January 24, 2006, - 12:06 pm

Convicted Federal Agent: ICE Made Me Do it (& Ate My Homework, Too); Gets More Time Than Hezbollah Supporter

Yesterday, Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent Patrick Wynne (a “legacy INS” agent) pleaded guilty to stealing $308,736 from illegal alien detainees in prison awaiting deportation.
But Wynne didn’t just admit guilt. This criminal used the opportunity to defame the brave men and women who capture and detain illegal immigrants in ICE’s Detention and Removal Operations, and who–unlike him–are honest, law-abiding law enforcement officials. Wynne’s warped twist on “the dog ate my homework” is sad and an undue smear on his former colleagues, who’ve done some good things (detailed and ).

Predictably, the Mainstream Media ate it up. In Detroit, where Wynne was based and sentenced, the Detroit Free Press’ David Ashenfelter:

Wynne told Cook that his federal training taught him not to get attached to illegal immigrants, making it easier for him to steal from them. “I allowed myself to become an individual who looked at people and didn’t see a person, didn’t see a name, didn’t see a face. I saw bodies. I saw detainees. I saw traffic.”

Detroit News “report” was even worse:

Wynne also said he was trained to “dehumanize” immigrants.
“I didn’t think of them as people,” Wynne said, saying he was taught to refer to immigrants as “traffic” or “bodies” – and not people.
He recounted separating a nine-year-old from his mother – and putting another immigrant on an airplane – who screamed that they would be killed if returned home.
The “worse crime,” Wynne suggested, was taking part in a systematically cruel immigration system – rather than his repeated thefts.

Puh-leeze. ICE agents bend over backwards for illegal detainees. Just read this press release from non-detained “detainee” and Islamic terrorist Ibrahim Parlak. Not exactly cruel.
The real “cruel thing” is that Wynne used a time when he should have been contrite for stealing as an opportunity to defame his co-workers who are a lot more honest than he was. Another cruel thing: People who are not citizens, who invade our country, take our jobs (and lower the pay of other jobs), suck our Medicaid and social welfare systems dry, don’t pay taxes, etc.
But the cruelest thing of all is that a Detroit man who steals from illegals (Wynne) is getting a far harsher sentence than a Detroit man who committed credit card and bank fraud to help terrorist group Hezbollah and had explosives traces on his and his son’s passports. That man, Nemr Ali Rahal, will do less than four years in prison.
And Detroit-based U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III (whose office did both prosecutions) claims to be “tough on terrorists.” Not the case, based on this and what (the mosque of the credit card/bank defrauder Rahal–where I watched Rahal’s wife, Rania, praise “our leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah,” who heads Hezbollah).

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The only thing Wynne is truly, deeply sorry about is GETTING CAUGHT. Then they do the ‘victim’ routine. It is so absurd.

John Sobieski on January 24, 2006 at 4:36 pm

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