June 1, 2007, - 12:20 am

Al Gore & The Karate Kid’s Girlfriend Meet Title IX

Long before she played “Karate Kid‘s” girlfriend onscreen, actress Elisabeth Shue fought to play on her suburban New Jersey high school boys soccer team. And now, she and her brother, Andrew Shue, have made a movie about it.
Gracie“–a fictionalized version of Ms. Shue’s fight to play soccer on the boy’s team in the ’70s–debuts in theaters, today. The movie is directed (and its story conceived) by Davis Guggenheim (Shue’s husband), who also directed Al Gore’s fake-umentary, “An Inconvenient Truth.” And like that documentary, the message and facts in this fiction are highly disputable. And like “Inconvenient Truth,” Gracie is just as agenda-laden. It’s just what the feminists at the fringe Women’s Sports Foundation ordered.

For the rest of America, though, the movie’s pro-Title IX, in-your-face sports feminism is dated, with girls dominating high school and college sports through Title IX lawsuits and other overly aggressive programs. And the Shues’ views are extreme. –best known for his stint on the 90’s FOX Soap “Melrose Place”–he donned a pajama top and told me point blank:

Once we get rid of all of the college men’s basketball and football programs, then things will be great. Then we won’t need Title IX, anymore.

That’s long been the suspected motive of Title IX advocates in women’s sports, whose militant, Title IX orthodoxy–with even the Bush Department of Education backing them up–has resulted in the elimination of many men’s sports programs from colleges and universities nationwide. Famous collegiate men’s swimming and diving programs that produced so many American Olympic Gold Medalists in the ’80s and ’90s have all but disappeared.
Then, there is the target audience of “Gracie” and the message it sends them. Though the movie has a PG-13 rating, it’s being heavily marketed to young girls as the feel-good teenage Rocky-in-a sports-bra movie of the year.
But that’s not what this movie is. Instead, the message to young girls here (and their mothers) is that unless they play sports–with the boys–they will get into trouble. Grace Bowen is a 16-year-old who fails in school and begins to become sexually promiscuous–all because her parents wouldn’t train her to play soccer with the boys. But once they relent, all is saved and Gracie, once again, is the studious good girl. Her best friend remains a spectator on the sidelines and–along with other non-athletic females in the stands at high school–is a smoking, trouble-making slut.
But recent studies show that playing sports does not stem promiscuity in young girls. In fact, many girls have begun to exhibit the aggressive sexual behavior of their male jock counterparts.
Equally troubling, there is a constant, in-your-face misogyny displayed by all of the males in the movie that simply did not exist in the ’70s in America, at least not in my experience as a high school tennis player and runner. Her father is against her. Grace’s little brothers constantly make remarks like, “Girls lose their brains when their boobs start to grow.” A mulleted male soccer player is only interested in Grace for sex and dumps her when she won’t give in. But she gets her anti-male revenge by becoming his competitor in soccer and beating him.
Even Grace’s mother, played by Elisabeth Shue, opposes her daughter’s quest to play soccer. Gracie’s mother tells her:

For us girls, life is a sh*t sandwich. We all gotta take a bite.

The “sh*t sandwich” bit is repeated by Grace a few more times throughout the movie. That’s not the ’70s childhood I remember: brothers making misogynist comments, fathers deriding and ignoring their daughters, and mothers swearing at them, with all of it being solved when their daughter beats all of the boys in a soccer “payback.” All of this, Andrew Shue, admitted to me did not happen to Elisabeth Shue in real life.
When I asked him why it was necessary to put that in a movie aimed at young girls, he told me, “that’s life.” Studio representatives and her mother were upset I asked Carly Schroeder, the 16-year-old soap opera veteran and star of the movie whether it was necessary for her to utter the S-bomb in a movie targeted to young girls in which she’ll be a role model for them. They called me “unprofessional” and “out of line” for asking about it. That’s the problem. They don’t want to and can’t defend “Gracie,” its content, and the messages it sends to tween and young teen girls.
Schroeder’s ambitious mother was upset I asked her daughter the question. Memo to Mrs. Schroeder: If you are bothered with my legitimate questions about your daughter’s dialogue in the movie, maybe you should have had a problem with her uttering that dialogue. Your kid’s movie is being deceptively pimped on girls much younger than her and mothers who–unlike you–haven’t read the script before blowing $10 to see it.
Then, there’s the aggression displayed by “Gracie” star Schroeder, herself a female athlete, that is troubling and emblematic of girls in sports today. Like the message of the movie, it’s all about she-power beating the boys. Schroeder–who looks like a blonde California prom queen–told me that she was a wrestler in school, wrestling boys ages 13-18. “And I whipped their butts,” she proudly told me. Inside the body of a Valley Girl, lurks the heart of Rosie O’Donnell and Billie Jean King.
Schroeder seemed startled when I asked her if that was somehow disturbing that she was proud to physically beat boys her age. She said no and proudly volunteered that her best girlfriend is a lineman on a high school football team and beats boys down all the time. Schroeder decried that girls in high school play softball and not the tougher baseball. “Softball is girlie.” But what’s wrong with being girlie? This is the new, glamorous feminism?
The tagline of the movie is “The Rules of the Game Are About to Change.” They already have, and for the worse.
It’s not surprising that Schroeder never saw “The Karate Kid.” In that 1984 flick, Elisabeth Shue played Ali Mills–the glamorous, pretty, feminine cheerleader Ali Mills.
These days glamorous and feminine are no longer in for girls. It’s whipping the boys’ butts that is.
When Al Gore’s director and the Karate Kid’s real-life girlfriend meet Title IX, it’s not necessarily a good thing.

