February 3, 2006, - 4:31 pm

Win or Lose, A REAL Super Bowl Hero

Meet Air Force Captain Bryce Fisher of the Seattle Seahawks. He’ll serve nine years in the reserves and already served two years active duty. Although he’s playing in Sunday’s Super Bowl XL, we like this defensive end for the things he says and does OFF the field and in the service of our country.

Seattle Seahawks Defensive End/USAF Reserves Capt. Bryce Fisher

For instance, Fisher told USA Today this about playing pro football vs. serving in the military:

The fact is that we get to play a game for millions of dollars and get to play on national TV. The reason why is because we have brave men and women who are doing things in places that none of us would ever want to be at.

Read the WHOLE USA Today profile of Capt. Fisher.

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Excellent run down and excellent role model for young and old. However, the statement in the USA Today article that “… that’s why he’s also an officer” I take issue with. Many of us ‘non-officers’ have master’s degrees, speak several languages and deal with highly critical and sensitive issues daily. The assinine statement makes it sound as though Fisher is above enlisted personnel. Sorry, but he was probably trained on the job by an enlisted individual, just as many of us train officers daily and many also have more formal education and hard-won experience.
Well, I can see I’m getting carried away, so for that I apologize, Debbie. But I’m sensitive, as many are, to the “officer vs. enlisted” conundrum. Perhaps 40-70 years ago there was a grave difference between the two, but in today’s world, once an enlisted person has been in uniform for 10+ years, he/she is as professional and as educated as the officers with whom they/we serve.
Preaching complete … thanks for reading this far down … please count the number of times you rolled your eyes!

Aqua on February 4, 2006 at 2:10 am

He’s truly a man to be emulated, and NOT people like Pi$$ Diddly and the other Thugball players on either team.

Thee_Bruno on February 6, 2006 at 1:23 pm

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