April 25, 2011, - 4:00 pm

OUTRAGE: Angry Feminists Assassinate Noted Surgeon’s Career . . . Over Nothing

By Debbie Schlussel

One of the most outrageous stories of character–and career–assassination I’ve seen is the one involving what just happened to noted surgeon, Dr. Lazar Greenfield.  It’s what happens when ignorant, angry feminists run the world, instead of reasoned, educated people with respect for facts.  Greenfield was forced to resign, last week, as president of the American College of Surgeons for the “crime” of writing a factual Valentine’s Day column on sperm.

Dr. Lazar Greenfield: Respected Surgeon’s Career Killed By Angry Feminist Mob

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Greenfield, a 78-year-old respected surgeon and retired University of Michigan Medical School professor was known as one of the country’s best surgeons and practiced medicine for several decades.  A brilliant and innovative mind, he also made many contributions to the advancement of surgery and medical technology, including  the Greenfield Filter, which reduces blood clots in surgery.  And he was also known for increasing the number of women surgeons and being their advocate.

But Greenfield made the apparently fatal mistake of daring to repeat established medical research that semen during sex makes women happier, in a Valentine’s Day editorial that he wrote for the American College of Surgeon’s “Surgery News,” a monthly publication.  What Greenfield wrote is not news, as it’s been cited in medical studies.  But feminist surgeons got very angry that Greenfield wrote,

There’s a deeper bond between men and women than St. Valentine would have suspected, and now we know there’s a better gift for that day than chocolates.

He then cited clinical research that said women who had sex without condoms were less depressed than those who did wear condoms.

Because of the anger of feminists who accused him of “sexism” over the column, the American College of Surgeons, removed the column, forced Greenfield to apologize, and forced him to resign on the day he was to become president of the organization.  Women’s organizations threatened to protest him and American College of Surgeons meetings unless he was ousted. Somebody needs to get a sense of humor . . . and a sense of perspective.  Not to mention, some basic reasoning skills. Maybe these women need to visit an Islamic country and see how their reaction flies there.

It’s absurd.  There ‘s nothing wrong with the column.  If we’re going to run medical research and health care based on politics–and sadly we already do far too much of that (hello, Obamacare)–we might as well employ witch doctors, magicians, and apothecaries from the mountains to treat us.  I don’t want to go back to the Middle Ages of healthcare.  But, apparently, if you’re a doctor in the United States of America in 2011, you can’t write a column based on actual medical research because it might offend some female doctors and their angry lesbian friends, or somebody with season tickets to the WNBA.  They couldn’t care less that, because of Greenfield, half of the surgeons at the University of Michigan are women, as he personally hired them from the residency program there.

This story reminds me of when Washington, DC employee David Howard was forced to apologize and resign when angry Black activists got upset over his use of the word, “niggardly” (which has nothing to do with the N-word or any particular race of people).

And, in this case, it’s funny how the reactionary response of these angry, brushcut-endowed, ghost-of-Betty-Friedan, “female” surgeons in sensible shoes sounds a lot like the angry responses of Muslims to a whole lot of reasonable things all over the world.  They are always angry, always quick to react, and always demanding that heads roll . . . over nothing.  Mob rule and moronic group think is the order of the day.

It’s a sad statement about how far academic and medical research have sunk under the politics of the perpetually angry.  As I noted, Dr. Lazar Greenfield is a brilliant surgeon and inventor.  He knows his stuff and has had a long career in surgery.  Now, he’s being denied the final crowning moment toward the end of his career because some angry women got mad.

Is that how we run our country these days?  Sadly, yes.  And that’s why not only has Lazar Greenfield been forced to take a fall, but our whole country has basically fallen into a nation of morons and know-nothings, run by emotions and not reason, by what Kim Kardashian is wearing and not by what a great scientist has discovered.

We are a nation run by morons and angry mobs.  All hail Snooki  and the plastic Real Housewives. . . and the female surgeons who killed the career of Lazar Greenfield.

Is this really what they mean by “equal rights?”  If so, who needs it?!

Read an interview with Dr. Lazar Greenfield, defending himself over this outrageous mob response.  Or listen to the audio.  The real crime here is what they did to him, not his  Valentine’s Day column.

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