deb, if only now Rush Limbaugh and that loud-mouth whore Ann Coulter asks the same questions and take their beloved leader to task, then we would get results. Good job Deb

KOAJaps on January 19, 2006 at 6:04 am

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