May 4, 2010, - 3:13 pm

Avoiding Prison for Manslaughter: Tackiest First Lady Memoir Ever

By Debbie Schlussel

Let’s be intellectually honest about something regarding Laura Bush v. Michelle Obama.

If Michelle Obama ran over and killed a guy because she was “distracted” while driving and too busy talking to her friend, we’d be all over it.  And we’d be wondering why the heck she was never charged with manslaughter or vehicular homicide.  We’d be asking why no jail time was served. I know that I would.


“Religion of Peace” Sandwich: This Photo Strangely Missing From Mrs. Bush’s Tacky Memoir

But that’s never been the case with Laura Bush.  It’s something I’ve written about before because it really bothers me, but it seems like I’m the only one who wonders how she got away with it.  If you or I ran over and killed someone–especially an ex-boyfriend (very suspicious)–at age 17, we’d be criminally charged and convicted.  And we’d serve, at a minimum, a few months, but, more likely, a few years in prison.  Unfortunately, even though Laura Bush ran someone over and killed him, she never did a day’s worth of punishment.  Why not?  She admits it was her fault.  I’ve asked about this before.  But now that this woman is making it the centerpiece and focal marketing point of her bland, waste-of-time First Lady tell-all, Spoken from the Heart, I’m simply disgusted. More like “Spoken from a Killer.”

This woman got away with taking a life.  She escaped punishment.  And now, so many decades later, she’s chosen to punish the family whose son’s life she took, yet again, by media-whoring herself on the dead man’s back.  They have to relive this so she can make more big bucks. It’s sleazy.

The killing is the main point Laura Bush and her publisher are shamelessly using to pimp her book.  She’s even pushing this on today’s Oprah.  Cha-ching.  The trees she killed for this fire-kindling material are turning over in their grave (and their pulp vat).  And so is this man,  this dead 17-year-old who is run over yet again, this time by the bus under which Mrs. Bush threw him.

It’s sickening.  Yes, Mrs. Bush has nothing to tell us worth reading.  Nothing worth the 30 bucks and many hours of your time shelled out for reading what her ghostwriter has to say.  She tried making up allegations of poisoning attempts–or rumors of them–during a Bush Presidential trip to Germany.  Ho hum.  No evidence to back the story up.  And, frankly, even if there were, so what?  Yaaaawn.

So, instead, she turns to “I got away with manslaughter and criminally negligent driving and now I’m sooooo sorry that I gotta make millions more telling you about it.” The woman never did a single hour of community service, never did anything to make up for her crime. Yes, it’s a crime. Instead, she went on to a great life of wealth and privilege and married to the most powerful man in the world, a life of pandering to the Saudi and other Gulf State Muslim extremists who would fund her hubby’s Presidential library. But that isn’t enough for her. Dancing on the grave of the man whose life she snuffed out is apparently the cherry on top for this classless woman.

Sooooo tacky.  If this was Michelle Obama, we’d be outraged.  And I’m just as outraged when the killer is Laura Bush.

I would love, just once, to see a single mainstream media figure (and that includes those pawns at Prince Al-Waleed News Network a/k/a FOX News) ask her this:

Mrs. Bush, why didn’t you serve a day in jail for killing someone, when anyone else would be in prison for this?  Why are you using a dead man you killed to pimp your book?  Are the millions you and hubby already have not enough?  Aren’t you causing more pain to the family whose son you sent to an early grave?

But no-one will have the guts to ask her these questions.  No-one.

Exit question:  Since national nanny Oprah is forcing guests to take a “no phone zone” pledge not to talk on cell phones or text while driving, will she make Mrs. Bush take a no talking to girlfriends pledge?  After all, Mrs. Bush killed a guy, just like the stories Oprah keeps lecturing us about on her show.

And she didn’t even need a cellphone or type a text message to do it.  Today’s message from Oprah is that if you don’t keep your eyes on the road, and you take another life . . . you could become America’s First Lady, then make millions from a book about it, and even a pandering, gushing guest spot on Oprah.

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80 Responses

Thanks for this information, Debbie. I am as disgusted by LB as I am by the “conservatives” who hushed the matter up.

skzion on August 7, 2010 at 12:11 pm

you omit the fact of the coverup by local and state authorities,and the family ordering its cohorts to be”hush”on the matter.i hope she makes a lot of money on this book and then repays the bounty tenfold on judgement day.

walter on September 21, 2010 at 10:27 am

Supposedly, if one is to believe the rumors, Laura Bush was more than a little upset with her then boyfriend for not wanting to marry her when she became pregnant. Rumor has it that she aborted her pregnancy after “accidenatally” running over her ex beau, then continuing on her merry way to smile vacantly at everyone and everything as firt lady.

cleo on September 23, 2010 at 12:16 pm

How completely stupid this is. Since when do we put 17 year old girls in jail for an accident. Everyday there are stories in this country where citizens are killed by drunk drivers that are here illegally. Where is your outrage over that?? if this were not a person with the last name of Bush there would not be one word about this. It is people like you that make me feel ashamed to be a democrat.

Dan carlyle on March 13, 2011 at 5:20 pm

You know who else never served any time for murder? Ted Kennedy.

Mike on July 18, 2014 at 12:17 pm

Was laura bush drunk when she killed that man with her vehicle? I would think that was highly possible beings the family has an addiction problem. Why is it these type of people are allowed to ruin the stay on the planet for the rest of us.

brett edgar on December 14, 2014 at 8:41 pm

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