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15 Responses

I recall one case where a girl won a place on the football team, was injured within a week and sued the school. The first two women to “win” coal mining jobs both died in mining accidents. Some men will put themselves at risk to protect women, others will take situational advantage. Guess what kind of guy I am?

Walter E. Wallis on June 1, 2007 at 7:30 am

We recently had a young lady win the Columbus city league wrestling title in her weight class, but she didn’t exhibit any of this ‘beat down the man’ mentality that apparently exists in this film, at least to the media that interviewed her. She seemed like a typical sweet high school girl when she appeared on tv & radio.
I guess we can call this movie ‘creative license.’ Unfortunately for some in Hollywood, we need to suspend their license (for something other than DUI, that is)!

ConnectTheDots2006 on June 1, 2007 at 8:00 am

Soccer is a MALE sport???
In my neighbourhood, that, handball, softball, and volleyball were all sports we could play with the girls…and there might be some truth in the feminist POV—we never tried to knock up the second-basePERSON if she was good, but then again, SHE always had the hottest looking girlfriends.

EminemsRevenge on June 1, 2007 at 8:59 am

Men like David Guggenheim made the women’s movement work. Now white, American women are sacred cows, wandering dumbly and clumsily around, crapping everywhere, totally stinking up the place, and all with impunity.
It’s the same old story. The David Guggenheim’s of the world can’t get laid without pandering to the female need for absolute control. As judges, they hand down rulings that ludicrously tromp all over common sense, not to mention the Constitution, just to please women. As news media programmers, they twist and contort facts to please women. As entertainment moguls, they rewrite reality to please women. As ad writers, they stroke female fantasies of control and domination to please women.
The market place has become this massive masturbation parlor that strokes the fragile female ego. We’re living in an unreal la-la where a woman’s caprice is made law, her misandry is a sacrament, and her responsibilities are non-existent, should she so choose that they be.
Well, so be it.
Here’s the thing. Men can be men without women. But women cannot be women without men. This is so evident in everything women do. It’s not about their freedom. It’s about controlling men. It’s not about sexual liberation. It’s about women gleefully telling boyfriends and husbands how much they want sex with another man. It’s not about earning a fair wage. It’s about earning more than men. It’s not about being strong. It’s about being stronger than men. It’s not about making gains for women. It’s about taking things away from men. It’s not about succeeding. It’s about forcing men into some pointless competition that’s been rigged so only women can win. If they don’t, the accusations fly.
It’s not about Rice, O’Connor and Thatcher. They don’t hate men. The only women who are allowed to wallow in the bulls*** glory of American “feminism” are the misandric bitches who really rub it in guys’ faces at every turn.
It’s bologna, but what can we do? My own girlfriend–bless her heart–says, “Just wait until Hillary’s the President. Then you’ll see some changes!”
I haven’t the heart to tell her that the only changes I’ll see will be in her sagging facial muscles as she realizes that Hillary–being a superior woman and all–is a bigger **s hole than any man ever could be. But she has to learn, just as men do, that her heroes are just flesh and blood and subject to every human failure there is.
But here’s the punch line. This is a generation of women who have completely sold out their sons for the women’s power and control movement. My own sister was turning her son into a sissy–making him wear girls’ clothes–when he thankfully got old enough to choose to live with his dad. But we have an entire generation of sons who’ve been raised by women who want to see their daughters control men. These guys live in a miserable, misandric world. Their mothers have sold them out: made their futures a living hell of senseless, arbitrary morals and guaranteed failure.
These are the same women who gather in groups to stroke their absolute hatred of President Bush for “killing our sons”.
Oh, I could write volumes about this: the folly of contemporary American womanhood.

