March 16, 2012, - 6:24 pm

Jewish Dentist Files Lawsuit Against Arab Muslim Discrimination By . . . Jewish Bosses – READ the Complaint

By Debbie Schlussel

You may have heard about the Orthodox Jewish dentist suing “the Arab Muslim dental company” in Dearbornistan.  But it’s not exactly what you think or what’s been reported by lazy mainstream media reporters who never do their homework.  In this case, I’m referring to the fat-assed Arabista who works at the Detroit Newsistan, who can’t do an iota of research or ask a decent question to save her life (Oralandar Brand-Williams, whom many believe is being paid off by HAMASCAIR and other Muslims).  Read the federal civil rights complaint and note what’s missing:  the name of the owners and bosses at the company.  Guess who they are?  It’s not what you’d guess.


On the one hand, I always wonder about Jews who think they will get a fair shake and/or respect for their religious observances by Muslims in Dearbornistan (or anywhere else).  But that’s not exactly what’s going on here . . . or at least not the full story.  I hope Dr. Mark Ellis wins his lawsuit against “Midwest Dental of Dearborn, PLLC.”  You should note, however, that while he alleges he was discriminated in favor of Arab Muslims and that the Arab Muslims were treated better, I did a little research.  And, lo and behold, the company for which he works–which owns and operates dental offices throughout Michigan, all of which appear to be dental “mills”–is owned by people with very Jewish-sounding names, who live not in Dearbornistan, but in New Jersey.  So, apparently, they are Jewish dhimmis, or have left the management of the Dearbornistan office to discriminatory Muslims (redundant phrase).  Either way, they are the ones behind the discrimination, doing so apparently to garner Arab Muslim business and dollars.  It’s bad enough when Muslims do this.  It’s far worse when Jews do it to appease Muslims.  And that’s apparently what’s going on here. In the 1940s, people like the Feilers had a nickname: kapo.

That Was Then . . .


This Is Now . . .


When I file lawsuits, I always make sure I sue the correct entity and get the name right.  Mark Ellis DDS’ lawyers didn’t.  He had two of them working on the case and  yet the suit will have to be amended and may even be thrown out because they sued Midwest Dental of Dearborn, PLLC.  I couldn’t find any such company in existence in Michigan, let alone one in Dearbornistan.  But as I searched, I did find Midwestern Dental of Dearborn, PLLC–not the name of the non-existent company they did sue, but the name of the company they apparently meant to sue.  Two experienced lawyers, and yet they failed on the easiest part of a civil complaint–suing the correct company by using the correct legal name.  And while it has a registered agent named John Morgan, Jr., he’s not the owner.  Documents filed with the State of Michigan show that the owners named over the years have been Melvin Feiler and Aaron Feiler of Avenel, New Jersey and Mel & Aaron P.C., also of Avenel, New Jersey.

Feiler is usually a Jewish surname.  When it’s proceeded by the name Aaron, It’s definitely Jewish.  When they live in Avenel, New Jersey, well . . . you can bet your Jewdar that your Jewish geography instincts paid off.  Did Mel and Aaron know that their company in Dearbornistan was discriminating against Orthodox Jews in favor of Muslim Arabs?  Well, they’ve certainly known for some time because Dr. Ellis, as required for all federal civil rights cases regarding employment, filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC), and had to wait for a right to sue letter.  The whole process takes at least six months and, often, a year or more.  And, yet, Mel and Aaron Feiler haven’t settled with the guy–nor fired the discriminators who favor Arabs and Muslims–because dhimmitude is often a prosperous way of doing business.  It probably won’t be anymore in their case, now that I’ve outed to the many  Dearbornistan Muslims (most of ’em Jew-haters) who read this site that the dental outfit is owned by dhimmi Jews.  That they pander to Muslims won’t make Muslims like ’em any more than they like me.

But they deserve to be outed if the claims in Dr. Ellis’ complaint are true–that they ridiculed him for leaving early on Fridays to observe the Jewish Sabbath (which begins at sundown and is early in the Fall and Winter),  while they gave ample time to Muslims to pray five times a day, that they belittled his religious dress, that they discriminatorily denied him or limited his bonuses, and that they fired him for no reason and replaced him with an Arab named Dr. Moussad–all because he’s a religious Jew.

So, as you read this lawsuit, keep in mind that the people allowing Muslims to practice Jew-hatred and then Judenrein against this Jewish dentist, did so at the behest–or at least with the sanction–of the Jewish owners of this dental business.

