July 25, 2010, - 11:58 pm

It’s Islam, Stupid: Newt Gingrich’s, Others’ Kabuki Dance Hypocrisy on Ground Zero Mosque

By Debbie Schlussel

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You know my views on the proposed Ground Zero mosque a/k/a “Cordoba House.” They haven’t changed.  But the hypocrisy and fraud of many of those who claim to oppose it has gotten louder.  Newt Gingrich is Exhibit A.


Memo to Newt & Co: It’s Not the Mosque @ Ground Zero. It’s Islam, Stupid.

Gingrich put out his statement against the mosque, this week.  It is intellectually dishonest.  He repeatedly talks about “Islamists,” but won’t bring himself to mention Islam, itself–not even once in his statement.  Sorry, but the men who brought down the planes on 9/11 were not “Islamists.”  They were Muslims.  “Islamists” is a phony term invented by those who refuse to attack Islam. It’s a fiction. And if the 9/11 hijackers were “Islamists”–not Muslims–then why be against a mosque at the site? After all, the mosque is not “Islamist.” It’s Muslim (or Islamic). Yes, those who belong to it are extremists. But they are no more extreme than those who run almost every single mosque in America. Islam is extreme. It’s not simply that there is this extremist group within it, called “Islamists.” That’s a fraud, simply denial.

Yet, Gingrich says, “There should be no mosque near Ground Zero in New York so long as there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia.” Well, why? Why is it that it is okay for him to have mosques everywhere else in America, and still no churches and synagogues anywhere in Saudi Arabia? Why does he limit himself to saying there should be no mosque at Ground Zero? Does he believe that only Ground Zero should go toe to toe with Saudi Arabia? And, again, if he won’t condemn Islam, why does he condemn an Islamic house of worship anywhere in America? The guy is a hypocrite and a grandstander on Islam. That’s why.

And he has quite a bit of company. Neither Daniel Pipes, nor Sarah Palin, nor any of the others who’ve engaged in this intellectual fraud and hypocrisy on Islam will condemn the religion. Yet, they all condemn a house of worship of the religion. Why? Because, again, they are fakes. They’re not consistent. And they refuse to do the right thing and say what this is about.

This is about Islam. And none of these people came out against stopping Islamic immigration. They refuse to. And until they do, they are frauds for saying more Muslims can come to our shores, but we won’t allow them to build houses of worship. Once they are here, it is too late.

And once we have mosques all over America–and we do–condemning only a mosque in one area is smoke and mirrors. And they know it.

When will their many gushing fans?

The problem, America, is not Islamists. It is not a mosque at Ground Zero. It’s Islam. If you won’t admit that, you are part of the problem. Not the solution.

Once the conventional wisdomites wake up to that fact and willingly admit it, we’ll be making progress. Until then, grandstanding exclusively against the Ground Zero mosque is hypocrisy by design. And those who applaud it are hitting their heads against a wall, achieving nothing in stopping the real, larger problem of which the mosque at Ground Zero–that may or may not go up–is a tiny symptom.

Again, the problem isn’t a single mosque. It’s not even a mosque near Ground Zero.

It’s Islam, stupid.

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