Florida Cane on June 1, 2007 at 9:12 am

Men’s college football has and will continue to fund the womens sports until enough men and women decide they would rather pay to watch women’s field hockey. And, the only men that go to women’s waterpolo just want to see teenage girls pull each other’s swimsuits down. There, I just increased attendance by 50% at women’s waterpolo. You can thank men’s football, they paid for your pool.
What “shue in mouth” proposes would kill off nearly all the sports programs, duh. Men’s NCAA football makes money vs. losing it.
If you haven’t seen “Bend it like Beckham” see that one first- preferably instead of…

code7 on June 1, 2007 at 9:29 am

The golf world has just witnessed the effects of a real life play with boys disaster story. The Michelle Wie meltdown at the Ginn Tournament is a result of forcing a teenager to be the ìthe Great Female Hopeî who would go on to dominate not only Womanís Golf but all Golf. She would exceed the accomplishments of Tiger Woods. But the truth was that she was just another talented young lady who could possibly dominate the competition against women but had no place with the men. PC prevented wiser heads from telling her and her parents that she could never compete against her male peers. Instead of putting an end to exemptions given to her by greedy sponsors they let her destroy her future for fear of offending Title IX crowd.

jerry on June 1, 2007 at 9:49 am

What a retro movie. Mindless soccer moms will probably take their daughters to see it.

lexi on June 1, 2007 at 10:18 am

“Schroeder–who looks like a blonde California prom queen–told me that she was a wrestler in school, wrestling boys ages 13-18. “And I whipped their butts,” she proudly told me.”
Uh, you think maybe if she’s that hot that, uh, some of the boys sort of let her pin them?
As for cutting out college football, try letting him say that here in the South! Whoa, boy. Football is a religion here, and that sort of blasphemy will get Andie Shue a butt kicking he won’t soon forget.
What does Andie Shue have to be so arrogant about? He’s invisible these days.

Jeff_W on June 1, 2007 at 12:21 pm

Taking Basketball and Football out of college could be a good thing.
Without primo seats to give away for the big game in exchange for donations, administrators may have to answer for some of their egregious hiring practices, speech codes and abuse of christians and conservatives on campus.
Also, a Football players workout, film study and practice schedule precludes all but the most time efficient and work aholoic people from getting any kind of a good education. Basketball players travel schedule the same. Hmmm, a tournament in Hawaii or Alaska during the semester? Nobody questions this?
This doesnt even get into the fact that coaches for big programs are paid millions, administrators get to hand out patronage jobs and the players get nothing but a crappy education that isnt worth the paper its written on. If they take a lunch or dinner from a fan they lose everything.
There should be a U-21 for profit sports system for our top athletes in basketball and football. Pay them 50K a year and let them pay for college themselves if they dont make the pros. If I had the capital, I would do it myself.

dll2000 on June 1, 2007 at 2:48 pm

growing up in suburbia I always wondered what kind of girl I would end up with. At first I thought she would be one of these preppy girls that always told everyone to shut up and that would put little ribbons in their hair.
I started to move away from them once I realized that they were nazis and only wanted to conform to the rule so they could avoid the work of building an actual identity.
then I fell in with the lovely liberal girls that smoked and drank and loved to rock. they ruled for a while but eventually it dawned on my that they werent going to hack raising a family and guarding a hearth (even their own).
So I just took off and left them to seek a foreigner that was above all these cloistered and protected princesses.
and now what is there?
the best of both.. a preppy communist that cant find anything in this entire to world to work on except how evil the sitting duck captive audience of an enemy as the poor saps they grew up with.
al qeada? nope. ethnic cleansers,nope. warlords that starve their own populations and shut down whole networks? nope.
the real enemy is the evil soccer coach that won’t let her play on the boys team…
boys dont have rights to play with just other boys. the economic determinists have so inculcated our sisters and daughters that they cant even see how manipulated they are and convinced them that all that matters is to spend their lives bitching at God for not giving them a pee-pee.
how completely empty and cowardly that these rich white loser chiclets look out over the whole entire world and this is all they can see to fight.
but alas, Liz Shue is a burning hot piece with a great rack and for every guy like me that thinks about what he’s doing and where this is all heading, there are 550 guys throwing themselves down in front of her to try and get to be a part of her “world”. such is life.
I guess my only revenge is to know that all this feminazi stupidity is the worst possible preservative of any of the beauty these soon to be monsters could rely on. Go to Ann Arbor on a saturday night and watch the ranks of these bitter hags emerge for their fruitless hunts.
Its not your subservience that makes you so attractive Deb, its the combination of reason and hotness that makes conservative women so adorable.
we know that we’re still in for it, but at least there’s a payoff, an incentive, to keep trying but there is nothing quite as disillusional as finding out that your girlfriend is a soulless marxist.