And keep in mind that Mark Ellis should hire lawyers who at least get the name right  of whom they are suing or the suit can be thrown out.  Dr. Ellis, you hired the wrong guys.  And you worked for the wrong Jews.

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Wow. Great analysis and story, Debbie.

DS_ROCKS! on March 16, 2012 at 6:55 pm


It shoulds like Dr. Ellis got some cut-rate legal help. Those people are good at collecting fees, but not for winning cases. I do hope that the Fellers do get nailed for allowing their business to act so shamefully towards a fellow Jew. I agree with Debbie about the Kapos. You never willingly allow someone who seeks your destruction to work for you or act as a vendor.

Worry01 on March 16, 2012 at 7:56 pm

As DS has proven and pointed out on this site many, many times…Moooooslims want special treatment. I also think they will use our own 1960’s PC ridiculousness against us to take us down. It’s disgusting and I want more Yanks paying attention to this stuff.

I don’t have much hope after hearing the morons on so-called “Conservative” radio call up and disagree with DS on her great column on Dugard and Smart. People are so fricken’ retarded! Independent thinking is more rare than rocking horse sh**.

I heard today that the NYT’s took an anti-Catholic ad yet REFUSED to take an anti-Sharia ad. Those who love this site are not shocked. WINNING!

And sexy, old George Clooney. Driving the dumb girls crazy the world over. He’s VERY unsexy to me because he’s a f***ing fraud. He’ll NEVER get help for his Darfur/Sudan cause because sexy, old George doesn’t have the brain or the balls to come out and say the HUGE problem with the cause he loves so much is ISLAM!!! He can get arrested EVERYDAY and the dumb girls will swoon and Islam will STILL take people down in heinous and cruel ways IN Sudan and lots of other places in the world especially since you never hear that git attributing Islam to the problem in Sudan. He can’t love his cause that much if he is too PC to point at the crux of the issue.

Skunky on March 16, 2012 at 8:24 pm

I wasn’t exactly surprised. Its not always like it seems.

Then again Jews who think nothing of not treating someone decently, deserve what they get. Dr. Mark Ellis wasn’t asking for special treatment on account of his faith.

And that plus violation applicable federal and state anti-discrimination laws is enough to land one in trouble. Let’s hope the Feilers get their just desserts.

Their behavior is reprehensible indeed and doing it to attract more Muslim clients – that’s a story all on its own and G-d can judge them for who they are really are.

In the end, the rest of us can pray Dr. Ellis obtains the justice he seeks.

NormanF on March 16, 2012 at 9:31 pm

This article is very shameful. Uh, someone has a “Jewish sounding name”. And my Jewdar tells me this. The only time I ever heard this kind of word was once reading an article on Lew Rockwell with a fake Jew claiming Ron Paul isn’t an anti-semite and his Jewdar tells him this. Uh-Huh.

Why should anyone respect so called “Orthodox” Jews when they write articles like this saying someone is Jewish because of their name and where they live and as someone lived in NY/NJ my whole live I have never heard of Avenet, NJ until now and looked it up in wikipedia and it didn’t even mention that Jews live there. That being Orthodox somehow gives them special powers.

In fact the “Kapos” are so called religious Jews who couldn’t care less if someone with a Jewish last name was abused (who may have a legitimate Jewish father) when according to their view the person isn’t Jewish because their mother isn’t and they wouldn’t care if they died in a holocaust. Yet at the same time play this dispicable game of people with “Jewish sounding names” did this and that.

Debbie, would you right an article about Christians with such language. Saying someone sounds Christian because of their name and where they live and call them a Kapo when you weren’t certain they truly were a Christain.

You have NO IDEA if this person is Jewish according to your own standards that you follow which you have stated as you follow what the male Orthodox Rabbis believe.

At best you could say maybe 60% the person is Jewish. That is not enough to write a disgusting article like this promoting hatred to your own people like this.

There is no way you would right an article like this about Christains based on a “hunch” but without any definitive evidence. But since your own people are small you have no problem doing this.

THE REAL ISSUE MAY BE THIS GUY MAY NOT LIKE ORTHODOX JEWS which who could blame him with someone bragging about keeping SHabbos yet based on a hunch calling someone a Jewish Kapo to someone who according to their own view may not be Jewish but they are Jewish when it suits your needs to denigrate them. That may be the REAL ISSUE. Based on a “HUNCH” calling someone Jewish when in other situation they would not be Jewish is as vile as can be and why would someone like this not resent so called Orthodox Jews.

