July 25, 2006, - 6:26 pm

Me on Michael Savage Today

I will be on the nationally syndicated “Michael Savage Show“–heard on radio stations across the country–at 7:30 p.m. Eastern, this evening. I will be giving an update on Here is . Some of the rest, I will put up later, tonight.

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One Response

Thank you for having Debbie on your show again. We appreciate you bringing us the information we need to make informed decisions about the future of this great country of ours and our friends in Israel.
Although you will never know all of us as individuals, you certainly give voice to what we believe and would like to express if given a chance. A voice that, as you know, is being actively silenced by the main-stream-media, the ACLU, and others who hate who we are and what we stand for. We make up the vast majority of your devoted listening audience and many of us would love to see you in public office. Indeed, as you know, some of us have publicly asked you to run!
We feel such solidarity with you because you have experienced what we have. You know what it felt like when after you got your PhD, you were refused a job, not because you were Jewish, but because you were a dreaded white male. We also appreciate that only you, even though you are not a Christian, speak freely about the outright attacks on Christians in general and the Christian white male in particular. You have correctly stated that WE are the enemy of all enemies here in the US. You know how we are labeled and demeaned as the “Christian right,” the “Clan,” and the “KKK” by those who hate us. You know that this is nothing but a farce and a favorite tactic by the ACLU and their “oppressed” minions.
We also thank you Michael for the great work you are doing for our imprisoned Marines! Where in the Hell is anyone else talking about this in the media?! I suppose those Marines must be part of the Christian right too. Also, your insights on the destruction of the traditional family and the moral degeneracy we are experiencing here in the US are invaluable and spot on.
Anyway, Michael, we are with you! Keep speaking out for what is right no matter who is offended by it! Thanks again for having Debbie on your show. She knows her stuff on these issues.

Lover of Israel on July 26, 2006 at 1:42 pm

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