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Former NFLer Lawrence Phillips’ Mommy Writes SCHLUSSEL

Back in August, I wrote about “”. As you’ll recall, Phillips is the former Nebraska, NFL, and CFL player who just can’t stay away from violent crime, like brutal assault. Yet, despite his behavior, he was repeatedly given more than his fair share of chances while coaches looked the other way. Most blatant and enabling of these was then-Nebraska coach and now Gubernatorial candidate (who has harassed me on occasion after he did not like what I wrote about his record of enabling violent criminal athletes).
Now I hear from Lawrence Phillips’ mother, the woman who raised and failed to civilize this dangerous, multiple-time criminal. From the length of her letter, none of which I buy into, all I can say is what Shakespeare did: Thou Doth Protest Too Much.
Here’s Juanita Phillips’, mother of Lawrence Phillips, e-mail to me:

— Juanita Phillips juanitaphillips1@yahoo.com
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 18:31:05 -0800 (PST)
From: Juanita Phillips juanitaphillips1@yahoo.com
Subject: Check the Facts
To: dschlussel@yahoo.com
Dear Ms. Schlussel,
As a commentator your sphere of influence is
probably enormous. Doesn’t such a privilege carry a
duty to seek facts before reporting? You have
reported as fact things about Lawrence Phillips’
past and present that you do not know to be true.
Only when you can honestly state that you have
personally investigated and verified the accuracy of
reported information and spoken with all known
witnesses should you consider publicly passing along
“reports” as truth.
If you are interested in facts please investigate
the following facts that did not make the

In the Nebraska domestic violence case, witnesses
reported that they saw Lawrence hit the apartment
mailbox with his hands and that he never hit Kate
McKewen’s head on the mailbox, on a wall or on any
other object; nor did he hit her at all. None of the
witnesses stating these facts were mentioned in any
newspapers. I’ll bet that if you tried to find
witnesses who saw a different incident than was
reported, that challenge will be answered. Have you
ever tried to give Osborne a fair chance to prove
that what he says about Lawrence having been lied on
is true or do you just enjoy blinding hating so much
that you really don’t want to know any truth?
In a 2000-2001 domestic violence case, Judge
Bernard Kamis illegally forced Lawrence to plead
guilty in Los Angeles California. Judge Kamis
called Lawrence’s attorney, Eric Bates, a liar when
the attorney said he was the cause for Lawrence
missing a court appearance. Attorney Bates told
Lawrence the date had been changed when it really
had not. Taking advantage of this opportunity to
abuse his power, Judge Kamis told Lawrence he had
better plead guilty right then and there or the case
would be re-initiated from scratch and a new bail,
higher than the original $650,000 would be set.
Lawrence pled no contest. This one should be easy
to prove–there should be a transcript of the
proceedings. Guess what, there is NO RECORD–nada.
IT IS MISSING. Are you going to be as quick to write
an article calling Judge Kamis a criminal as you are
Lawrence? It only takes that court transcript or the
court reporter to prove who’s the real criminal in
this case!!!
After reading a newspaper and without getting the
facts, you stated in one of your commentaries that
Lawrence Phillips tried (intentionally) to run over
three children after playing football with them last
summer. Lawrence did not intentionally run over
children. His involvement before being in the car
was with a grown man. A witness who was a friend of
the grown man told reporters that his friend was
“crafty”. The reporters failed to get the name of
this witness or print his full statement about what
happened. You also stated that the car in this
incident was stolen. Please report to the people who
read your commentary that you were able to locate a
stolen vehicle report for the car–you would be
spreading another falsehood if you did.
If you are the righteous person that you must
consider yourself to be since you judge with such
righteous indignation, then surely you are very
concerned with truth.
Before this e-mail, you may not have known that
you are being deceived. Now that you have been made
aware, you are no better than those you judge
criminal and full of “hypocrisy” if you continue to
report lies that have contradictory witness.
Juanita Phillips

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10 Responses

Honestly, don’t you think going after the man’s mother is taking it a bit too far? If she wrote you a letter saying “don’t blame me for this animal” then she would have been much worse of a person than the naive woman who wrote this letter. Yeah he’s a criminal, but he’s her SON! Of course she’s going to bury her head in the sand about what he is. She could have very well been a bad mother, but like I said if she wrote you a letter disowning him we would know for sure that she was a bad mother.

KnightoftheImpaler on January 15, 2006 at 5:13 pm

I understand your point. But actually, no, I don’t think I’m being hard. She contacted me with this letter for a reason. I never mentioned her before that. And I’m actually giving her claims and ENTIRE letter exposure, even if I don’t buy it–which is more than most would do. So how that is being too hard on her, well I’m not quite sure.
Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel on January 15, 2006 at 7:57 pm

    The fact that you would use your influence for the benefit of yourself to put a man down where you in fact were not an eye witness and then throw his mother under the bus shows what kind of lowly character you have.

    Take off your makeup and have a real hard look in the mirror

    Frank Stroot

    Frank Stroot on September 16, 2015 at 5:16 am

Fair enough, I was just putting things in perspective. I see your point too.

KnightoftheImpaler on January 15, 2006 at 10:21 pm

Look, Lawrence has a problem with his temper. He can learn from these confrontations or he and his family can blame everyone else.
We saw this same situation with OJ Simpson . The guy was very smart, personable, and a role model on the surface to many people. I have a beautiful picture of him with my mother when she hired him to promote her chicken franchise back in the early eighties. But, clearly he was lacking in role models for himself when it came to real men and how they treat women or react to being challenged. In this world of pimp lawyers, it is rare that the system allows someone to own up to their part of the fault. But get a clue, FAST. You can only loose when you loose your temper. Trust me, I’ve smashed a few heads and paid the price.

code7 on January 15, 2006 at 10:58 pm

No, a good mother won’t bury her head in the sand about her son’s bad actions. You can still love someone in spite of their faults without being an enabler. I’ve seen it too many times and excusing bad behavior “because he’s my son” always, always results in bad consequences. Love has to be tough at times, such as insisting someone face up to their behavior.
I don’t buy the excuses in Phillip’s letter. Anyone can do a quick Google of Phillips’ name and find many more examples of the trouble this character has been involved in, and here’s a good one for laughs: http://www.comedyzine.com/todo134.html. This guy has been in a LOT of trouble and should have been locked up long ago.

The_Man on January 16, 2006 at 12:24 am

(The following in an opinion done in jest of how someone as genius as Lawrence Phillips would execute an opine. This is only an opinion, covering Deb’s and my first amendment rights. So in case you try to sue for libel, I will countersue the shit out of you.)
Here is the (possible) original letter from Lawrence Phillips, before Juanita Phillips edit it
Deah Debie
Dis am Lawrence. I is uh, wuz a football playah for da NBa, I mean NFl and I is dispointid fo yo coments of me. I is a good boy and i didn’t hit da bitch, uh i mean da girl.
I WE=NT TO CORT and I had to pai 650000,$ to da fuckin judge but he lieded and i be out alot of money.
i dint try to run over the brats er i mean kidies dey got in da way. i’s color blind and thot tda red was gren and so dey was in da crosing and i hit dem.I gess da 40s made me kinda blind

KOAJaps on January 19, 2006 at 5:53 am

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It’s a sad story.. this could of happened to any one of us or someone in our family, but then we would not be so quick to judge. Some people have demons… some people don’t know how to harness them.. think before you judge someone like Lawrence, sit there in your perfect house with your perfect life with your perfect job with you perfect family… not everybody is granted “the perfect life” R.I.P. -LP

Sin on January 10, 2017 at 1:47 am

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