To My Readers: Adam is a self-hating Jew with serious mental issues. He mostly hates Orthodox Jews and chooses them as the primary target for his anti-Semitism. I’ve banned him repeatedly. And he’s now banned again. I’d erase his comment, but since everyone responded so well to him, I’ll keep it here for context. DS

adam on March 17, 2012 at 12:26 am

    Adam, have you ever heard of Occam’s Razor? Look it up because you cringingly went to the farthest ends of the Earth to believe a STUPIDITY rather than accept something quite obvious.

    How much time do you waste everyday trying to make the stupid thought the REAL thought? Give it up and you’ll add years to your life.

    Also, are not Jewish people an ethnicity as well as religion? Last time I looked it’s easier to figure out someone is Jewish by their surname than a Christian. Christians have more diversity than Jewish people and it’s almost impossible to be able to differentiate a Christian on their surname alone.

    And it’s WRITE not RIGHT. What’s wrong with you?????

    Skunky on March 17, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    What is your problem? Debbie did her homework and is honestly admits her conclusion while being circumstantinally probable could be flawed.
    Christians use the “Christian” not only as a noun, but as an adjective alluding to something good, or as we Jews would use the word “Kosher”. Jew is used pejoritively as a noun, adjective and verb mostly by Christians, not unlike “Gypsy” or “Gyp” or for that matter “Welch”. or “Indian give for analogy. Yet this is not enough reason to condemn all Christians.
    You are Jewish I assume by your tone and our tradition of denial and finding excuse for our oppressors. Maybe you have a problem with Orthodox Jews as some self deprecating non-practicing Jews do. Do you assume he was dirty, you know as in “a dirty Jew”. so give the Muslim the benefit of the doubt. Give me a break, he’s a dentist not an occupation for the unclean. A word of advice: pick up any Arabic newspaper on any given day and tell me what you see. Look at the cartoon critisizing Israel and tell me how the Jew is depicted.
    In other words get real! My only problem with this Shomer Shabbos dentist working in Dearborn is just one word “Why?”. I doubt highly that he is an agent for Mosad.

    Ron Wolf aka "Columbo" on March 17, 2012 at 12:22 pm

They ridiculed the Orthodox Jewish doc for leaving early on Fridays? Wonder whether they did the same for any Muslims taking extended leaves on Fridays to go to the mosque – since on Fridays, Muslims are supposed to pray @ the mosque, as opposed to other days when they’re supposed to pray wherever they are.

Infidel on March 17, 2012 at 1:35 am

Pardon my non PC comment but apparently this is not the first time a plaintiff “had the wrong pig by the ear” a shopworn judicial phrase often heard from a judge.
Why are you surprised? This practice was common as dirt when you were in short pants. This is Saint Patricks day and I once heard an Irishman tell another that there was a time when only Jews gave them employment. “No Jews on these steps” was once painted on the stairs of a Ford Plant and we are all aware of the history “Judenrein” Dearborn had along with other Michigan enclaves redlined to keep us and others out during the good old days we wax so nostalgic about.
More recently was that great “Kill Kuffar” end game play by the Dearborn Star International High School football team against the head of a lone Lutheran High School quarterback after the whistle.
Islamists for a thousand years were more accustomed to practicing discrimination than they were to being a victim.
So much so that when they have no “kuffar” especially Jews to discriminate against they turn on one another. This could be one explanation for their mullahs instant admiration and collaberation with anti-semitic Nazis.
I had a friend Izzy, a survivor of Auchwitz who rented a store on his property to a Palistinian, he fixed the roof, said nothing when he tore down walls, and caused a flood. He never raised his rent, and carried him for several months of late payments. Eventually, he had to evict him after no payments for three months. In the Southfield Court the Palistinian shouted “This is not Israel”(I was there for support), the judge gave judgement in favor to Izzy commenting “and good luck” as collecting would be unlikely.
We Jews have a tradition of letting bygones be bygones or as a therapist might express it “being in denial” when we do business with the looks, walks and quacks like duck anti-semite. Mea Culpa.
Our mutual nemisis and anti-semite Dr. Masri apparently still enjoys having a Jewish surgeon on staff in Birmingham who by phone told me his complaints against Masri have nothing to do with his beliefs. You see Masri is also a Gonef (See Debbie Schlussel vs Haitham Masri).
Only in America are we under a constitutional obligation to be fair despite our history. Obama more of a Kenyan than an American with a little German on his mothers side has no problem favoring his muslim heritage regarding Jews and Israel, his infamous mentor the Rev.Wright. Yet we believed his lies and voted for him en masse. Why? “Tradition”.
By the way I looked looked up “Arabista” and it means any Barista working in an Egyptian Starbucks.