playertwo on June 1, 2007 at 3:39 pm

They don’t make football movies like they used to! Take “Escape to victory” for example: http://www.escapetovictory.spodrum.co.uk/news.php
Now that’s a football movie!
PS For all those confused by this reply, although I lived in the USA and learned my English there, I’ll be damned before I call this game “soccer”! :-))))

Witch-king of Angmar on June 1, 2007 at 4:11 pm

I have two daughters and no sons. As a dad I would have loved to have had a boy to play baseball and hockey like I did. My oldest daughter is nineteen and was a pretty good athlete, playing softball and lacrosse but still being very feminine. My youngest daughter who is thirteen is an equestrian, softball player and hockey player. I never forced them to do any of the sports, but wanted them to try all types of sports and see what they liked, because they certainly weren’t going to sit around watching television. I want girls to be able to compete in sports but not at the sacrifice of men’s programs. If I have a choice of watching the Boston Bruins or the Women’s National Hockey team, I’m choosing the Bruins; the Red Sox or the Softball college world series, it’s the Sox and so on and so on. Women’s basketball? Don’t get me started.

Trooper on June 3, 2007 at 1:05 am

Whether it be a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, the legendary markswoman Annie Oakley was masterful with them all. Dubbed “Little Sure Shot” by Chief Sitting Bull (she was 5 feet tall), her sharp shooting in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show won her many awards and captivated audiences far and wide. Her name remains synonymous with firearms and entertainment.
Born in a log cabin on the Ohio frontier in 1860, Annie Oakley began shooting game at age nine to support her widowed mother and siblings. She quickly proved to be a dead shot and word spread so much that at age sixteen, Annie went to Cincinnati to enter a shooting contest with Frank E. Butler (1850-1926), an accomplished marksman who performed in vaudeville. Annie won the match by one point and she won Frank Butler’s heart as well. Some time later they were married and she became his assistant in his traveling shooting act. Frank recognized that Annie was far more talented and relinquished the limelight to her, becoming her assistant and personal manager. In 1885 they joined Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, run by the legendary frontiersman and showman Buffalo Bill Cody.
Whether it be a pistol, rifle, or shotgun, the legendary markswoman Annie Oakley was masterful with them all. At 90 feet Annie could shoot a dime tossed in midair. In one day with a .22 rifle she shot 4,472 of 5,000 glass balls tossed in midair. With the thin edge of a playing card facing her at 90 feet, Annie could hit the card and puncture it with with five or six more shots as it settled to the ground. It was from this that free tickets with holes punched in them came to be called “Annie Oakleys.” Shooting the ashes off a cigarette held in Frank’s mouth was part of the Butler and Oakley act. In a celebrated event while touring in Europe, Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Germany, invited Annie to shoot a cigarette held in his own lips. Annie had Wilhelm hold the cigarette in his hand and not his mouth; she accomplished this challenge, as always effortlessly. In this period Annie Oakley was easily recognizable by the numerous shooting medals that adorned her chest.
My point: women can accomplish great things without the help of phony liberal government programs. They did in the past and they will in the future. The smart women I know see through the liberal males’ pandering of their “special”, helpful programs, recognizing them for what they are: snearing, sexual lures.

lighthorseman on June 3, 2007 at 7:52 pm

Fantastic comment, Lighthorseman!!!! I am not familiar with the Annie Oakley story, but you wrote so well that I was fascinated by it. Your point is well taken.
Good comment. If you don’t watch it, you will start to become a conservative like us, you know, reasoning and believing in all of the traditional American values. However, your humor was stereotypical and I did not take it as anything more. We do hope that you see the light and become one of us.
Do you see what a Republican majority does to the Hollywood crowd? It’s been thirteen years and they are still livid. Only now that they have some of their power back, they are going to force us to implement their agenda whether we like it or not.
Of course you did not experience what “Gracie” did in this movie. I would venture to guess that few of the males in the ’70s felt threatened by female athletes because so few had to compete against them. I won’t venture to guess how many either.
As for her promiscuity, point is obvious. Girls do not become sexually promiscuous because they don’t get to compete against boys in sports. (I think their bongs were working overtime here.) We all know that promiscuity has among its causes, a combination of sexual abuse by boys/men, lack of religious and moral instruction, feeling unloved, seeking attention, drug usage, and sexual curiosity. (No particular weight or order.)
Gracie sounds like a comedy gone awry. Funny to anyone who has any common sense, but knowing that these Hollywood goons actually believe this nonsense and that they are pushing an agenda takes all of the humor out of the film.
Liberals cannot tolerate competition. They lose every time.

Loser on June 3, 2007 at 11:22 pm

I think that comments like “Girls lose their brains when their boobs start to grow” have been the province of brothers since the dawn of time.

Doug on June 15, 2007 at 5:50 pm

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