January 23, 2006, - 11:41 am

ABC Sides with ACLU in NSA Lawsuit

Is it just me . . . or do you notice that ABC picks “coincidental” times to run certain programming?
When Stanley Tookie Williams was making his last pleas for clemency from California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, I for the then-yet-to-debut “Injustice,” and an episode about an innocent Black man wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder and fighting to prove it on the eve of execution. The episode wasn’t “Injustice”‘s debut episode. But ABC chose to run the lengthy trailers for a reason. His name was Tookie.
This weekend, ABC’s fictional programming took a similar turn, regarding the NSA’s wiretapping to stop terrorist plots. On Saturday Night, ABC ran the PRE-9/11 movie, “Enemy of the State“, about the NSA illegally wiretapping Americans. Interesting timing, given that the ACLU just filed a lawsuit against the NSA over its wiretapping, just last Monday. As the French might say, “Quelle coincidence!” (What a coincidence!)

ABC’s Hollywood Paranoia Tries to Obscure REAL Enemies of the State

But in the movie, the “evil” NSA doesn’t just wiretap. NSA officials, run amok with unlimited power to spy on Americans, murder a Republican Senator who won’t vote for expanded surveillance and wiretapping authority. They murder an environmental expert who accidentally tapes the incident. They murder an innocent woman working as a crack detective for a labor lawyer (played by Will Smith), who accidentally gets the tape. (The lawyer’s wife is an ACLU lawyer. Another coincidence?) They try to murder the lawyer and turn his life upside down.
In the end, all the evil NSA employees are killed or prosecuted. And expanded wiretapping is tabled. The movie’s posters say, “It’s not paranoia if they’re really after you.”
But, as I wrote above, “Enemy of the State” was written and appeared in theaters in 1998, well before 9/11. ABC is still living–with that movie–in a pre-9/11 world. In that film, the enemies were villains in the NSA. In today’s REAL world, the enemies are plaintiffs in the ACLU lawsuit filed against the NSA. They are not nice, innocent Will Smith-esque labor lawyers and Lisa Bonet-style girl Fridays. As I , they are lying lawyers and admitted funders of Hezbollah.
Incidentally, the same year “Enemy” was released, the movie, “The Siege” also hit the silver screen. Its premise–that Arab Muslim terror cells are in America and would actually blow up buildings in New York–was protested by Arabs and Muslims across America (even though the movie was overly sympathetic to them, not America) because that would NEVER happen. But you don’t see ABC broadcasting that movie, also a box office hit (like “Enemy”).
And you never will. That’s not the political message ABC wants to take with its deliberate choice of programming. (Don’t forget the pro-Hillary “”–with ratings in the toilet now that liberal hype for the show has died down.)
Remember that, the next time you make a deliberate programming choice with your remote control. No-one’s telling you to boycott ABC’s Superbowl telecast. That would be unAmerican.
But, as for the rest of ABC’s choices, send the network a message that you’re tired of ABC playing politics. Besides, “The Bachelor” is just awful.
(To protect our interests as U.S. citizens against the NSA, .)

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ABC, like FOX, has a substantial minority investor, Prince Alwaleed. There may be other Muslim investors in ABC. ABC is also the co. that fired Michael Graham (who is now on Boston talk radio – not owned by ABC) from their Washington radio station after saying that Islam is a terrorist organization. In America, you can speak the truth (at least for now), but you may get fired if you work for a dhimmi co. like ABC. ABC is just another whore for the Jihad, deceiving the infidels.

John Sobieski on January 23, 2006 at 1:07 pm

You’re right, in a “patriotic” society the ACLU has no place, and citizens willing to PAY to hear Howard Stern should be denied that opportunity!!!— http://www.phpbbforfree.com/forums/eminemsrevengea-post-1191.html#1191
Surprised you haven’t hit Drudge yet and round up the vitriolic *reich*-wingers to vilify Harry Belafonte’s latest comments.
i remember hearing one of your talk radio Jahr-heads saying that Geena Davis was “too hot” to be the first female president…so are you saying Hillary is hot???

EminemsRevenge on January 23, 2006 at 2:28 pm

In the last episode of Injustice the chief lawyer was teaching criminals how to fool the system in a jail cell and singing Venceremos! If that is not a card-carrying communist I don’t know what is

sk on January 23, 2006 at 4:03 pm

Isn’t theorizing about how an Arab invests in ABC similar to the old “Jews run Hollywood” argument anti-semites use?
“In today’s REAL world, the enemies are plaintiffs in the ACLU lawsuit filed against the NSA.”
Right, because people who don’t want spying without warrants are enemies of the Constitution. Puke. Wave the 9/11 flag some more, your pandering will surely pay off.
Were you even in Washingon or NYC that day?

jjames on January 23, 2006 at 7:08 pm

No Debbie, it’s not just you.
And it’s not just ABC. If anything NBC is worse:
Mahalo for all your efforts.
P.S. Have you read about the attacks upon Elie Wiesel?

Grant on January 23, 2006 at 4:12 pm

I wouldn’t even argue with the fact that Hollywood is largely Jewish, but the kind who give Jews a bad name. Not brave Jews like the Israeli soldiers or like Debbie, who risks her life exposing animals who would kill us all. By constrast, an Arab-owned station deserves to be at least looked at with suspicion of sending messages like these not out of stupidity or degeneracy as in Jewish Hollywood, but out of evil intentions.

KnightoftheImpaler on January 23, 2006 at 9:39 pm

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