Ron Wolf aka "Columbo" on March 17, 2012 at 11:23 am

After reading the article and the comments I feel lucky for being an atheist and for living in the other side of the world, guys I like USA as much as I like democracy and freedom, but it’s religious people who ruined everything everywhere and USA was our last hope, the comments I read gave me the impression that most of you think in the same way Ayatollahs in Iran thinks, they may kill you just because your name didn’t appeal to them.

Ammar on March 17, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Ammar, I don’t care that you’re an atheist. I don’t mind atheists as long as they are not the sort who want to blame religion for everything (Communism has killed more peeps than religion so get over your bad self) and try to hurt Religions (with Islam and Scientology being the exceptions) because they are mean, angry and hateful inside.

    In my religion we are suppose to get many people to convert but I don’t care to do that because I see more and more phony a-holes living than actual good people. I like to keep my religion to myself and welcome all good people.

    I am also not arrogant enough to think I know as much or more than God. My religious beliefs work for me and give me comfort that no living person can.

    It is important to me and will always be and if you felt what I felt, you’d know you’d be missing out on a blessing and a gift. I feel special knowing what I feel helps me…if there is a God or NOT. You can have it if you want it but I enjoy that I have found it and you haven’t.

    And you don’t get it. Many of DS’ most loyal readers are not Jewish but we appreciate and love Judaism. We can love our religion and respect other religions as well.

    What you need to do is get a clue, learn the facts and stop being so narcissistic and help OTHERS. Maybe the self-hate you have for yourself will die and something more spiritual (religious or not) will grow and make a difference in someone else’s life.

    Skunky on March 17, 2012 at 8:53 pm

Ammar, bro, why the hell are you equating us to Ayatollah Khomeini and his pyschatic islamist mullahs? Lookit dude, I have similar thinking as you do once in a while, but I’m more of a spiritual person who’s NOT religious, none of us including the blogger herself have NEVER called for a theocracy in this country, we all know that theocracy is a problem in todays world and not the answer.

Ammar, I am against all types of theocracy, whether its a christian theocracy, jewish theocracy, muslim/islamic theocracy, buddhist theocracy and/or hindu theocracy! But let’s be real Ammar, which group of people in todays world are killing people if they refuse to convert to their religious viewpoint? The answer is “Islam”! None of the other religions in todays world are killing people if they refuse to convert to that religion or even leave the religion!

“A nation is defined by its borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on March 17, 2012 at 8:06 pm

What’s interesting to me is why the EEOC did not make a finding of discrimination. This case seems relatively clear-cut.

As someone who’s had some dealings with the EEOC, I’m just as suspicious of that agency. It rarely seems to do anything when it comes to anti-Jewish discrimination, but takes on flimsy cases involving blacks, hispanics, women and Muslim.

I suspect it’s the inherent racism and anti-semitism which infects the EEOC like it does similar state agencies which are also supposed to protect Jews from discrimination.

I would think that Jews have almost no shot of getting relief when going to the EEOC over discrimination claims.

BethesdaDog on March 18, 2012 at 4:56 pm

Debbie is admitted in Michigan, so she should know Michigan law. I’m not sure if the slight error in correctly naming the defendant will be fatal to the complaint. Debbie would know better than I would.

They’re serving the resigent agent, which probably the procedure required in Michigan, and the company has notice of the suit. Maybe the judge will let it go.

I looked up the firm and it is apparently an experienced plaintiff’s employment law firm.

I wouldn’t consider this a schlock law firm, based on the plaudits they’ve posted on their website. It’s hard to find experienced employment lawyers if you’re an employee/plaintiff. These people seem to be experienced. There are a lot of people trying to do employment law but they really aren’t that good. These people seem to do a lot of it, so I don’t think the Dr. was unwise in his selection.

BethesdaDog on March 18, 2012 at 5:04 pm

Dearbornistan Muslims (most of ‘em Jew-haters)

Debbie Schlussel ( MUSLIM WANNABE )

DEBBIE THE DOWNER on March 31, 2012 at 5:00 am

Debbie looks like she got slapped in the face by a hard Arab dick this morning. You mad huh?

doron on November 13, 2013 at 6:33 pm

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